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Houthis Target Saudi Positions, Ammo Depot In Najran With Recoilless Rifles (Videos)

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On June 26, the Houthis’s anti-tank units targeted a number of military positions near the southern Saudi province of Najran.

The Yemeni group’s fighters shelled positions of Saudi forces in al-Sawh with Soviet-made B-10 82 mm recoilless rifles. The fighters scored direct hits.

In the al-Hamad military camp, the Houthis targeted and destroyed an ammo depot of Saudi forces. A B-10 recoilless rifle was also used.

A day earlier, the Houthis destroyed a pick-up and a military bulldozer of Saudi forces in two separate attacks near the Kingdom’s southern province of Jizan, west of Najran.

The Houthis are apparently stepping up their attacks along the border with Saudi Arabia. This is likely a response to the continued attacks by the Saudi-led coalition. On June 25, five civilians were killed in an airstrike on the southern Yemeni province of al-Bayda’.


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Assad must stay

Yo amazing houthis!!!!!!

Pave Way IV

Saudis ratchet up Yemen Holocaust by blockading fuel tankers from Hodeidah for the last three weeks or so. Only a few days of fuel left for water pumps, ambulances, hospital generators, farms or refridgeration. Aside from ongoing genocide by disease – diphtheria and cholera – Saudis utilizing Covid19 ‘opportunity’ to take out more Houthis and anyone else who won’t obey them. Unfortunately, that mostly affects refugee camps.

The useless UN solution is (as always) force the north into total dependency on their ‘aid’ for food and medical care – forever. Subject to the usual UN Nazi conditions, like subjugation to Saudi/US will by proxy. Houthis would rather die than live with a Saudi boot on their necks ever again. So I guess it’s Yemeni Holocaust:ON.

And (as always) Houthis reserve the right to retaliate against the Saudi chimps. BOOM!


Lone Ranger

UN is a joke. Saudisis are doing genocide for years and not a peep. But than again the U.S. did worse and the UN? We are not sure….give us a few more years….

Zionism = EVIL

Scoring direct hits with a 82mm RR is no mean feat, these guys are natural born warriors. The Saudi sons of whores really picked on the wrong people to fuck with.

Icarus Tanović

They must have been really close to Wahhabis to hit them with recoiless guns. Great job as usual. They’ve pick up wronh people to fight against. Wahhabism isn’t religion or such it is a disease.

Jim Allen

And, the Headcutters aren’t Arab, or Muslim. Zionist Khazars hiding in plain sight pretending to be Arab, and Wahabbis. Israelis are Zionist Khazar Atheists pretending to be God’s Chosen Ones, strutting around the desert like arrogant sociopath pigeons, being the lunatics they are.

Zionism = EVIL

To be honest, Zionists are global cowardly evil gutter trash welfare leeches living off the dumbed down brainwashed western dopehead taxpayers. Even the Swiss cuckoo clock and cheese makers are being ripped off for the past 70 years over a non-existent holohoax fantasy perpetuated by the Jew Hollywood perverts like Epstein, Weinstein, Nosestein et.al.

Astar Roth

Epsteins lawyer is Dersowitz, that evil corupted Zionist. Now he is opening some secret documents or whatever to save him self, and in there is Ehud Barak. Dersowitz is evil coward…

Astar Roth

They ain’t Muslims that’s for sure, they’re Godless believing in money and oil, that’s all…

Jim Allen

Have a lot of respect for the Houthis. Their resolve is unmatched.

Lone Ranger

Simple but effective weapon. Saudisis will cry and rage :)

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