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JUNE 2021

Houthis Target US-made Abrams M1A2 Battle Tank With Guided Missile (Video)

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Houthis Target US-made Abrams M1A2 Battle Tank With Guided Missile (Video)

A screenshot from the video

The media wgin of the Houthis has released a video showing an anti-tank guided missile strike at a US-made Abrams M1A2 battle tank in Yemen.

The battle tank was likely belonging to a unit of the Saudi Armed Forces operating in the war-torn country. However, according to the video, the M1A2 was not fully destroyed.

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Richard M

Good shot! Those Orcs won’t be marauding in Yemen anymore!

Rita Munson

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It’ll take a bit more than that to push back the armies of Mordor.

Richard M

The Orc Kingdom’s days are numbered! :D


Nearly 3 years they have sought to slaughter the Houthis, it hasn´t happened yet.


These Ansarollah in sandals are some of the most fearless fighters on earth. No wonder, ever since the Queen of Sheba, Yemen like Afghanistan is a graveyard for all invaders. These Yemenis are in the same fearless league as Hezbollah lions.

kladivo na kiskok.k.tov

They fight for own country UAE and Saudi mercenaries only for money.


Pretty good!comment image


Allah Akbar!


This is one of best poets in Yemen available on line .
Chant tittle : We are The Arabs O Sauds:

Stavros Hadjiyiannis

The tank seems to have survived the hit.

You can call me Al

But I doubt the people.

Shuja Pasha

no, the video only showed repeat shots, hence why you are confused. Kornets never leave survivors, if the Israeli Merkava couldn’t stand a chance, nor will these scum.

Once the munition explodes INSIDE the tank, the cartridges inside also explode, killing everyone.

Leon De Elias

Respect Houtis,and the Yemeni resistance!

paul ( original )

Some expert comment would be helpful here. My superficial understanding is
that in circumstances like this the tank would only be ripped apart
if the internal ammunition explodes. Otherwise the effect will depend
on whether the hull was breeched . Such a breech can mess up the
internal components of the tank and disable it. So what happened


it looks like it hit the turret on the front left side next to the gun, the armour is thickest there and behind there’s no ammo tot explode or cook off. the video it short to make a assumption if the tank is still operable/repairable and if the crew survived or are hurt.

hull breach usually you see hatches flip open and a puff of smoke leaving the barrel if the breach block was in open position. For this the video is also to short.


Ammo is stored in the back of the turret, so lack of detonation is expected.
Side armour is significantly thinner than the frontal one, so a modern ATGM should penetrate.
Unusual to me is that the tank is stationary all the time, and that the crew did not bail out after the hit (at least the driver should have survived penetration) or moved vehicle out of line of fire (in case there was no damage). Maybe there was no crew inside.


quality tanks..

Steve Bell

Something was blown into the air- looks like part of the turret.

Mustaffa Ashaa

Brave men of Ansarollah have two advantages on their Saudi invaders: They really believe in their patriotic cause and they are willing to die for it. That is why they will defeat their Saudi and Emerates aggressors No matter how much the USA provides them with intelligence and “logistics”, or, how sophisticated The UK arms is, and how many western mercenaries the Saudis can recruit. Greeting and Respect to the brave Hooyhies


I love seeing invaders die

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