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Houthis Strike Riyadh With Missiles And Drones. Saudi Coalition Retreats In Yemen

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Late on September 10, the Saudi capital of Riyadh came under a missile and drone attack from the Ansar Allah movement (more widely known as the Houthis).

The Yemeni missile and air forces, loyal to the Houthi government, announced that they struck a “high-value target” in Riyadh with a Zulfiqar ballistic missile and three Samad-3 suicide drones.

“The attacks are a response to the enemy’s permanent escalation and its continuing blockade against our country,” Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari, a spokesman for the Armed Forces of the Houthi government, said in a statement promising more attacks on Saudi Arabia if the Kingdom “continues its aggression and siege” on Yemen.

The Houthis revealed the Samad-3 combat drone, which also can be used as a loitering munition, in 2019. At that time, they claimed that it has a range of up to 1,500km. As to the Zulfiqar ballistic missile, it is one of a variety of ballistic and even cruise missiles widely employed by the Houthis against Saudi-affiliated targets.

Commenting on the September 10 attack, a spokesperson for the Saudi-led coalition said that Houthi forces launched the missiles and drones at civilian targets in Saudi Arabia, without giving more details.

Every Houthi strike on a target inside Saudi Arabia is a painful blow to the Kingdom. Even without the almost lost war in Yemen, Saudi Arabia has been passing through an economic and political crisis. So, it prefers to deny any damage or casualties as a result of such attacks, simultaneously censoring and silencing reports in social media.

Earlier this week, the Houthis already conducted a series of drone strikes on Abha International Airport in the southwestern Saudi region of Asir. Strikes were delivered on the target for a three days in a row and caused material damage to the installation even according to Saudi reports. The coalition also claimed that it downed at least 2 Houthi drones.

Meanwhile, in Yemen itself, Saudi proxies continue retreating under the pressure of the Houthis and their allies in the province of Marib. Recently, Houthi forces cut off the highway between the provincial capital and an important stronghold of Saudi-backed forces, the Maas base. The expected fall of the Maas base will mark the collapse of the defense of Saudi forces in this part of the province.

For a long time, the conflict in Yemen has been a swamp for pro-Saudi forces and the Kingdom-led coalition, which even de-facto collapsed under the pressure of various obstacles and internal contradictions. So, the Saudis have been suffering from the consequences of their own actions.

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It’s time for Russia to help and break the blockade with some food and medicine.

Davide Herzog

Why Russian Fed…?


Because they can and it’s needed. It’s a noble cause, like Syria.

Jim Allen

Because you think Russia is fighting Syria’s War for it. That’s not what Russia signed on for. “Military Assistance” is what was requested, and what Russia accecpted. There’s also this little matter the conflict has spread worldwide, which is the actual scale of all this shit in the first place. Never forget SAA, with it’s allies have defeated the US Coalition once, but as usual US Government escalated. On a world scale, and now supports the use of nuclear weapons openly. While trying to provoke war, and to get Russia to overextend itself money wise, militarily. Russia has no debt, refuses to borrow money to finance war, and isn’t stupid enough to stretch it’s forces thin, and at the end of long lines of communications. Russia’s economy has taken a hit, but it is still growing, it’s spending some reserves, but it’s able to replace, and grow it’s reserves. The rest of the world isn’t in such good shape economically, and some are destroying their own countries from the inside. Advancing the Globalist One World Government agenda, and it’s practicing genocide under its UN Agenda 21/2030 Sustainability Development Guidelines Agenda. The 90% de-population of the world. We’ve been told this is happening all along, no one will believe this is real, when it’s happening as we look on, silently. Legislation passed, preparations made, borders closed, walls built, industry moved out, economic crashes, weather weaponized, crops destroyed, drought, virus released, civilians bombed, more. Wake the Hell up pork chop, this is bigger than Middle East.


