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Houthis Strike Saudi-led Coalition Troops In Jizan With Artillery And Drones


Houthis Strike Saudi-led Coalition Troops In Jizan With Artillery And Drones

Illustrative image, source: the Houthis media wing

On December 30, the Yemeni Air Force and the Houthis carried out a joint operation targeting gatherings of Saudi-led coalition troops in the Kingdom’s southern province of Jizan with artillery and armed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

“A joint operation by the unmanned air force and the artillery force targeted gatherings of Saudi soldiers in the Qais mount near Jizan,” a military source told the al-Masirah TV.

The Yemeni TV didn’t reveal any additional details about the operation, which was likely a response to the recent attacks by the Saudi-led coalition. Two days ago, dozens of Houthi fighters were killed in a series of airstrikes by coalition warplanes on the northern Yemeni province of Saada and Hajjah.

These repeated attacks by both sides pose a serious challenge to the UN-sponsored peace agreement, which was reached during the recent talks in Sweden. So far, each side has accused other of violating the agreement, which reflects the lack of trust between them.

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  • Zionism = EVIL

    The Saudi scum are paying for their treachery for attacking civilians even after UN brokered useless Zionist style “ceasefire”. The Ansarollah have also moved back in Hodeidah port area. The Saudi losers are in desperate phase as Syrian terror war winds down and focus will be on Yemen.

    • LR captain

      as Syrian terror war winds down and focus will be on Yemen – you are very much correct in that sense

      the cease-fire deal was really an attempt by the Saudis to prevent their public image for tarnishing further. Right now deal features personnel from non-aligned countries monitoring area. this was something the Saudis wanted to avoid cause now if the they double-tap a school or hospital like they did in the past it would be recorded.

      while the houthis agreed to let the UN take control of the port. The Saudis concession was have the UN personnel from non-aligned countries rather than pro Saudis countries.

      What the Houthis need now is for Russians and Chinese personnel to be in the UN mission. they are always looking for dirt on the US and Yemen is full of war crimes for them to exploit. Who knows they could even take a page out the US’s playbook and send actual troops create the a disengagement line that includes anti air radar as both sides have air units. Thus a no-fly zone is made.

      • Zionism = EVIL

        The Saudi cowardly scum in Yemen are recruiting Sudanese child soldiers
        from war-torn Darfur to serve on the front lines, according to a new
        report claiming children as young as 14 comprise up to 40 percent of
        some units.The Saudis are in desperation mode as Sudan is now not supplying cannon fodder as it is trying to normalize relations with Syria and Iran.