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Houthis Strike Gathering Of Saudi Forces In Northwestern Yemen With Precision-Guided Rocket

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Houthis Strike Gathering Of Saudi Forces In Northwestern Yemen With Precision-Guided Rocket

Illustrative image, source: the Houthis media wing

On March 6, the Yemeni Missiles Force [loyal to the Houthis] launched a Badir-1P precision-guided rocket at a gathering of Saudi-backed forces in the desert of Midi in northwestern Yemen.

The Badir-1P, which was revealed on October 27, is an INS\GPS guided version of the Badir-1 solid fuel artillery rocket. Experts believe that the Badir-1 family is derived from the Iranian-made Fajir-5 rocket.

Saudi-backed media did not comment on the Yemeni missiles Force’s claims. This usually means that the attack was successful.

The March 6 strike was the second rocket attack by the Houthis since the beginning of this month. On March 3, a Badir-1P rocket was launched at a position of the Saudi-led coalition also in the Midi desert. Back then, the coalition’s air defense force failed to intercept the missile.

The Midi desert is located in a strategic area along Yemen’s border with the Saudi province of Jizan. Since the outbreak of the war in 2015, the Saudi-led coalition has been trying to impose control of the desert. However, the Houthis and their allies are successfully holding onto their remaining positions there.

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Xoli Xoli

Retreat no more forward ever. This is when you stage a USA failed regime change.It always result in total failure.long live Yemen.


Iran at work.


Eventually this will have to get to a point that the occupiers can’t take more of this, the casualties and demoralization has to be massive

Pave Way IV

The Saudis and UAE almost entirely rely on mercs inside Yemen to augment the south Yemen Hadi loyalists. They phone in their orders from an air conditioned office hundreds of miles away and get streaming drone video of the progress – or more often, live video of their mercs’ defeat. If they don’t have a US drone handy, then they wait for exaggerated reports of victory from their low-ranking field commanders or the (south) Yemenis. I don’t even think Hadi is in Yemen – he’s in a luxury hotel in Riyadh. This has been kind of a remote invasion/occupation so far, except in the far east near Oman (route of new Saudi pipeline). They got a few actual Saudi/UAE troops there.

Mercs can get demoralized and suffer casualties, but you can always replace them. The Colombians showed up first with the UAE and got their ass kicked by the Houthis. The Saudis used Sudanese Janjaweed for cannon fodder with the predictable Houthi ass-kicking. Tomorrow, it will be someone else’s turn to take casualties and get demoralized (and get stiffed on pay by the Saudis).

opet ja

“Sandal Guys” are great; hold for several years already against super equipped armies. I think S. Arabia can’t find the way to leave Yemen without becoming stupid and pusssy. And this war is supported by west since both S. Arabia and UAE give shiiit loads of money to military industrial complex.

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