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Houthis Strike Saudi Warplane Hangars In Jizan Airport

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Houthis Strike Saudi Warplane Hangars In Jizan Airport

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In the late hours of April 8th, the Houthis reportedly used a Qasef-2K drone to carry out an “accurate” hit against the Jizan airport in Saudi Arabia.

According to Brigadier General Yahya Saree, spokesman for the Houthis, the airport holds Saudi Arabia’s warplanes that they use to carry out airstrikes on Houthi positions throughout Yemen, as well as on civilians.

Saree said that the strike had been successful.

On April 7th, Saree announced another Houthi attack against the King Khalid Airbase in the town of Khamis Mushait in Southern Saudi Arabia.

The operation had likewise deployed a Qasef-K2 UAV.

“Drone attack on Saudi Air Base was accurate,” the spokesman said, calling the counterattack a “legitimate, natural response to aggression and siege.”

Meanwhile, alongside the airstrikes it carries out, Riyadh provides empty rhetoric on wishing to end the conflict in Yemen.

On April 8th, Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Defense Minister Prince Khalid bin Salman held talks with Yemeni Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik Saeed, from the Saudi puppet government in Yemen.

“Met with the Yemeni prime minister to review our close cooperation, which is based on our common vision for peace and security, and discussed the Kingdom’s assistance to Yemen and its positive implications on the wellbeing and prosperity of the Yemeni people,” he said following the meeting.

During the meeting, the Prince Khalid told the Yemeni minister that the Kingdom is committed to supporting the Yemeni government in all fields.

He also said that his country supported “all efforts to end the conflict, implement a cease-fire, alleviate the humanitarian crisis, and reach a political resolution that guarantees peace and prosperity for the brotherly people of Yemen.”

The Houthis, on their part, accused the Saudi-led coalition of using civilians from the refugee camps near Marib as human shields.

“The displaced in Marib have been subjected to multiple violations and attacks by the aggression mercenaries over the past period. Previously published documents revealed that the mercenary forces were summoning “women” from displacement camps late at night , and the mercenary forces recently kidnapped several displaced women under the pretext of being accused of being “agents,” amid reports that they were handed over to Saudi forces,” the Houthis reported.

According to a number of the displaced, the authorities, in charge of the camp, practiced all forms of intimidation against them and arrested many of them over demanding to move to safe areas. They noted that the mercenary forces, about two weeks ago, evacuated dozens of displaced people from the camp under the pretext that they had responded to their demands to provide an alternative and security place, but it forced them to leave all their belongings and tools in the camp, and this coincided with the arrival of military reinforcements of the mercenaries to the camp.


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johnny rotten

Last call for the empire of evil, you widened too much, at home you are dying, and now you would like to fight in one hundred wars with your army of homosexuals, withdrawn now that you are still in time, don’t forget how evil you have been and that in every corner there is someone who calls for revenge, go home as long as you can.

Proud Hindu

Saudi muslims sent 2 h€££ 😂

Furkan Sahin

Saudi is noob

Furkan Sahin

Saudi love airstrike

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Can only be a matter of time before they take out a high ranking General or Prince.

Emad Irani

many high ranking generals got killed or injured in Marib in the last month. Some of them were even originally Saudis

Emad Irani

This is great. Hezbollah has even better capabilities than Ansarallah. This is why the fake zionist state fears another all out war


aim for the royal palace in jeddah or wherever and get mohammed bin salman -dunderhead that bought a fake leonardo da vinci and paid 450million us$, jew acted as intermediate – since he is vulnerable and his cousins are sharpening the knives waiting for the right moment.


I wonder what kind of aircraft they hit? They should prioritize their intelligence gathering aircraft if they want to do the most damage to the Saudi war effort.

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