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Houthis Target Saudi Arabia’s King Khalid Air Base With ‘New Ballistic Missile’

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Houthis Target Saudi Arabia’s King Khalid Air Base With ‘New Ballistic Missile’

Illustrative image, By the Houthis media wing

The Houthis announced on February 11 that they had launched a ballistic missile at King Khalid Air Base in southern Saudi Arabia.

Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari, a spokesman for the Houthis, claimed that the ballistic missile landed inside the air base, which is located near the city of Khamis Mushait in southern ‘Asir.

According to the spokesman, a “new ballistic missile,” which was not deployed before, was used in the attack.

“The attack on King Khalid Air Base comes in response to the continuous aerial and military escalation by aggression forces and the ongoing siege on our country,” the spokesman said in a statement.

From its side, the Saudi-led coalition claimed that its air-defense forces had intercepted the Houthis’ ballistic missile. This is yet to be confirmed by independent sources.

In a statement, the coalition said that the Houthis launched the ballistic missile from the northern Yemeni province of Saada to target “civilians and civilian objects” in Khamis Mushait.

“The Joint Forces Command of the Coalition will continue to undertake all necessary procedures to neutralize and destroy the Advanced Conventional Weapons capabilities of the terrorist militia, and hold the terrorist elements responsible for planning and executing such acts of terror to account in accordance with the customary International Humanitarian Law,” the statement reads.

A day earlier, the Houthis launched four suicide drones at Abha International Airport in ‘Asir. The coalition air-defense means intercepted two. However, the remaining two hit the airport. At least one airliner was damaged.

The recent military escalation between the Saudi-led coalition and the Houthis will likely hinder peace efforts in Yemen. Despite some US pressure, the kingdom is yet to take any steps to de-escalate.


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Arch Bungle

Next stop Tel Aviv! Go Houthis!

Where do I get Houthi merch btw … anyone ?

Concrete Mike

The houthi way, make it at home.

Arch Bungle

Ooo look, Free Man voted you down, there’s someone who really hates true Arab heroes …

Concrete Mike

Yeah, ive been harassing that creature for a while now, he probably dont like me too much either hehehe.


Keep up the good work. Alas I blocked myself from seeing this creature, but I have my fun with Tiztiz. Last night he threatened my life in Yiddish in addition to down vote on all my comments!

Poor chap found Google translate isn’t reliable for Hebrew the hard way, now he discovered a page that translates a dozen of Yiddish slangs from a movie.

Concrete Mike

A jewish supremacist that cant even speak proper Yiddish ???

LOL thats pathetic, thats like me not being able to talk french!!!

The creature threatened your life? No surprises there as the creature is a neo waffen SS type fascist!

And no worries, let the powerless creature threaten you, he is not in your comminity.

A 40 year old virgin is nothing to be affraid about.

Arch Bungle

Hebrew is a manufactured language resurrected from theoretical speculations around the turn of the last century.

It’s rubbish like Esperanto and will go the same way.

Yiddish is just pidgin German, really, another mongrel language that originated in Europe and should only be spoken in Russian Jewish Oblasts:

“Yiddish is a High German-derived language historically spoken by the Ashkenazi Jews. It originated during the 9th century in Central Europe,”




I doubt if he or she is a Jew, just tries to impersonate one.
Seriously, what it writes in Hebrew is very broken or limited to insults which can be found in many websites but never answered anything I wrote back. This is the first time that it used Yiddish, a very short slang sentence.
He might be working in a Saudi troll farm since he really hates anything Iran, who knows?

Arch Bungle

I blocked that sucker when he stopped making reasonable arguments.

Basically, he was washed out.


Reasonable argument!? You’re expecting too much from the wee lad.
His mental capacity is limited to one liners, repeatedly saying “hello” and blurting meaningless things, like “next” and “the future is about to land”. Of course it’s been months and the future refused to land or whatever.

