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JUNE 2023

Houthis Strike Two Saudi Airports, Air Defense System And Military Camp With Armed Drones, Guided Rockets

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Houthis Strike Two Saudi Airports, Air Defense System And Military Camp With Armed Drones, Guided Rockets

Illustrative image, source: the Houthis media wing

In a joint attack in the late hours of July 4, the Yemeni Air Force and Missile Force, both allies of the Houthis, targeted a military camp and an air-defense system of the Saudi-led coalition as well as two airports in Saudi Arabia’s southern region.

Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari, a spokesman for the Houthis, said that a Saudi Patriot air-defense system deployed in the central Yemeni province of Ma’rib was targeted with several Qasef-2K suicide unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). At the same time, a nearby military camp of the coalition was targeted with a Badir-1P precision-guided artillery rocket.

“Our sources confirmed that several commanders of the enemy were killed, while many others were injured,” the spokesman said.

Few minutes after the joint attack in Ma’rib, several Qasef-2K UAVs targeted the southern Saudi airports of Jizan and Abha.

“The military operations of our UAV force will continue to target Saudi airports, which are being used for military purposes … In order to ensure the safety of all civilians of different nationalities, they must stay away from the target areas,” said Brig. Gen. Sari.

Saudi sources told the Lebanese al-Mayadeen TV that the Houthis’ attack put Jizan airport out of service. However, the situation in Abha airport is still unclear.

The Badir-1P is derived from the Iranian-made Fajir-5C precision-guided artillery rocket, while the Qasef-2k UAV is a copy of Iran’s Ababil-2.

This new joint attacks reflect the Houthis’ ever growing offensive capabilities, which have exceeded the capabilities of many well-funded armies.

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Toronto Tonto

All funded by the terrorist Iran and with Russian backing , that shitthole will be gone soon . Hey Rob I think they can use you over there .


The Houthis have every right to defend themselves against a Saudi/US led war of aggression & blockade which has killed tens of thousands.


It will be gone soon? Lol the Saudis said that day 1, in 2015. It’s 2019 and the momentum is in the hands of the Ansarallah. Only people going soon are the Saudis.

Brother Ma

Exactly , the zionatoyankees said that in 2011 as well and all the zioYank bosses are pulling their hair out.The only ones happy are the greedy shareholders in zioyank armament companies ,zios and the hick murican cannonfodder .


You are confused, that’s Saudi Arabia you’re talking about.


Those comments might come back to bite you as today Iran pretty much admitted it has “rainy day weapons” (RDW) acronym not to be confused with Recht Der Wirtschaft and/or Red Deck Wins.



They’re just trash talking. They don’t need secret weapons. They have very good offensive and defensive missile systems and live in one of the most defensible locations on earth, which they’ve been digging into preparing for just this war since 1979.

Since 2011 they’ve hacked and commandeered US drones on 3 occasions including a CIA RQ-170 stealth drone in 2011 that was supposed to be invisible and unhackable. The USA keeps denying they have this ability but with the last hack they used one hacked US drone to film another hacked US drone being destroyed on the ground by a US air strike.

The Iranians don’t have to win this war. All they have to do is force the USA to attack giving them the opportunity to strike US and Saudi bases with missiles and shoot down a few aircraft and confidence in the US military goes down the drain and Trump loses his election. The USA is isolated and boxed in in the ME. If they attack Iran the EU countries will revolt. If they allow the iranians to attack Saudi Arabia they risk losing the petrodollar support.

Interestingly the Houti’s just took out a Patriot missile battery in Saudi Arabia today using an Iranian missile. They have some very good weapons at their disposal.


What a load of rubbish

Brother Ma

Interesting take and it implies that the Iranians are not petrified of war as some make out.


I think they’re resigned to it. Since the 1979 revolution there have always been Americans calling for strikes against Iran. Iranian war has been on the table for every administration since Carter.

They aren’t going to out and out defeat the US militarily but it will take an all out effort for the US military to defeat Iran. Iran is a huge country and mountainous … probably the least ideal place on earth to fight an air campaign against.

It’s a mistake to lump Iran in with the Arab. They are very different people. Despite being under sanctions since 1979 they have a very strong academic and scientific community and are among the world leaders in nano tech and stem cell research. They have a country the size of western Europe and a population of 80 million …. by contrast the population of Germany in 1939 was 68 million.

Traditionally the attacking force needs to be 3x larger than a defending force to expect success. That can be in manpower or strike capabilities … you just need 3x the effort to attack than it takes to defend. While the USA has been planning this war for 40 years iran has the advantage of having 40 years to prepare their defence.

It’s going to take a WW2 sized effort to defeat Iran and don’t forget Russia has committed to supporting iran if there is a war and shares borders on the Caspian sea with Russia.

Brother Ma

So the Americans bombed their own hacked drone to stop the world knowing their tech was hacked?


Yep. And the Iranians got the video with another hacked drone.

Tommy Jensen

Then Bolton and I were right! I said it and Bolton said it. Iran has WMD and they are ready to use it on American soil and wipe US out of the world map.


