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JUNE 2021

Houthis Fire Ballistic Missiles At Saudi Defense Ministry HQ, Other Targets. Saudi Forces Intercept Three (Video)

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Houthis Fire Ballistic Missiles At Saudi Defense Ministry HQ, Other Targets. Saudi Forces Intercept Three (Video)

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On April 11, the Yemeni Missiles Force [allied to the Houthis] announced in an official statement that it had targeted the headquarter of the Saudi Ministry of Defense in the Saudi capital of Riyadh with a Burkan 2H medium-range ballistic missile.

The Yemeni Missiles Forces also said that it had shelled the King Abdullah economic city in Jizan province and a key oil facility of the Saudi Aramco oil company in Najran province with a barrage of Badir-1 artillery rockets.

The UAE-based al-Arabiya TV said that the Royal Saudi Air Defense Force (RSADF) had intercepted a ballistic missile with its Patriot surface-to-air missile systems over Riyadh. Two other unspecified projectiles were intercepted in southern Saudi Arabia, according to the TV channel.

Earlier, the Houthis attacked an oil facility of the Aramco company as well as the Abha Airport in southern Saudi Arabia with two Qasef-1 suicide unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The Saudi Army said that both UAVs were successfully intercepted.

These new attacks confirm that the Houthis are now more capable of smuggling advance weapons into Yemen and even locally manufacturing some types of these weapons. During the last two months, the Houthis carried out dozens of attacks with suicide UAVs, ballistic missiles, anti-aircraft missiles and locally-made artillery rockets.

It’s important to note the number of Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia has increased amid the current escalation between the US-led bloc [Saudi Arabia is a part of it] and the Syrian-Iranian-Russia alliance over Syria. In case of a large-scale conflict in the region, the Houthis attack on Saudi Arbia will contribute to Iran and its allies.

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bravo yemenites kill,m all whahabites!!


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Oh do stop using the term suicide UAV; it’s unmanned, call it a flying bomb like someone normal.


this is as counterproductive as something can get.. both for iran and yemen


You’re as counterproductive as it can get.

Leon Auguste

Regarding Yemen in particular , what could possibly go wrong again…?


This can result in Iran actully getting actual invaded here and the war becoming much bigger for yemen


Mountains of Rubbish


No, wrong, it is an escalating Yemeni Republican Guard psychological campaign against Saudi Arabia. They are bringing the reality of the conflict onto Saudi territory and exposing Saudi public to an unnerving air campaign. It is not about the physical damage – it is psychological campaign to undermine Saudi confidence.

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