I didn’t say Russia should oppenly involve in the Yemen war. They could break the blockade with a ship or two and nobody would dare to say much. They should bring medicines and food and set an example for others to follow. Maybe China or Iran next. Looks like Iran sending ships to Venezuela despite Trump treatening to stop at any price, there is no support from NATO for more wars. Iran means balls. Russia and China have tinny dicks for being afraid to lose trade with the West.

Jim Allen

Neither are “afraid.” Only a fool would be live that, and apparently you’ve never seen Putin address US Government, or it’s masters. Or, noticed the actions Russia has taken against the Zionist Khazar criminal Banking Cabal that owns most of the world, and is directing the wars going on worldwide. Because they’re not military action. They’re far more effective than that.


How come from 100 billionaires in Moscow there is not a single ethnic Russian?


Ansar Allah will win this war all by themselves, remember that!

S Melanson

You have deviated from the official approved script – 30 shekel deduction. Insert Iranian backed and you will be restored to good standing. Remember if asked why no Iranian equipment has been seen in the hands of the Houthis, tell them that is because the weapons are invisible.

Seriously, yes, you are right. Two years ago I made the call the Houthis would win but it has taken longer than I anticipated. The period of quiet until now seems odd to me, must be some unknowns at play… any guesses?

Traiano Welcome

“Seriously, yes, you are right. Two years ago I made the call the Houthis would win but it has taken longer than I anticipated”

Poorly funded resistance movements never win wars on a short schedule.

All resistance movements depend on using Time as a weapon.

To use the Afghan resistance analogy:

“You have the watches but we have the time,”


I didn’t know that quote and I love it! thanks for sharing




It’s almost won, Russia would make a great figure to be first to send help there, by help I mean medicine and food. I’m sure nobody would dare to try to stop them.


Geopolitics is not figure skating with triple axel moves to impress global public but boring job of real – politics, secrecy and betrayal.


Italy aid was a nice figure.


Foreign aids ( if important ) are usually with some strings attached or with economic or geopolitical objectives. Russia doesn’t plan to have military base in Yemen.


I don’t think Iran has military base in Venezuela either.


Iran is not after naval base since they practically don’t have “blue water” navy. But they might be interested in exploiting gold or some other minerals they might need and which Venezuela has.


The blockade is justified to prevent more weapons coming to the Houthis, we do the same In Gaza and it’s working great. The only problem is their tunnels, but Egypt is taking care of that too on their side of the border. Bottom line is the Houthis can not win the KSA, only make it bleed but it won’t change the outcome. The only political solution is for the Houthis to accept Hadi as the president of Yemen and leave the Capital.

S Melanson

Weapons is not the problem, it is the blockade of humanitarian aid that is the problem. The Coalition can board and search vessels for weapons if need be but then let the aid get through. Those that say aid is getting through, then why is Yemen ranked currently as the most serious humanitarian crisis In the world?


I agree, aid should be provided to the population as we do the same through our crossings into Gaza. But every ship must be checked thoroughly at the port of Aden before reaching the Houthis areas.


The Saudi’s and US are purposely trying to starve Yemen into submission. Same thing with Iran, Venezuela, Cuba etc. Recently Venezuelan forces captured American sponsored saboteurs that were trying to blow up oil refineries that were recently built with help from Iran. Politics is one thing but not allowing medicine and food into any region is a heinous war crime and against international law.

PJ London

The Israeli’s do not believe in allowing aid, not even medicines to dying children. You are talking to scum and wasting your electrons in sending such messages.

El Mashi

The anti Muslim forces in Israel have thirty-five military bases in Israel. The pro Islam forces have 30,000 missiles that can reach them. You do the math. Large armies are not necessary only large quantities of missiles. Shalom.


I hope you can understand me. El mashi ya habibi. tufakir kul al sarawikh tukhifana? nahnu naeish wa namut fi al balduna. yamliku fakher, salam.


Well, I don’t think Houthis agree with you :)


It’s mutual :)


I know, buth if the war follows the path of Afghanistan and Iraq, unlike USA, KSA might face serious consequences.


