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Houthis Successfully Completed Large-Scale Operation Against ISIS, Al-Qaeda In Yemen’s Al-Bayda’

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Houthis Successfully Completed Large-Scale Operation Against ISIS, Al-Qaeda In Yemen’s Al-Bayda’

Brigadier General Yahya Sari, spokesman of the Yemeni Armed Forces. Source: almasirah.net

The Houthis announced on August 19 that their forces had carried out a large-scale ground operation against ISIS and al-Qaeda in the central Yemeni province of al-Bayda’. The operation targeted the remaining strongholds of both terrorist groups in the district of Wald Rabi’.

Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari, a spokesman for the Houthis, listed the results of the operation as follows:

  • More than 250 terrorists were killed, injured or captured;
  • More than 12 camps and gatherings of the terrorists were destroyed;
  • The territory of about 1,000 km2 of Wald Rabi’ was liberated;
  • Large quantities of weapons were captured along with hundreds of explosive belts and explosive devices;

According to Brig. Gen. Sari, ISIS and al-Qaeda terrorists in Wald Rabi’ were receiving direct support from the Saudi-led coalition.

“The aggression supported its mercenaries, elements of the so-called ISIS and Al-Qaeda, with dozens of raids, in addition to supporting them with money and weapons,” the spokesman said.

The spokesman thanked the local tribes of Wald Rabi’ and the nearby district of al-Qurashiyah for supporting the efforts against the terrorists of ISIS and al-Qaeda.

ISIS and al-Qaeda increased their presence in Wald Rabi’ and other part of al-Bayda’ after the breakout of the Yemeni war in 2015. The Houthis claim that the terrorists group are receiving support from the Saudi-led coalition.

The Houthis said that they would soon reveal more information about the large-scale operation in al-Bayda’. Usually, the Yemeni group releases combat footage from such operations.


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Zionism = EVIL

The Ansarallah are just chipping away at the Wahhabi cowardly cunts. While not much in MSM Jew news, they have liberated an area larger than Lebanon from the Saudi running dogs and assorted Wahhabi cunts. They have captured enough weaponry to last for decades. They are the masters of asymmetrical warfare that will shape future conflicts against Ameriucunt deadbeats and Zionist losers.


Will somebody send some Houtis to Syria please, to show them how things are done. SAA is ruining out of breath, it seams…


With the support of a major power, the Houthis would’ve crushed the Ziowahhabi terrorist piles of shit ages ago, even UAE-paid Colombian ISIS/al-Qaeda narcoterrorist mercenaries have been fighting for the US-led terrorists in Yemen.

Iran will have to do on its own because everyone else is worried about selling gas to Germany and keeping wanker banker Macron happy and Trumpet as a “partner” in the nuclear reduction treaty.


For some mysterious reason Zionist “ISIS, Al-Qaeda” can’t hide from the Ansarallah-Houtisin in the desert and places with difficult access while SAA can’t ever find them in Syrian desert as if it is inaccessible jungle!


The statement in the article of, ” along with hundreds of explosive belts” is new to the conflict in yemen , I think. It was only a month or so ago that Saudi recruited ISIS were being deployed in Yemen.

I can only imagine the total hysteria in the Western MSM and UK/US propaganda IF ISIS had been recruited by the Houthis. CNN, Sky and the BBC would be shouting about it from the roof-tops.

johnny rotten

Those who fight for their land and for freedom have an advantage that the aggressors will never have.

Lone Ranger

Those Houthis are pretty effective, wonder how effective they would be with state of the art weapons…


The Houthis could use non effective weapons such as US patriots , as IED’s :)


Hahahahahaha pure gold!


How can the Sunnis lose to Shias in Yemen? I still don’t get it. They have more manpower and they’re better armed, unless they don’t throw everything they have into the battle because they fear for some reason. Start wiping out all the Houthi villages and cities from the air, day after day. You don’t win a war by taking back a mountain, you win it once the population is destroyed and they beg for a mercy.

chris chuba

I wonder how many Saudi / UAE (Little Sparta) air strikes they had to withstand during this campaign?


Too many.

Daily Beatings

I have to give it to the Houthis. They’re kicking ass with AKMs and sandals.


Come do it, we will show you what happens when you fuck with us. Hezbollah learnt it in 2006, but not well enough they beg for another round.

Jim Allen

Hezbollah learned you pretenders are a bunch of bitchy little girls. Big brave bully, all bluff, and bluster, your arrogance is amazing, it surpasses your stupidity. All you’re talk of what you are going to do if…. If what ? You make your victory speech before take action. When you take action, it’s not you that are victorious. Your little run ended in 1967. The best you got are terrorist attacks on civilian populations. You really made an impression on Hezbollah in ’06. What’s it like to have a militia, kick the shit out of your freakin’ military ? Trained forces, you’re a joke. You’re not strong, you’re not tough

chris chuba

Does anyone know where to donate money to Yemen so that at least some help gets to them? I have no qualms about the type of organization that delivers the aid.

Here’s a link with the UN mentioning how after the US cut funding the Gulf States are not even meeting their pledges. https://ktar.com/story/3494761/un-funding-crisis-cuts-aid-to-yemen-as-it-slides-near-famine/

Here’s a link to the very excellent mintpress which covers Yemen where Pompeo boasts that our support for the murderous KSA actually saves lives. I don’t understand why God doesn’t cause the earth to swallow up that repulsive liar. https://www.mintpressnews.com/oxfam-saudi-arabia-attack-yemen-hospitals/270554/


I’m not sure but I wouldn’t trust any NGO for this. There has been multiple reports over time of rotten food reaching Yemen as humanitarian aid. Possibly it was not the NGOs fault but Saudis, but still.. I think the best way to help right now is by spreading the word about their struggle

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