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JUNE 2023

Houthis Strike Warship Of Saudi-led Coalition With Two Anti-Ship Missiles

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Houthis Strike Warship Of Saudi-led Coalition With Two Anti-Ship Missiles

“al-Mandab 1”

On June 13, the Yemeni Navy [loyal to the Houthis] announced that it had targeted a warship of the Saudi-led coalition off the coast of the western city of al-Hudaydah with two anti-ship missiles. The Yemeni al-Masirah TV said that the warship was seen burning, and that boats of the coalition are currently rescuing its crew.

According to the Yemeni Navy, the warship was one of the many participating in the attack on al-Hudaydah, which began few hours ago. Reportedly, the warships were approaching the coast of the western city to land troops of the Saudi-led coalition, but backed off following the “missile” strike.

The Yemeni Navy claims that it used anti-ship missiles to target the Saudi-led coalition warship. The Houthis showcased “locally-manufactured” anti-ship missile called “al-Mandab 1” in late 2017. Back then, experts revealed that the missiles is the Chinese-made C-801 subsonic anti-ship missile, which was imported by Yemen in 1995.

However, the Yemeni Navy usually use water-born improvised explosive devices (WBIEDs) to attack Saudi-led coalition warships. The port of al-Hudaydah itself is known to be the key naval facility of the Houthis and the place were such WBIEDs are assembled by Yemeni and Iranian experts.

On March 23, warplanes of the Saudi-led coalition destroyed two WBIEDs in the port of al-Hudaydah, according to the Emirates News Agency (WMA).

Observers believe that the Yemeni Navy will use all of its remaining assets during the battle of al-Hudaydah because of the importance of this port city for the Yemeni forces.

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Dušan Mirić


Promitheas Apollonious

good work, bravo.


Yes, good work indeed. I hope the ship sinks :)


Even if it doesn’t sink, it will definitely stink with all those Saudis and UAEs..


Well done them people following the UN Charter and defending themselves against foreign aggression.

Feudalism Victory

Yup. Fighting with honor and zeal.


Well done heroes. Eliminate all these global thieves and child butchers of lands and assets.


Of course Putin sold the s-400 to Yemen to help them protect themselves against the wahhabi butchers attacking the nation. Oh wait- no actually Putin sells the s-400 to the nations ATTACKING Yemen, and voted at the UNSC to support Saudi Arabia and ban all weapon supplies to the people of Yemen.

Putin the zionist appeaser is 100% responsible for the holocaust in Yemen. Another Deep State war Putin has backed in every way he could (like Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya- all supported by Russian actions, including Russian pro-war votes at the UNSC).


proof? comon lets not be childish here. 1.russia voted infavor of the attacking coaltion in the united nations security council, and against the defending houthis.thats a fact.look it up on all media sites,or at the unied nations site.Thats no secret. 2.russia is selling the invading turkish forces(which by the way have now an official agreement with nato about the n. syria including manjib..all over the news including russian) S-400 long range( 250km).now anybody with a little bit of geography and maths in his brain, will tell you that supplying the S-400 with a range of 250km to turkey, an arch enemy of syria and doorway for the various jihadi groups,will have a devastating strategic effect for the SAA.Thats common sense, no? AND in contrast, russia would not even supply the S-300,short range of 92km. to the syrian government.not funny to say the least?

viktor ziv

S-400 is AA system, hence not offensive weapon. Further, SAF is no match comparing to TAF. Also, S-125, 200, Pantsir etc. are enough to foil air assault. After 7 years SAA has enough vets to foil any ground assault. Also, we don’t know if S-300 are in the hands of SAA. You don’t show your cards until really needed.

Empire's Frontiers

One thing we can see even in google maps are s-300 silo trucks deployed throughout Syria. Assuming they’re not inflatable decoys.

We might only speculate, but it seems prudent for the Russians to train the Syrians on ‘Russian’ units that are unlikely to be targeted like strictly ‘Syrian’ assets might be.

‘Learn on ours’, so to speak.

Charlie rad



I second your bingo

Charlie rad

Exactly, Syria has become the biggest Proxy war of the 21st century. Russia is testing &/or supplying Syria with every weapon system they have.

Brother Ma

Good point.