The US is declining and is being badly humiliated in the region. They’ve under siege from Iranian backed forced in Iraq and therefore being forced to withdraw. They’re trying to save face while slowly withdrawing but educated people know what’s really going on. In Afghanistan after 20 years the rag tag taliban control half the country.

The global Zionist master plan to surround, conquer and destroy Iran has failed. In the long run the resistance axis is winning. In Yemen, Saudi’s have lost whether they will admit it or not and their economy is about to crumble with another oil glut on the way.

alejandro casalegno

GayZion……..”The Houthis can not win the KSA”???………they are winning now, MBS make the promisse to take Sanaa in two weeks……….FIVE YEARS AGO!!!!

Traiano Welcome

The only reason why the Houthi have not yet wiped out the House of Saud is because in Islamic world they are still considered the ‘guardians’ of the Kaabaa and Mecca.

The Ansar Allah are fully capable of ending Saudi Arabia tomorrow if it came to that, but they are forced to balance a thousand years of history and protocol with their actions.

Islam itself holds them back from being as ruthless as they could be. Some should pray the Houthi never turn to atheism …


It’s just because Saudi’s have their airforce. Without it they would have been over run a long time ago by the Houthi warriors.


The US is threatening to sanction any nation that sells vital medicine to Iran, Yemen, Venezuela, Cuba and many more. The US and its allies are the most inhumane and vile creatures currently inhabiting the planet. I’m so glad that China is about to surpass the US as the worlds largest economy and leading nation. The US is in the gutter with Corona Virus and mass fires. Israel also had to lock down recently because of surging Corona cases. Karma is deal believe it or not.

El Mashi

After the liberation of Syria when all occupiers are defeated.


Putin govno,….Israeli puppet

Servet Köseoğlu


PJ London

Thank you, I needed that. Now please show the video of the bomber over Tel Aviv.

Servet Köseoğlu

Tel aviv hard to bomb,its full of riddles.. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3f46f3db4d929a14a1a294bab23d627503f2855a0f7f88eb17b4c10f7aa51ce2.gif

Servet Köseoğlu

yep.. extreme saturation can over-whelm iron-dome..

Traiano Welcome

Bottle rockets from Gaza can be used to occupy iron dome while Grad, Katyusha and others flood in from Lebanon:


Servet Köseoğlu

2 years ago Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades penetrated idf air-defence with qassam rockets https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/para/hamas-qassam.htm

Traiano Welcome

Indeed. I am sure there are so many ways to skin the air-defense cat.

For example, these floating incendiary balloons are enough to confuse at a low cost:


And these weed delivery drones the jews use to drug their people:


Flood all in before a major attack and Tel Aviv is toast.

Servet Köseoğlu

israel is unlucky in terms of land-mass which makes them vulnerable to heavy assault..floating incendiary balloons only give harm to agricultural areas any optical surveilance system,radar like polis helicopters using give signal to ıron-dome from the link and thats all but it will help to keep pressure on İsrael..

Traiano Welcome

“israel is unlucky in terms of land-mass which makes them vulnerable to heavy assault.”

Indeed. And this is what Hezbollah, Syria, Iran and Ansar Allah should take advantage of in an all out attack.

“floating incendiary balloons only give harm to agricultural areas any optical surveilance system,radar like polis helicopters”

The idea here is to create a multi-layered network of attacks and lots of electronic noise to confuse and tie up human resources, for example:

– Incendiary balloons and drones can be fitted with either signal jammers or electronic profile spoofing devices to spoof almost anything. – Others can be fitted with actual incendiaries

– In cooperation with these, dummy targets on the ground in Syria, Lebanon and Gaza can be inflated to generate radar spoofing attacks to drain resources via missile strikes.

So a combined effort can be made to saturate the ground and air space with electronic noise in order to provide an environment in which air defense cannot operate in the tiny land space israel has.