Michael Bolton is always right, Go The Distance is full of factual power ballads. You will always be right, so your mamma says.

Brother Ma

Good.I like multipolarity. It is like democracy .It is a great day.


Ahhh …. the chicken little argument.

iranians aren’t stupid. A nuclear or bio attack on the USA wouldn’t do them any favours. It would enrage the US population and open the door to a nuclear attack on Iran in retaliation.

I suspect their ‘secret weapon’ is their combination of EW and air defences. All they have to do is shoot down a few stealth aircraft, fire a couple of missiles at US air bases, maybe sink a capital ship and US confidence is shattered. Since Vietnam the US nothing scares a US politician more than a plane full of coffins.


Crimea river. And how is it, that a Canadian is not standing for himself, but sucking USAs ooohm .. big missiles? That’s poor.

Brother Ma

‘Cause he is a ukro/zio Canadian or a Zio troll or just a gungho Canadian Yanker wannabe.

Concrete Mike

No chance that fuck is canadian! He dont even know what raptor are!!

Luke Hemmming

So? What’s the problem with that? That shithole of a FAKE nation Israel gets funding from the USA then Israel supports ISIS and shoots palenstinian children while crying to the world about that fake holocaust BS story 6 million jews died!…boo hoo hoo! DILLIGAF? yeeeah NAH!!!




I have the feeling that we will see saudis AD getting destroyed in a regular basis from now… This could be a game changer, think of the psychological impact!


I hope Iran is building cruise missiles like nobody’s business.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

same lol

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

hahahahaha mashallah houthis, AMAZING work, keep pounding and annihilating saudi scum, do not give them even 1 second of rest, treat them like the subhuman pieces of garbage that they are


https://yemen-rw.org/new-badr-f-ballistic-missile-strikes-mercenaries-in-dhalea/ more good news

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

You just have to love the Houthis.

You can call me Al

I do, I do.


Yes indeed, they are true ancient warriors.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Yes, they are the most effective fighting force on the planet currently

Real Anti-Racist Action

Yemen is up against more odd’s against the Saudis then the Syrians are against Israel. And the people of Yemen never fear to bomb their enemies airports. Assad and Syria need to learn a good hard lesson here. They should be freely and weekly bombing the enemies airports from where the enemy aircraft take off to target women and children inside of Syria. Israel has now bombed Syria more then 7,000 times in this war between Syria and Israel, and Syria has not even targeted a single enemy port. Perhaps evolution is canceling the people of Syria from existence since they lack the moral conviction to struggle up hill against their own maser-oppressors. Israel has kept the Syria people’s society at 1970’s tech level and Syria has yet to rebel against their Jewish-masters.


Difficult to understand why the Syrians even allow uncontested foreign uninvited bases on its’ territory; should be taking them on and let the Kurds fight the terrorists.

Pavel Pavlovich

Weakness. Pathetic cowardice of the people.

Brother Ma

Wont work as they know that Kurds will stab the Syrian Loyalists in the back as they have done already. Yet,if the Kurds were trustworthy it would be a brilliant plan.

Saso Mange

Assad can not allow escalation with Israel as long as Syria is not united. It would be hard fight even if there was no foreign funded revolution. I do not doubt that Assad will eventually retaliate.

Brother Ma

I agree with the gist of your post however I believe the Syrians have not bombed the israelis as they should because they have not lost everything as have the Yemenis(Houthis).

If life keeps getting tough for the Syrians ie losing major cities and returned to the Stone Age ,like Yemen,then they will probably be offensive in total war like the Yemenis(Houthis).

Or it is simply that the Syrians are not built like the Ancient Greeks ie Athenian and Allies /Spartans the Persians of the time. They never ever surrendered and left Athens to the flames. Can you imagine Any modern Eu country-apart from Greece- emptying every city and town and moving enmasse and still keep fighting against a much more powerful aggressor?

I could also mention Russia against both France and Germany but Then the Russians were much more evenly matched.

The only people in modern times who have come close to the Ancient Greeks were the Ethiopians against Imperialist Italy about one hundred years ago. I also include the Houthis but they had a lot more help from outside than the Ethiopians did and Athens had no one outside of Greece.

You can call me Al

Could you explain to me, noting the full blockade on The Yemen, exactly what help the Houthis are receiving ?.

Brother Ma

Ok. Full disclosure . I love Yemen and hate the Sauds and their allies. Yet I do think that some armaments are getting to Yemen somehow. I don’t care that they are and that may breach any UN resolutions. I don’t believe in double standards .So if the UN is powerless or looks the other way when zioyankersturcos break the embargoes by secretly shipping weapons ,they can do so for the Houthis as well.

I have no evidence apart from commonsense and the history of other wars and embargoes.

You can call me Al

I am actually with you there, could it be the usual “playing both sides”? or something more sinister ?

Saso Mange

”Let’s just blame Iran”. That’s all there is behind such claims which were written in remote Mossad office.

Brother Ma

… Allies/ Spartans AGAINST the Persians of the time.**

opet ja

So, Patriot destroyed or not? Any reliable information?

Jaromír Foud

My respect to brave Houthis people.

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