Your point #1 is misleading. Russia voted to extend sanctions against arming the Houthis, after vetoing a proposal by UK/Us that blamed Iran for arming the Houthis, for which there is absolutely no proof. As for #2, the S400s are to drive a wedge between NATO and Turkey. Why would S400s be a problem for Syria? They are not attacking Turkey and Turkey has no reason to attack Syrian AF. These are customer S400s also. Would they be able to defeat Pantsir system? Everyone KNOWS why Syria was not supplied with S300s, they are not necessary, as the Pantsir system works well against short and medium range missiles, the S300s would be wasted. S300s would be controversial and would risk widening the conflict…which is only desirable for the NATO/Israeli gang. Also there is zero proof that Syria does not have S300s in their inventory, as Assad claimed possession of them years ago. The only thing provable is that they have not used them. As long as the EW systems, S200, Pantsirs and other systems are effective, why give the criminal cabal the justification they seek. How well did those missile attacks by the west work out? Turkeys agreement with the US means nothing in the long run. They will both have to endure a campaign of withering insurgency as long as they stay. What matters is how many body bags the French, Italian and US governments stand.

Charlie rad

you’re an idiot. Never Take anything at FACE VALUE in GEO Politics. Your thought process is so simplistic-Elementary. Would take hours to bring you up to speed on each of these “moves”. A Big 3D Chess game. Especially when you’re Heavily outnumbered Like Russia. Idiot. So didn’t Russia come in & save Syria while they were on their last legs ? Yes. So why would Putin Surrender Russia’s Most important Port-friend to NATO ?? WAKE-UP. You sound like a progressive distorting things to meet your agenda.

Brother Ma

Yes because it is progressives who distort things to their agenda.


Putin the zionist appeaser is 100% responsible for the holocaust in Yemen.

No, wrong. It’s unfortunate and a shame that Russia doesn’t support Yemen, but the %100 responsibility for the genocide on Yemen is firmly on the Saudis and their direct and active backers in this aggression, the US, UK, France and other war criminals INCLUDING the Zionists.

How nice of @Starlight to clear the real butchers (Saudis, Trump, May, Macron and above all, their Zionist handlers) and put the blame on Putin, but again, with her it’s always Putin’s fault.

Who is this gal trying to fool with her repetitive and misleading rants, I have no idea.


everyone. please understand the hasbara agenda and narrative they need to post , these points are what they posted REPEATEDLY in forums all over the internet :

– russia weak and scared of israel – putin bow to netanyahu – russia betray iran and syria

basically , these lies are necessary because they lost the ground war since the FUKUS failed missile attack and the following bombardment of golan heights by 55 Heavy missiles in retaliation of IAF attacks in syria. Note that israeli Irondome failed to stop even one syrian missile and the targets are IDF listening posts and intelligence center , their famous unit 8200. No casualties reported by israeli as usual , but after the bombardment IAF stopped its missile attacks immediately and Israeli Defense Minister said IDF have done enough damage to the iranian troops (fake news) in syria.

so please tag and report as spam , all posts from these hasbarsas like Starlight , Joe Dirt , Velociraptor , potcracker and those who upvote their comments.

they used multiple Disqus Id to pretend they here in large numbers , but the style and tone of their post indicate it is one or at most two person doing the sock puppetry game.


Hear, hear

Allan Greedspoon

Personally, I would rather she just shut it . .

Kilgore Trout

Well done!!!

Concerned citizen




Hisham Saber

…and the Houthi;s famously chant…

Death To America ! Death to Israel ! Curse on the Jews ! Victory to Islam !

Joe Dirt

Death to Allah! Death to Islam!


You just wrote “Death to G*d”. That says all we need to know about you.

Brother Ma

Wrong! Allah is not God. That is a bullshit translation. Allah according to Moslems is their God. Which is better than all other Gods…including the Christian God. Nuanced but very important.


The Arabic word for god is “Rab” “رب” but god is called by many, many names and titles. Allah is the most used one and most common.

You can follow the Allah word’s roots in ancient Middle Eastern languages like Akkadian or Amorite (fathers of today Hebrow and Arabic) and in words of “El”, “Il” and “Ela” meaning god. It’s even in names like Michael, Gabriel and Samuel. In bible, El (אל) means god too.