This can be done … but it must be done as part of a final terminating attack.

Servet Köseoğlu

israel is working on mini-drones to counter ballons which mounted with nano-360 degree ew applications(ı read it from an open source if ı find i’ll give the link) but Hezbollah, Syria, Iran and Ansar Allah should consider massive air-assaults,howitzer barage fires which brings devastating results.

Traiano Welcome

By the way, I LOVE these:


“As part of Gripen’s E/F Electronic Warfare capability, Saab now reveals the development of a new decoy missile system, the Lightweight Air-launched Decoy Missile. The decoy missile and the new Electronic Attack Jammer Pod, which Saab started flight testing in 2019, will ensure that Finnish pilots will be protected from enemy radars and missiles. The new decoy missile will be a highly capable stand-in jammer for the most demanding missions. It will act as a force multiplier as it reduces the number of missiles and aircraft required to complete a mission. The decoy missile can jam or create false targets for acquisition, tracking, fire control and airborne radars.”

Servet Köseoğlu

too bad sweden is applying sanctions To Turkey because of pkk issue.

Traiano Welcome

Turkey can manufacture it’s own ? It looks like a reasonably simple system to put together …

Servet Köseoğlu

we can,ı just remember saab gripen with meteors.. cheap solution..


This is what is “known” about Hezbollah’s missile capability. Iran now has advanced hypersonic missiles with honeycomb shaped radar absorbing materials implanted in the airframe. Nothing can stop it. It’s impossible at the moment. In any case over saturation can overwhelm any system.


over saturation can overwhelm any system. It’s simply a numbers game.


Don’t beg for a war that you will pay costly for it Ali, your mullahs know better.


2006 was not good for Israel and this time Hezbollah is much more powerful. The zionist conspiracy to destroy Syria has backfired because now there are thousands of well trained and experienced Hezbollah fighters. Israel won’t do better this time. Hezbollah has over 100,000 missiles aimed at Tel Aviv and Haifa.


Iron Dome cannot stop advanced ballistic missiles, just little projectiles from Palestinian peasants that melt cans for the metal of their katusha rockets. It even fails to stop them sometimes. Iran now has hypersonic missiles that can’t be stopped by any air defense system. Also Iran has just started adding radar absorbing honeycomb materials to their most advanced missiles. Iran now has stealthy hypersonic missiles.


Can not wait the moment when Saudi kingdom will collapse


What all the rest of Muslim dictatorships?

Traiano Welcome

When the House of Saud crumbles all it’s little monsters will crumble. Kill the head and the body will die.

Ray " Uncle Sam"

No the zionists are taking over inside Saudi thats why they plan the normalisation agreements! The zionists! plan in advance!


Secret playground for adults where you can meet different people – https://cutt.ly/afUHyFz


What about the House of Hussein, Hassan, Sisi, Al Zaid, Khumeni, Thani, Al Sabah, etc? Are they democratic and great?

Traiano Welcome

Firstly, before we address the fate of those houses, tell me what “democratic” and “great” have to do with it? Against which countries are you measuring as the bar for “great” and “democratic” ?


The simple reason why all 300M Arabs combined cross 23 countries only account for 4% of global GDP is because of lack of liberty. There were the same houses for 1400 years of Muslim rule with the same non democratic principles. Muslims hate liberty and love dictatorship so they have nothing to complain about. Over 1400 years of rule it went from son to son unless another son came and chopped the head off the current dictator. Nothing has changed and that’s only way to change the current dictator.


What about them? It will be domino effect. All US-Zionist supported regimes will fall. And Zionist project will collapse completely.


They are all losers.

How many out of 57 Muslims countries are working on China Virus vacancies? ZERO

How many out of the ONE Jewish country is working on vacancies? ONE


“How many out of the ONE Jewish country is working on vacancies? ONE”

I congratulate you on this sentence !! I couldn’t possibly make sentence that sounds so absurd and so stupid in the same time, (even if I tried) !