But he’s too much fun to block for me. Oh man, I’ve got issues…

Kenny Jones ™

Soumar, low flying cruise missile, maybe Iran’s Nour satellite from above can even jam israel’s iron dome a bit so it’s a guaranteed hit

Arch Bungle

Today is Chinese New Year. Hopefully Tel Aviv gets some Houthi rockets to celebrate …


A pair of sandals is a good start

Arch Bungle

I have my eye on that flag tho’. Might cause a stir in the streets …

Simon Ndiritu

That was close!

Ole Johansen

Got to say I RESPECT these Houthis. Impressive fighters and true men.

They will win no matter how much money the donkey ****** in Saudi puts into their evil war.

Freemon Sandlewould

Why waste a missile on an air base when you could hit the oil works?

Arch Bungle

The Houthi appear to be closely following the rules of war.

Surprisingly for a resistance movement they make a lot of effort to avoid striking civilian infrastructure.

This suggests they have a plan to eventually become a legitimate government and do not want the annoyance of having to deal with the ICC in future.

Concrete Mike

How dare you saudi pigs , since when do you follow “customary humanitarian laws”?

Did you follow said laws when you bombed the grain silos in hodeidah back when?

Or to blockade food and medicine to the yemeni people?

Have a pride parade in Ryadh before starting to sermon other countries on humanitarian law.

Bunch of savages!

Azriel Herskowitz

This is just pathetic. Targeting civilian infrastructure and endangering their lives because Iran told them to do it?


Good goy

Azriel Herskowitz

Stay on topic. Endangering civilians is wrong regardless of side. Just because your side does it you justify it?


Your wasting your time here dummy. People here keep up with the facts and know the truth of the matter. Try CNN.

Arch Bungle

Stay on topic, Joo. It’s military infrastructure not civilian.

Any civilians there are being used as ‘human shields’ …


why the desperation of these jews immediatly bombarding us with bots to locate us as if locating me in iran does help them XD

Arch Bungle

Psyops, bro.

The jews think that if they lie on forums they can change the fact that The World hates them.

They are born sociopaths, unable to convince and create empathy in others therefore incapable of generating support for their cause.

That is why every hundred years or so, the Europeans hold a huge cull to wipe out all the irritating joos in Europe.

We’re overdue for the next one …


we will endanger your lives


tel aviv and haifa will be highly in danger when they get leveled


hahahaha this ugly creature is iron zion hahahahahaha what a joke

Concrete Mike

No thats Jacob Wohl, a vile grifter working for a waĺl street goon!

Why aint you in Jail diddler Jacob?


How about the 1500 Lebanese civilians that were deliberately targeted since the IDF cowards could not face Hezbollah? and the daily killings of Arab civilians by the Zionist parasites? who are you trying to fool?

Arch Bungle

Like israel then?
Like in Gaza.
Like in Lebanon.
Like in Syria.

Furkan Sahin

Gaza is strong ;)


what civilian infrastructure you ugly jew better shut your mouth we will come after you aswell dont worry

Concrete Mike

Nozriel Nozekowitz!!!



You liar!
You promised us to delete your account if Russia didn’t annex Italy, why are you still here? Huh? Huh?
Coward, at least respect your own word, Ezra’eel!


Usual Jew disingenuous lies, what about the Zionist parasites who have been killing Arab civilians daily, mostly sleeping women and children.

Proud Hindu

What if they blow up mecca by mistake lol.

Arch Bungle

Those kind of mistakes are what Americans and Jews like to make.

Hindu nationalists like mistakenly ‘blowing up’ their own dams:


Hindu nationalists should pay the Han Chinese to build their dams, since Chinese dams can actually stand up to pressure …

Proud Hindu

Forget that.Why did your illegal mutah daddy(China) not initiate conflict with us?Were they scared?China withdrew a lot of troops and equipmebts from the border.I thought they were gonna conquer us lol.

Arch Bungle

Forget? Why?