My good brother, a little bit of research from the very sources we want to talk about often helps us: Budhist sources for Budhism, Muslim sources for Islam, as we don’t go to a beautician to learn about cooking.

Brother Ma

Garga, I am not a Moslem and have to rely on Moslem commentaries that I have read in the past. I knew all you have stated apart from Rab.

I do not know if you are Sunni or Shia but the commentaries said that the translation of Allah as the same God as that known by Christians is overy wishful thinking. The Shahada and the Arabic root word for Allah bear out that they are referring to THEIR God. Ie in the Genitive case. Possessive.You may think otherwise but apparently hardcore Sunni believe this is the case.

So i still stick with my understanding of the word Allah for the time being. I look forward to more evidence if you have any.

Hisham Saber

Again, Christian Arabs refer to God as Allah. You know better than them, about the term for God, is Allah? Enlighten us, oh biased one.

Brother Ma

Biased? Why ?because i mentioned what i have read elsewhere by Moslems.

If you know better ,tell us. Give me sources. In the meantime ,do not side up to many hard -core Moslems thinking they will love you because you believe in Allah the one and same God as theirs.

Moslems have already decimated you guys still in the Near and Middle East.


One last note. Reading your comments, I think you use the term “Muslim” very broadly.

Moslems have already decimated you guys still in the Near and Middle East.

It seems that you equate Takfiri groups like Daesh and all Sunni and Shi’a Muslims? Takfiri (a la Wahhabis) follow a very narrow and rigid “interpretation” of Islam which is relatively new, about 200 years. In their view, anybody who is not one of them is an infidel and they really care if you’re Christian, Shi’a or Sunni. If they catch you, you’re gonna lose your life. They hate Shi’as the most, then Christians but apparently are on very good terms with Zionists.

If you are referring to the Ottomans, again they couldn’t care less about the religion but used it as a tool or justification whenever it served them. Sometimes Shi’as were infidel (Rafadhi) and sometimes their Muslim brothers, depending on the pressure from their west.

They built their empire by attacking all, starting with Sunni Muslims of Levant and northern Africa, then Shi’as of Anatolia, Iran and Caucasus, Orthodox Christians of around Black sea and then other Christians of central Europe. They killed, raped, burnt and destroyed anyone against them no matter the opponents’ colour and religion. Please do not think for a second that the Ottoman empire represented Islam, any more than ISIS or Saudis do.

PS. For a Muslim, Allah and god are the same. Strange think for a Muslim believer to say otherwise, so I’d very much like to know the Muslim which claimed Allah is different than the Christian or Jewish god. I’d appreciate if you could post a link or something.

Brother Ma

I agree with much of whatyou have said. What i wrote was from memory and believe me i wanted to add links to my writing. Once i find them again i will post them and quizz them more about what they said in light of what you have as well.

Re shia divide. Yes Shia is a more delicate Islam than others. It is said that Islam spread into India and the Balkans (into the lower classes )because of Shia type Islam and Sufism.ie also dervishes etc. The more powerful classes of course did so to protect their priviledges.


Do as you wish, I understand your way of thinking.

I am Shi’a and my understanding of my own religion plus the book which we believe in, Allah is the god, the same one as the god of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and other prophets (let’s not get into a heated debate on matter of Lord in flesh, shall we?)

Allah is not an exclusive god. This word is comprised of Al (you may heard it in many Arabic words, something like the in English) and Elah (which I said in many ME languages means god). Al+Elah= Allah. As I mentioned before, there are many (~100) different names for the god in Qur’an which describe his different “properties” (for the lack of a better word): Rahman (merciful), Kaeem (generous) Qader (able), Qaher (conqueror) and so on. There one name which we believe contains all those which is Allah, the god. Now, that’s the Arabic language. We Persian-speakers say “Khoda” (almost like a Dutch pronounces god) which is the same, a general name for god. A German says gott and Frenchie says dieu. Are those all different beings?

That being said, recently (about 20 years or so) some systematically started to say Allah is not the same god, it was the name of Mecca’s moon god and such similar things, mostly Zionist Christian or Evangelical preachers, ie Pat Robertson. Funny (not really) a 2009 study by the American-Islamic relation council showed that about %10 of Americans believe that Muslims are pagans who worship moon. Weird preachers+rednecks= all sorts of beliefs.