It’s called sarcasm to highlight how useless all Muslim counties are and wasting time talking about one (KSA) being bad when all of them are bad.

There is only one Jewish state in the whole world while all 57 Muslim countries wanted it eliminated, yet that ONE Jewish state with 8M people is working on a vaccine while 1.4B people across 57 Muslim counties are not.

Traiano Welcome

Your entire post is bullshit. Every line of it.

– You state that no other muslim country is working on a vaccine. This pure bullshit, which seems to be your normal mode. I can randomly point to Iran without even looking at another:


And another one, UAE:


A third example unmasks you as the liar you are:


– You state that all muslim countries are “useless” but this is factually incorrect and can be debunked by a five year old with simple facts. In this sense, you’re either a liar, ignorant, or both a liar and ignorant. Even the information I’ve thus far provided is enough to invalidate the rubbish you have spewed.

– You put forward a logical fallacy that it is a waste of time to talk about KSA for some attribute “bad” if others possess that attribute. You conflate a lot of ill-defined fuzzy notions and build a conclusion out of it. This is the mark of a bullshitter.

The rest of your post is not even worth my time. It will just involve providing free education to “special needs” idiots.


Iran used Russia’s vaccine research. Iran is making a claim and can’t be verified by health organizations. Iran and Russia have to hack western companies to steal their knowledge.

UAE is using a Chinese company to do trials and not creating a vaccine using UAE citizens by using their brain to invent one.

Malaysia is 25% Chinese and has a lot of other ethnic minorities like Indians who contribute to society.

I am mostly referring to Muslims in the Arab world which number 300M as mostly being useless. The combined total GDP of all 23 Arab counties is 4% of world GDP. The other Muslims as minorities in India, US, Europe, etc individual can be smart and very useful to society when given the same equal rights and freedoms as the rest of their non Muslim citizens.

Muslims as majorities in Eastern Europe and East Asia countries are heavily influenced by the other ethnic groups and are more multi cultural.

China virus vaccine was just an example. The vast majority of inventions and scientific innovation is discovered in democracies by free thinkers. That’s just a reality and you need to accept.


Iran began conducted it’s own vaccine research since the Corona Virus hit Iran before really surging in the EU and the west. Right now the US is threatening to sanction any country that sells medicine to Iran so the Iranians have no choice. Necessity in the mother on invention. The US is the most inhumane and vile nation in existence today.


How many vaccines has Iran produced in last 100 years and how many other diseases has it cured?

How many countries are not allowing full inspection any time and anywhere of their nuclear facilities that have not already tested nuclear weapons?


Are you all there in the head or what ?

The US has 7000 nuclear warheads. The US has been at war 92% of the time since 1776. Founded by slave owners. How many nations has the US bombed, destroyed, ruined in the last 50 years alone ? According to a recent global poll the US is the biggest threat to global peace and stability.

Iran has not attacked any nation for 300 years. The US / zionist outlook on Iran is sheer hypocrisy, which is why you were badly humiliated at the UN. Only the Dominican Republic voted in your favor. Your own allies have had enough of your nonsense even.

2000+ years ago the Persians went around freeing slaves, including the Jews and countless other oppressed peoples. Back then they were freeing slaves. Your nation was founded by inhumane slave owners. Think about it.


So the answer is ZERO.

6000 year history with ZERO vaccine invented that has helped humanity. Not really a good record. I wonder why.


You’re not very well educated are you ?

Iranians invented Alcohol, Algebra, human rights, the guitar, the postal service and Sulphiric Acid just to name a few.

Some of the worlds best poetry is written in Persian. They’ve made countless contributions in various important fields.

Go read about the physician and astronomer Aveccina. He qualified and passed the exam to become a physician at age 18. He later who wrote an encyclopedia on medicine which basically led to the creation of modern medicine today.

