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Houthis Threaten To Target Riyadh, Abu Dhabi & Share Surveillance Video Of Key Saudi Facility

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The Houthis warned on March 16 that they could launch attacks on the capitals of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emiratis with advanced ballistic missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

“We have aerial photographs and coordinates of dozens of headquarters, facilities and military bases of the enemy … The legitimate targets of our forces extend to the capital of Saudi Arabia [Riyadh] and to the emirate of Abu Dhabi [the capital of the UAE],” Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari, a spokesman of the pro-Houthis wing of the Yemeni Armed Forces, said at a press briefing.

The Houthis’ spokesman went on to show a reconnaissance video of a strategic water desalination facility in the southern Saudi province of Jizan. The video appears to be taken by a UAV.

Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari claimed that the Houthis are locally developing and manufacturing advanced missiles and UAVs. The spokesman said that these capabilities are aimed at deterring the Saudi-led coalition, who has been bombing Houthis-held areas for more than three years now.

“The missiles force achieved major success leading to the production of ballistic missiles 100% locally … New generations of attack UAVs were produced and manufactured,” Sari said.

The Houthis’ threat comes amid intense attacks by the Saudi-led coalition in northwestern and central Yemen. These attacks will likely lead to a new round of escalation in the war-torn country.

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The saudis & emirates need an aerial view of their royal palaces and their orgy villas owned/used by the royal family and their political/industrial cronies…BLOOD FOR BLOOD !

Real Anti-Racist Action

This bizarre ritual of announcing your battle plans to the enemy to give them time to adapt is so bizarre. Israel and the US do not tell you their plans before they do them. Take a lesson kiddos. Never talk about it, just do it or do not do it. It makes you look weak. It is like how many have talked about “Zionism will not exist in the ME within 10 years” People from Iran to Egypt and everywhere in between have been saying this for over 40 years. Don’t talk about it people, just do the action. https://dailystormer.name/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/crusadebattlearea.jpg

Saso Mange

Houtis have honor. They show that they have capability to come close and destroy Saudi targets in SA. Hopefully that will work and stop Saudi aggression.


It will not stop Saudi aggression. Yes, it is a tactic to make KSA stop and think. But, make no mistake, it will not bear fruit. These KSA Zionists, and that is what they are, have no honor or civility. The Houthis need to fight fire with fire in this case, because the world has made it plain that they will not intervene. The Zionists target necessary facilities that serve the people to make their lives unlivable. KSA and UAE deserve the same. As far as I am concerned, the Royal palaces of both countries need to be targets. They will not stop unless they are themselves endangered. Targeting prime targets might even accomplish something that would make even the west stop and think…civil uprisings. That scares them more than anything.


just do it and if you can get a bead on mohammed bin salman do not miss!!

Wolfgang Wolf

hit in the middle of the 3 steamer blocks. done.



Peter Jennings

It would have been better for the Houthis to have had the press briefing after the fact.

How would a facility, even one will surface to air missile systems, protect against tens or even a hundreds drones at once?

AG Korvin

Missiles made locally (with pride) from rocks and sand. Well done!

Okay, some will say that Iran has to do something with these, but they are just envious. ????


Some serious attacks on the KSA would really be a Fact that the Western MSM could not ignore :)


How I wish that were true, but those A-holes would ignore a comet strike on Omaha if they were told to. I watched a ‘news’ show this Sunday morning and the discussion was about how the US should (not IF it should) intervene in Venezuela. Never mentioned was any reference to sabotage, Guanos burning those trucks or what was on those trucks. Anyway, any such attacks would be likely be spun as a war crime by the Houthis, never mind the KSA tactics of slaughtering civilians. They’d probably be lucky if CONgress didn’t vote to up the US contribution to this abomination. Sorry if I come across as cynical.

the houthis are officially my heroes

Promitheas Apollonious

my advice to the houthis that i come to admire as warriors, is dont talk about it, just do it and take the initiative and attack them, instead of only defending your grounds, from the attackers.

Let them talk about it after you demolish them.

Xoli Xoli

Just go ahead and destroy their strategic targets.Then this guys with table cloth on the head will start respecting Yemeni. It will bring chaose on their countries and call immediate cease fire and peace.

Xoli Xoli

Citizen will call for expelling USA NATO from Middle East and Arab reconciliation.


Turkey showed photos of skinned Kashoggi, to be stuffed as America’s and Israel’s great ally trophy: Bin the Ripper, but the Western media didn’t say anything. Why ? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d6bf125db76b9063bd47dec2acff56075c7caebb79b2a67b9364a96b5fb35637.jpg

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