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Houthis Target Saudi Patriot System In Najran With Suicide Drone


Houthis Target Saudi Patriot System In Najran With Suicide Drone

The Houthis’ Qasef-1 multirole UAV

The Yemeni Air Force, which is loyal to the Houthis, announced on May 23 that it had targeted a Patriot air-defense system in the Najran Regional Airport in southern Saudi Arabia with a Qasef-2K suicide drone.

“The offensive operation, which targeted the Patriot system, was successful … It was carried out after close intelligence monitoring,” a source in the Yemeni Air Force told al-Masirah TV.

The Qasef-2k is a slightly upgraded variant of the Qasef-1 UAV, which is a direct copy of the Iranian Ababil-2. The new suicide UAV is armed with a heavy high-explosive fragmentation (HE-FRAG) warhead that explodes 20m over the target.

Contrary to the Houthis’ claims, a spokesman for the Saudi-led coalition, Col. Turki al-Malki, said that the Royal Saudi Air Defense Force (RSAD) shoot down the UAV before it could reach its target.

“At 13:46 … the RSAD was able to intercept an explosive-packed drone launched by the Houthis’ terrorist militias in an attempt to target the Najran Regional Airport, which is used by thousands of citizens and residents on a daily basis, without respecting the international humanitarian law,” Col. al-Malik said in an official statement released by the al-Arabiya TV.

This was the third such attack on the Najran Regional Airport in the last three days. The first attack targeted an ammo depot in the military wing of the airport, while the second targeted a warplane shelter.

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  • Rob

    Well done heroes.

    Iran is the only country in Islamic world that has an active Iranian space agency or ISA and active Satellite Launch Vehicle or SLV. Iran is surrounded by Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria that have no active Space Agency and Satellite Launch Vehicle because their focus is not on their national interests.

  • Garga

    Like always, Saudis tell the truth:

    We destroyed the evil Houthi UAV by hitting it with the whole Patriot air defence system. The huge explosion and big cloud of smoke was related to the drone, not our arms depot or anything, honest!

    I think this “new” Saudi strategy is more efficient and better:
    – The UAV will absolutely explode and gets destroyed.
    – No need to fire a single missile.
    – No embarrassment for the US MIC.
    – And last but not least, it has it’s own health benefits in regards to unsuspecting Saudi citizens living or passing nearby!!

    Woohoo Ansarallah!!

  • Toronto Tonto

    Iran and Russia are both terrorist countries .

    • Wolfgang Wolf

      gay ukrainian, migrated to Canada?))))

      • Toronto Tonto

        Wrong fagboy gangbang .

      • Ishyrion Av

        Only a gay with a leaf and no country.

    • grumpy_carpenter

      “terrorist countries” ??? Is English your second language or are you one of those guys who has to wear your hockey helmet and drool bib when you go out?

      When an individual or group use violence for political change in a country they are called ‘terrorists’. When a country uses violence against another country for political change it’s called war and those who partake are called soldiers. A country can’t be a terrorist … sponsor of terrorism maybe but certainly not a terrorist

    • LR captain

      I am Canadian and i find your comment very insulting.

      • Toronto Tonto

        If you where a real canuck you fukkin diklik you would not be on the terrorists side , fukof.

        • Concrete Mike

          thats not true at all, where does it say to be canadian is being a naive imperialist stooge?

          I dont want to lick israeli arse.

          I am Michel LeBlanc
          and I am Canadian.

          You on the other hand are not a canadian and you dont talk like a canadian either, we say dicklicker

          what the fuck is diklik?

          Go get educated in Russia instead of kyev maybe you would learn something.


        • LR captain

          I live in Gimli MB and was born at Selkirk general hospital so yeah I am a true Canuck eh. But i don’t use such vulgar, rude behavior and bad grammar while expressing my opinion. Honestly its sad to see that someone who may have been born a Canadian has culturally grown up to be an american and has adopted their poor use of spelling/rudeness/political choices.

          kind of makes me happy to see what I have risen above.

          Its also funny that I am the one autism and I should not be able to spell properly.

          • Concrete Mike

            Greeting from rainy Moncton NB!

            I share your sentiment, but that “attitude” is more.common than you think in urban centers.

      • goingbrokes

        It is very annoying when the zionist stooges use your flags (and in the process insult them) to heap scorn on nations and true patriots. And in that way they get people to insult other nations, which is a way to incite conflict on blog discussions.

      • verner

        as you should be since toronto tonto more than likely is situated in tel aviv taunting regular commentators with inanities. there are a number of those and you just have to live with them and ignore their stupidities.

      • Promitheas Apollonious

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      • Arnte

        Trolling Tonto is not Canadian. He is 100% fake. Just a ukrainian troll from Ukraine Today channel pretending to be from Canada.

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    patriots suck, so i doubt saudis claims. “without respecting humanitarian law” like you saudi pigfaces are doing??? LOL!!!