At one point half of the worlds population lived under the Persian banner. However most of the Persian libraries and history was burned by the conquering Greeks, Arabs and then Mongols out of spite and envy. God only knows how much they really achieved.

Iran is just starting human trials with their own Covid-19 vaccine. They just began distributing their own variant of Remdesivir since the US is threatening to sanction anyone who even sells Iran medicine.

The most inhumane and barbaric nation on earth. the US. What a disgrace.

Iran is a top producer of nano technology, ranked 4 in the world and exports to something like 50 countries.


Actually, very well educated.

The Arabs tell me they discovered Alcohol and Algebra. I think we need to have a fight to see who wins.

I am very well aware of early discoveries of Arabs, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, etc. These were are the early civilizations that are part of human evolution from Adam and Eve starting in that part of the world and expanding East and west. However, these discoveries were by themselves not really sufficient to improve the human condition until the Industrial Age that occurred in Western world. The inventions that occurred in democratic and capitalist societies like the steam engine, combustion engine, trains, airplanes, cars, telephone, electricity, medicines, discovery of fossile fuels, etc are exponentially more significant to the modern age. Without democracies and liberty, these inventions would have taken much longer or even ever invented if we are still in the dictatorships of the old world.


Stop talking nonsense about your silly liberty. How did Nazi’s invent so much advanced technology ? with liberty or with National Socialism which was 100 years ahead of its time ?

The Arabs discovered Alcohol and Albegra ? I don’t think so they were Persian scholars and scientists. Those are known facts.

Arabs can try to claim them as their own but educated people know the truth. Even the Arabs and Greeks who invaded mostly kept the Persian style of governance and bureaucracy largely in check because it was so advanced and efficient for its time.

Even today, Iran, under the harshest sanctions known to man builds 1 million cars a year and is a world leader in nano tech. It’s pretty obviously which civilization is more industrious. The Persians.

All the latest technology and modern medicine is USELESS when corporate greed are allowed to run a rye. Unbridled, unregulated greed in the US has created a system where the minority live in luxury while the vast majority live without healthcare and rot away in America’s countless ghettos. Some US cities don’t even have access to clean drinking water. Is that liberty ?

Looking back on history the middle east was actually light years ahead of Europe. The far east they were somewhat ignorant with their isolationist policies. However if not for the Mongol invasions the east would still be the prevailing power today. It’s just like how the US was untouched in WW2 and all the weapons factories were converted for civilian use which led to a flourishing society. But that was then.

In any case this century belongs to the east not the west. The power is slowly but surely shifting. China will lead the world to a new era of development and global human rights standards.

Not human rights for mentally ill who change genders every hour. Human rights and real LIBERTY. The liberty of being able to have access to healthcare, education, food, clean drinking water etc. That is the real human right, the real liberty.

Being able to choose puppet leaders, figureheads who represent the 1% bankers is a guise, a futile exercise like a popularity contest in a high school/

The real progress and success of any civilization cannot be judged by how high their towers are or how many luxuries they can produce in excess, but rather how the average person lives, whether the average person has access to all the vital necessities of life including health care and in my opinion also how they treat their most vulnerable people.


Iran is about to start human trials of their own domestically produced Covid-19 vaccine. Israel is nothing without US funding. It’s an apartheid, neo colonialist entity.


Iran has 60 M and unlimited oil and gas but you don’t have liberty.

Without liberty, you don’t a free mind to think and freedom to invent and own your invention and make a company to become a billionaire.

Maybe one day you will see the light. That’s the secret sauce. Don’t tell anyone.


The US doesn’t have liberty. It was built on the backs of slaves, the genocide of natives, the theft of Mexican land. The slave trade continues today. It’s called the privatized US jail system where blacks are forced to work for $2 a day.

Your country doesn’t even have universal healthcare, which every industrialized nation does. Insulin costs 10x more in US than in Canada. Profits before humanity is the American way. Always has been. However oppressed minorities are rebelling. Cops in the US are no longer safe. The statues of your slave owning founders are being torn down.