Regarding evidence, I think the best evidence for Islamic beliefs is Qur’an. Read it if you’re interested. Qur’an uses Allah, rab and other names interchangeably. Here are a few phrases with 5 different English translations:

Qur’an 2 (Baqareh):55: http://www.parsquran.com/data/showall.php?sura=2&ayat=55&user=eng&lang=eng

Qur’an 7 (al-A’araf):143: http://www.parsquran.com/data/showall.php?sura=7&ayat=143&user=eng&lang=eng

Both verses talk about Moses and god.

But, there are all kinds of perverted beliefs. I’m not talking about Shi’a or Sunni, but more like Wahhabi (even they don’t think there’s a difference between Allah and the god of Moses) or other artificial and more recent believes. I’d like to know who was in the commentary which you mentioned in your reply. In addition to Qur’an, I’m sure English speaking Islamic centers are more than happy to answer this matter much better than me. Here’s the Islamic Center of England: http://www.ic-el.com/en/ and Islamic Center of America (Michigan): http://www.icofa.com/ Send a short email asking them to explain it to you, or if you have time, check the FAQ. Perhaps someone asked it before?

Brother Ma

As i said i consider myself a reasonable man to be led by the evidence so i am happy to become open-minded on this again. Garga,you have just said you are Shia. You are not the problem. It is Sunni that are making trouble and chopping heads. Your take ,which may be a Shia, is not dangerous to us. You said you consider the Koran the source of knowledge. Good on you. Yet many Moslems think about the haddiths and schools of Islamic Jurisprudence etc. Takfiris have been able to use those against non-mislems.

So to conclude i support Iran,shia against Sunni takfiris etc .

So thank you. I will try and quizz my sources more on the basis of what you have said.


Well, funny you said Sunni troublemakers. Did you know a couple of years ago, there was conference with top Sunni clerics from around the world in Grozny, Chechnya and it’s declaration was that “Wahhabism is not Sunni Islam”?

A regular Sunni is an average Turkish, Egyptian or Indonesian who works hard, loves his or her family, pays taxes and charities and never hurts anyone all their lives [at least willingly and knowingly, just like you and me]. A Takfiri Wahhabi on the other hand is violent, devoid of compassion and seeks to kill others, because they brainwashed into believing that it’s the key to their salvation. All terror groups are Wahhabis, never a Shi’a, not a Sunni (to be fair, I think Sunnis may convert to Wahhabism much easier than a Shi’a).

Shi’a killings happen all the time in Pakistan and Afghanistan Even Saudi officials can’t resist killing some hundreds of Shi’as during Hajj pilgrimage.but never in Turkey or Jordan and all these countries are majority-Sunni. Only in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Afghanistan Wahhabis have power.

Thank you for your support of my country, I appreciate and value it.

Hisham Saber

Christian Arabs call God ‘ Allah ‘ . How can you explain that. Allah-God almighty, same-same.

Brother Ma

Like i said Hisham. I am referring to how Moslems perceive Allah. Native Arab Christians would of course refer to God, the Christian one God, as Allah as it is the Arabic for “God”.

I am saying that your view ,which matched mine ,is wrong! The English Arabists of last century who glorified Moslem Arabs propagated it as such.

They did this either in error,goodwill or simply because they wanted to further Uk geopolitical goals which at the time was coopting Arab peoples.

I am saying that on the basis of strict Classical Arabic language usage and islamic schools of jurisprudence etc Allah is not simply God. He is the (our) Moslem God ;better than everyone elses God.

I makes sense,why murder “non- believing” Christians and Jews if we worship the same God?

Brother Ma

Fuck victory of Islam but i am happy with the other three!


Mo’ Anti-Ship-Missiles….their fleet Backed off with only two of’m…what will they do when Twenty are fired…? Houthis can you film it next time perhaps?

Allan Greedspoon

The Saudi terrorist state should be learning some valuable lessons from the whole failed charade . .but then again, with average IQ’s similar to the camels that roam the Arabian deserts, they probably haven’t . .


I saw this in another news sourse, it needs confirmation because so far the Houthis are the only sourse.

Jeth Roderet

Great job, Yemen!

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