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Houthis Strike Saudi-led Coalition Ammo Depots In Central Yemen With Missiles & Drones

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Houthis Strike Saudi-led Coalition Ammo Depots In Central Yemen With Missiles & Drones

Illustrative image, source: the Houthis media wing

The Yemeni Air Force and Missiles Force [both loyal to the Houthis] announced on April 5 that they had struck several ammo depots of the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies in the central Yemeni province of Sanaa.

“The joint operation targeted ammo depots of the aggressor’s mercenaries south of Fardat Nihm and achieved accurate hits … Massive explosions erupted,” a military source told the al-Masirah TV.

Experts believe that the Yemeni Air Force and Missile Forces used some of their advanced weapons in the attack, like the Badir-1P precision guided artillery rocket and the Qasef-1K suicide unnamed aerial vehicle (UAV).

The Saudi-led coalition has not commented on the Houthis’ claims so far. This usually means that the attack has been successful. The coalition ignores such attacks in an attempt to cover his loses.

Earlier this week, the Saudi-led coalition launched a large-scale operation to capture the Houthis’ positions in Nihm. However, the operation failed. Today’s attack by the Yemeni Air Force and Missiles Force appears to be a response to coalition’s failed operation.

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Concrete Mike

Well done brave houthis!

The tides are turning in your favor, dont stop now!!

Zionism = EVIL

Yemen has over 52% Shia population or more since there has been no census since devious British colonialists fled in 1967. The Ansarollah recruitment pool is huge, over 20 million angry young men, who all hate the Saudis, so this had to end in their favor. Now they have access to billions of captured Saudi weapons as well as growing domestic arms production. The Yemeni military was pretty well stocked with Soviet era weapons and have become masters of adaption and improvisation. The Saudi cowardly scum simply ran out of mercenaries.

You can call me Al

Yemenis are divided into two principal Islamic religious groups: 80% Sunni and 15% Shia. The denominations are as follows: 80% primarily of the Shafi’i and other orders of Sunni Islam. 15% of the Zaidi order of Shia Islam, 2% of the Ja’fari and Western Ismaili orders of Shia Islam.


Jim Prendergast

Very well done! Victory!

Zionism = EVIL

The Ansarollah are now dominating the field and their strikes and strategy is much more cohesive. The Saudi cowardly scum have simply lost and need to wrap up MBS idiots disaster before Saudis implode. The Ansarollah now have access to better weapons and training as well as recent combined arms operations have shown. The Saudis are running out of mercenaries and the causalities among the Wahhabi Bedouins are increasing causing resentment at home. Most poor Saudi neighborhoods now have secret death notices coming from Yemen.

Rodney Loder

The Libyan situation is endemic of the world wide political crescendo developing in the next few weeks.

Hafta returned to Libya is 2011 much the same as the architect of the Rwandan Genocide Paul Kagame did in October 1990 after leaving Fort Leavenworth, Kagame was trained and rehearsed to steer the Evangelical plots to rebuild the old Tutsi Monarchy, overthrown by the Hutu in the 1960’s, in Libya it was the King Idris running Libya before Muammar Gadaffi that has to be revisited.

Now the mainly Evangelical Trump supporters want to use General Hafta as King Idris’s replacement, just as they made Kagame the replacement for the Tutsi Monarchy.

Syria is not immediately in the firing line, any escalations, especially major battles will come from the SAA and their Allies, Idlib is a smart attack at an opportune time as the real battles to gain political credibility for Trump’s World Strategy will take place in Libya and possibly Venezuela.

If Hatter can pull it off, the UAE and Sisi’s Egypt will take over from the Kurds as the darlings of the Yanks in the ME, which will also play out for Trump as a psychological victory in Venezuela while strengthening Trump’s overtures to the EU and British to support a war with Iran that Trump supposes will not involve Russia and China.

All this will also include Trump holding China’s feet to the fire while the Chinese recognize US dominance now and for ever.

Kira Binkley

Things getting a little touchy around the world, aren’t they? Do you think Trumbo has any ability whatsoever to cling to his promises?

Rodney Loder

Trumbo could suprise everyone, mainly its Macron that represents his point of view, there is a division in the IMF two Globalist strategies the same as it was when Dominique Strauss-Kahn assaulted the maid in 2011, of course DSK was being mind controlled by the Freemason Telepathic Operatives using the Holy Ghost which is my intellectual property, but if the Whole World wants it, “it” becomes, poor maid, and the swine DSK said she loved it.

Trumbo is also being mind controlled, when the IMF reach a unanimous conclusion mainly to do with what’s possible, and whats not, they will give Trumbo a second term or put him out to pasture same as DSK.

I think Trumbo will be clinging to the grass shoots as promised by fertilizer, and we all know how and where Trumbo gets his fertilizer from it was in the Steel dossier, disgusting.

Thanks for your reply.

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