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Houthis Strike Saudi-led Coalition Headquarters In Najran With “Short-Rang Ballistic Missile”

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Houthis Strike Saudi-led Coalition Headquarters In Najran With “Short-Rang Ballistic Missile”

Illustrative image, source: the Houthis media wing

On July 28 morning, the Yemeni Missile Force, an ally of the Houthis, launched a “short-range ballistic missile” at the Saudi-led coalition’s headquarters in the Kingdom’s southern province of Najran.

Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari, a spokesman for the Houthis, claimed that the attack was successful and that many personnel of the coalition were killed and injured.

“We affirm today to the forces of aggression that the long hand of the Yemeni armed forces will chase them wherever they are and that our targets list is expanding day by day,” the spokesman said.

The Houthis didn’t provide any information on the type of the missile used in the attack. The Yemeni group usually uses the Badir-1P precision-guided artillery rocket or the Badir-F tactical ballistic missile.

This was the second such attack on Najran in the last 12 hours. Earlier, several suicide drones launched by the Houthis targeted the military section of the province’s airport knocking it out of service.

The Saudi-led coalition has not released any statement on the recent attacks, so far. This usually means that they were relatively successful.

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Ashok Varma

Saudis are finding out the cost of quagmire in Yemen. MBS would have been executed in any normal state for conducting such a genocide and still losing. Not a very good look for his western backers too.


He is a framed “Puppet” victim of his backers becoming “has been”


The World Is Dedollarizing

By Peter Koenig

Global Research, July 19, 2019

Region: USA

Theme: Global Economy

What if tomorrow nobody but the United States would use the US-dollar? Every country, or society would use their own currency for internal and international trade, their own economy-based, non-fiat currency. It could be traditional currencies or new government controlled crypto-currencies, but a country’s own sovereign money. No longer the US-dollar. No longer the dollar’s foster child, the Euro. No longer international monetary transactions controlled by US banks and – by the US-dollar controlled international transfer system, SWIFT, the system that allows and facilitates US financial and economic sanctions of all kinds – confiscation of foreign funds, stopping trades between countries, blackmailing ‘unwilling’ nations into submission. What would happen? – Well, the short answer is that we would certainly be a step close to world peace, away from US (financial) hegemony, towards nation states’ sovereignty, towards a world geopolitical structure of more equality.

We are not there yet. But graffities are all over the walls signaling that we are moving quite rapidly in that direction. And Trump knows it and his handlers know it – which is why the onslaught of financial crime – sanctions – trade wars – foreign assets and reserves confiscations, or outright theft – all in the name of “Make America Great Again”, is accelerating exponentially and with impunity. What is surprising is that the Anglo-Saxon hegemons do not seem to understand that all the threats, sanctions, trade barriers, are provoking the contrary to what should contribute to American Greatness. Economic sanctions, in whatever form, are effective only as long as the world uses the US dollar for trading and as reserve currency.

klove and light

bravo bravo bravo death to america curse on the jews death to israel

Sorna Karbaschi

It is good to strike at Saudi regime forces, but as long as you are not striking at main sources of Saudi’s petro Dollars, this war will go on! by concentrating your strike on Saudi’s Petro Dollars re-sources, it will hurt this outdated criminal regime and BS sultan the must and will accelerate it’s down fall.

El Mashi

The war mongers and their minions are laughing to the bank.

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