Choosing between Trump and Hillary is no liberty. Choosing your gender everyday is no liberty. Bombing and starving smaller nations and preventing them from accessing medicine is not liberty. Get your facts straight kid.


Ok, like I said, don’t tell anyone about the secret sauce. Keep buying our newest inventions and keep benefiting from our innovation that we share with the world.

Keep talking about the .001% useless gender, gay, etc stuff that has zero impact on our $20T industrial economy or our richest companies and richest people in the world that own the financial markets and latest technologies.


Like I said the US was built on the backs of black slaves and the US privatized jail system today is basically an extension of slavery.

The true indication of a civilizations or societies greatness is not the height of their towers or the accumulation of their wealth but how they treat their most vulnerable. The US gets a failing grade in that department.

The only industrialized nation with no universal healthcare. Insulin costs 10x more than in neighboring Canada ? Why ? So the 1% can benefit of course. Capitalism is a beautiful thing but unregulated capitalism will inevitably lead to cycle of excessive greed, exploitation, collapse and ruin.

Without slavery, theft and exploitation America is nothing. China is about to surpass you and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Vic Pittman

Good for them !


Doesn’t your heart break for those poor innocent starving ill-equipped Saudis and their desperate struggle for freedom against the savage Houthi hordes and their rich hegemonist allies.

Ivan Freely

About time they stepped up their game. Constant attacks on the Capitol will eventually force the House of Saud to collapse.

El Mashi

The collapse and panic of the Saudi tyranny gives Israel a stronger hand. The Anglo/Zionist greatest prize is the having the vassalage of Mecca and the occupation of Jerusalem. This is the vindication of the Crusades. Islam has yet to recover.


I am no fan of Saudis but they are not any worse than rest of Arab wold.


The Sauds have western support. So they can bomb wedding and funeral groups of civilians with great precision. :/

Traiano Welcome

They are measureably worse than the ‘rest of the arab world’.

chris chuba

They are attacking Yemen with aerial bombing and a ruthless naval blockade. Unlike Israel’s gratuitous bombing of Syria, Yemen’s missile / drone strikes are justifiable right to self-defense and response to the KSA’s numerous acts of war.


There is war in Syria, Somalia, Libya, etc,

There was war in Iraq, Sudan, Lebanon, Algeria, etc

This is just happens to be today in 2020.

There civil unrest in most of these countries and many others.

Yemen is dictatorship KSA is dictatorship Iran is dictatorship

They are all losers and trying to justify which dictatorship is better is foolish.

Traiano Welcome

Next target Tel Aviv!

Icarus Tanović

Next target Dubai.

Traiano Welcome

“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root”

Dubai is but a branch.


Goodluck with that.


Saudi Arabia shall disappear from the face of earth


Go Houthis, go. , I always root for the little guy.

And Saudi Arabia is an Arab version of 1930s Germany.

cechas vodobenikov

now UAE, Bahrain SA (covertly) have diplomatic relations w Israel….this is desperation SA is plagued by a sexually repressed population, increasing economic difficulties—their alliance w the anglo empire is fragile…they display their incompetence repeatedly in Yemen

Rodney Loder

Wahhabi was not a follower of ibn.Taymiyyah or Ahmad b.Hanbal so that creates a divide in the Salafist School that is largely ignored because of the perverse way KSA uses their wealth which has corrupted some of the followers of Salafist Islam.

Fortunately I am the Prophet predicted by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuH) to be the last word of Allah (swt) to His (swt) creation.

I’ve been keeping a bit quiet lately and concentrating my efforts to get Donald Trump re-elected, don’t want to upset the apple cart, support me Terry Loder on Quora that is my real name, on Quora I underpin Theology with logical reasoning.

Biden pretends to be opposed to KSA’s war against Yemen, but that’s a lie KSA has lost anyway, and Biden will syphon China, Turkey and Russia away from supporting Palestine.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x