After kicking your ass in Akshai Chin, it was discovered that Hindustanis had not constructed toilets there like civilised nations.

Since the Chinese are quite particular about toilet amenities, they left Aksai Chin in disgust at these uncivilised wogs who can’t even construct proper public amenities.

It makes sense: Those cannot built proper toilets, cannot build proper dams.

Proud Hindu

Yaya lol.Giving some shit reasons.We both know that China just like shia a$$holes is a coward.

Arch Bungle

Coward for what? You lost, get over it, Loooooooser!

Proud Hindu

Mutah ba$tard read it carefully ;)Chinese dont have money,people and resources to fight a 5 front war.You think that China is Allah.

Arch Bungle

Chinese dont have money,people and resources to fight a 5 front war.

Ha. Ha. Ha. Hindustanis brains are like biryani.
That’s why they can’t think straight.
Curry fries your brain, cowbanger .. cow-wallah

China is the biggest economy in the world.
It does not have to fight a five front war.
It only needs to destroy Hindu Fanatics on ONE front.

I say stop the waters in tibet. Shut down the major rivers in Hindustan.

Then the Dalits themselves will take out the fake Brahmins that oppress India:

Look, the biggest strikes in world history maderchot:

The Han are laughing at you, fake brahmin!



India is in terrible shape by any standards. Even Bangladesh now has a higher HDI, has controlled population and its economy and exports are growing. India is going back to the dung age.


How old you are you? gratuitous insults perhaps may play well in the sewer slums of Calcutta, but not on western forums.

Concrete Mike

For a hindu you sure blab on like a fanatic wahabbi to me.


China would have marched to Delhi but they are more interested in economic supremacy than war at this stage. India was saved another grueling humiliation.

viktor ziv

why are u cheering 4 war? war doesn’t bring anything good. glad china and india deescalated tensions. you can always take a stick and charge to china. at least you’ll die trying and world will have one warmonger less.


India blinked and did not want to be humiliated again. Wise move though. Asia needs peace and prosperity and not Zionist fanned wars.


ansarullah forces seize large saudi occupied base in marib and getting therefore closer to seizing marib city and the entire marib province

Veritas Vincit

The Americans are worried as in addition to the retaliatory missile/drone strikes against Saudi targets, the (Iran backed) Houthis are preparing to retaliate against Israel, which has long been involved in the Yemen war:

– “A senior Yemeni political analyst underlined that Washington, Tel Aviv and their regional Arab allies have joined hands to establish full control over Bab al-Mandeb Strait and Yemen’s oil reserves.” (Analyst: US, Israel, Arab Allies Plotting to Plunder Yemen’s Oil Reserves, Control Bab Al-Mandeb, FarsNews, Jun 01, 2016)

– Israeli jets fly over Hudaydah amid Saudi push to seize city: Houthi chief, PressTV, Jun 3, 2018

– “[Ansarullah] hit Amir Khalid airbase in Khamees al-Mushait region in Southern Saudi Arabia with a scud missile and several Najm al-Saqeb (Striking Star) missiles last week, killing over 20 senior Israeli officers and 63 Saudi military men and capturing 35 others,” Mehdi Nasser al-Bashi told FNA on Wednesday…… He mentioned that the Israeli officers were agents of the Mossad spy agency and were in the region to help the Saudi army, and said, “At the time of the attack the Israeli officers were working on a plan to attack some regions of Yemen with prohibited Israeli-made weapons.” (A Dose of Very Nasty Truth: Trump Clears Rearming Al Qaeda in Yemen, US Troops to Train Terrorists, By GPD, March 5, 2017)

– Israel’s involvement in the Yemen war throughout its five year duration is an open secret…… [In 2015] a large cache of Israeli-made weapons and ammunition was discovered, in addition to documents…… Foreign mercenaries fighting on behalf of coalition-partner the UAE were also said to have been trained by the Israeli military at camps in the Negev Desert. (Israel’s ambitions in south Yemen increase risk of conflict with Houthis, MiddleEast Monitor, June 29, 2020), etc…..

