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Houthis Strike Saudi-led Coalition Troops With Precision-Guided Rocket And Suicide Drone

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Houthis Strike Saudi-led Coalition Troops With Precision-Guided Rocket And Suicide Drone

Illustrative image, source: the Houthis media wing

On January 26, the Yemeni Missile Force [loyal to the Houthis] announced that it had launched a Badir-1P precision-guided rocket at gatherings of Saudi-backed Yemeni forces in the Kingdom’s southern province of Jizan.

“Praise be to God, the missile force launched a Badir-1P smart rocket at gatherings of the mercenaries east of [the village of] al-Tuwal … the rocket hit its target accurately,” the al-Masirah TV quoted a source in the Yemeni Missile Force as saying.

The Badir-1P, which was revealed on October 27, is an INS\GPS guided copy of the Badir-1 solid fuel artillery rocket. Experts believe that the Badir-1 family is derived from the Iranian-made Fajir-5 rocket.

A few hours after the rocket attack, a suicide unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) of the Yemeni Air Force [also loyal to the Houthis] targeted a gathering of the Saudi military in province of Asir, east of Jizan. Al-Masirah claims that the attack was successful.

The Yemeni Air Force didn’t reveal the type of the UAV that was used in the attack. However, it is very likely that it was of the new Qasef-2k type. The UAV is armed with a heavy high-explosive fragmentation (HE-frag) warhead that explodes 10 to 20 meters over the target.

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Taz T

Let hope they succeed in getting rid of Saudi Arabia , UAE forces and their meceneries from Yemen. It may take a long time but at the end they will win.


Brilliant. Good job. Grow up and don’t give up. Keep it up. This is your right to defend your honour and nation against child butchers and adult slaughters.

You can call me Al

“a suicide unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)”……suicide – REALLY ?.

How many casualties, any news on that yet ?.


But how else to describe the drone, it is on a one way mission.
I like “kamikaze UAV” The Houthis seem to be using more as of late. This is good. :)

You can call me Al

The “kamikaze UAV” is the best one for me, thanks.

northerntruthseeker .

Again.. Bravo to the great Houthi fighters in their war against butchers and mass murderers…

I hope the Houthis continue this operation and give the gawd damn Saudis and their hired henchmen a black eye!

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