But the Houthis are not the only party preparing to retaliate against Israel for its crimes of aggression. As Israel is preparing military strikes against Iran, reports indicate the axis of resistance is coordinating a response. The ‘war between wars’ policy of Israel would at that stage likely become a full-scale multi-front war (refer p2).

Veritas Vincit

p2. – “I hope all Israelis will listen carefully to what I say…… I now call first all Jews except the Zionists to detach their considerations from Zionist calculations who lead themselves to their final destruction. And I call on all those who came in occupied Palestine believing the promises that they would find the land of milk and honey to leave. I call them to leave Palestine and go back to the countries from which they came….. if Netanyahu launched a war in this region, there may be no more time for them to leave Palestine, and there will be no safe place for them in occupied Palestine…… the scale of the massacres committed by Israel against the Palestinian people and the peoples of the region….. all this will push the people of the region to render a capital verdict against them.” [Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah].

Interestingly, various Islamic religious and political figures (including Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah) have recently spoken of a ‘Great War’ (as prophesied in Islamic scripture) they are preparing for and that is approaching. If the fulfillment of this prophecy is sought and realized, the Israelis will at that time experience the horrors they have inflicted on others.

Arch Bungle

This is good information, thank you.

Pave Way IV

“The recent military escalation between the Saudi-led coalition and the Houthis will likely hinder peace efforts in Yemen. Despite some US pressure, the kingdom is yet to take any steps to de-escalate.”

The ‘recent escalation’ was a full-out assault on Hadi loyalists, tribes and Saudis around the Marib Dam. Marib City is symbolic – first city the Saudis seized in 2015 and probably the last they’ll abandon as they leave Marib. Marib City was also the center of the historic Kingdom of Sheeba. Saudis see the writing on the wall – they lost and their puppet Hadi is finished. They had hoped to hold Marib for a bargaining chip, but that’s not going to happen now. Loss of Marib means KSA finished in Yemen. No reason not to negotiate withdrawal and cease bombing. Loyalist tribes and mercs increasingly abandoning Saudis and siding with Ansarallah. All of this actioin in Marib unrelated to UAE-backed rebellion in south by STC. Once north is cleaned up, Houthis will either negotiate peace with STC or come out of the mountains and kill them.

North: Houthis seized and eventually lost the Kofel Camp/Brigade 312 base earlier last year after failing to take the overlooking mountains. This time, they were on the mountain and took Kofel after a bloody three-day fight. Camp secure and LOC moved kilometers east towards Marib Dam and City. Houthis promise not to fire into the city if residents help throw out the Saudis and Loyalists. Hadi troops unpaid, demoralized and retreating/deserting. Many local loyalist tribes flipped to Ansarallah side to spare cities after negotiating with Houthis. All Saudis have left is demoralized stragglers and intense air strikes (mostly F-15s from King Khalid, thus ballistic missile strike on it).

U.S. position confusing. Biden administration announces end to Saudi support for Yemen war. Draft of memo circulated taking Houthi off of terrorist list, but no action taken. Opponents (Zionist puppets) on Capitol Hill say it was only a proposal but rejected – Houthis remain on terrorist list (thanks, Trump).

Marib is home to Safer Pumping Station (Saudis probably destroyed it by now). This is the start of the Safer pipeline that takes oil from Marib oilfields to a floating oil terminal north of the Port of Houdeidah. Marib also has refinery, but most petrol sent south to Hadi loyalists. Reopening refinery and pipeline means petrol (after five years) to capital of Sana’a. Saudi withdrawal would also mean end to air embargo of Sana’a Airport and sea blockade on Port of Houdeidah. Saudis owe Yemen about $100 trillion in reparations – may take some bone-sawing to convince them to pay up. Israel: doing everything in their power to prolong war, but will probably focus on STC and south since north is a lost cause.

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