Houthis Storm Two Saudi Army Checkpoints In Najran Province (Videos)

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On March 22, Houthi fighters stormed a military post of the Saudi Army in the al-Halq area in the southern Saudi province of Najran, the Houthis media wing reported. During the attack, Houthi fighters killed several Saudi Army soldiers and captured another. A Canadian-made LAV III light armored vehicle (LAV) and a 4×4 pickup of the Saudi Army were also destroyed by the Houthis.

Before withdrawing from the al-Halq military post, the Houthis captured several light weapons and burned down the entire post.

One day earlier, the Houthis attacked a military post of the Saudi Army in the Marash area in Najran, according to the Yemeni al-Masirah TV. Saudi Army soldiers quickly withdrew from the post following the Houthis attack, leaving behind most of their weapons and ammunition.

Warplanes and attack helicopters of the Saudi-led coalition failed to repel the two attacks in Najran, although Houthi fighters were not equipped with any air defense systems.

Since the beginning of March, the Houthis have stepped up their cross-border attacks against the Saudi Army, mainly in the provinces of Najran and Jizan.

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Awesome! Kick them Saudi asses!


For every TINY victory the Iranian backed Houthis score, the wahhabi horrors of Saudi Arabia, with Putin’s complete backing, slaughter hundreds of innocent Humans in Yemen, and bring absolute misery to hundreds of thousands more.

Who voted to BLOCK weapons supplies to the Houthis at the UNSC? Putin, that’s who. Who helps supply the wahhabi horrors of KSA with world war class military equipment? Putin, that’s who.

Why does Putin love Saudi Arabia, even after that nation promised to butcher Russia forces in Syria a couple of years back? Cos the wahhabis are the blood brother of the zionists, and Putin lives to serve Israel.

PS – true story. A famous female french doctor wrote her biography in the 1950s describing how she helped pick out the 13-year-old rape slaves for the princes of Saudi Arabia. Rape slaves remained legal and widely used by the elite of Saudi Arabia until 1962. After 1962 the rape slaves of leading Saudis were simply moved into more ‘private’ locations, and massive harems of rape slaves continued to be common-place there thru to the 1980s.

Today, fewer Sauds keep ‘harems’ full of rape slaves- but many older ‘elite’ Saudis still do. The tradition continues with the mass abuse and rape of domestic workers across Saudi Arabia- yet look at the number of rape convictions in Saudi Arabia today (if you have an electron microscope handy). To support Saudi Arabia to any degree is to declare yourself inHuman and totally evil. Putin supports Saudi Arabia vastly more than he supports Syria or Iran.


Russia’s relations with Saudi have to do with oil. Russia can’t alienate Saudi completely, it requires Saudi cooperation on adjusting oil supplies internationally. Russia recently vetoed a UN resolution condemning Iran supplying missiles to Yemen.


It’s just anti-Putin trolling – every single post from ‘Starlight’ is exactly the same – absurd distortions that attempt to smear Putin as somehow responsible for every problem in the world – don’t bother with it.


I have blocked Starlight as his trolling is very amateur and frankly rather boring :)


It´s Russia who is suppling all this aircraft and bombs to the salafist Regime? That´s new for me. In which world are you living – Wolly World?


‘Starlight’ is presumably paid to make daily, logic and fact defying, anti-Putin posts on this site.


Total Fake News! We see F 16-15s We see M1A1 Abrahams! We dont see T 90 or SU 30s. So please stay away from drugs and spread your lies somewere else!

Some Truth for you from your President, he shows what uncle Sam gave to this terrorists in Power in Saudi Arabia!


Steve Bell

Holding up pics, something Trump learnt from his master in Tel Aviv.


You never tire of posting B’s and figments of your imagination


These guys carry cameras everywhere as if they think the propaganda campaign is more important than the actual fighting.

Jim Prendergast

It is.


It is fairly important, of course. More important then actual fighting? I don’t know where you got that from.


Several people keep filming after the shooting starts in order for this edited film to be possible. I was in the army, staying alive requires movement, cover, concealment, and quickly killing all adversaries. And fumbling between a camera and a rifle is not something a soldier wants to do.


The cameraman was far behind the other fighters …so quiet safe


2 people with a camera will not make them lose any battles lol. Visually documenting a war isn’t something that the Houthies invented, it’s a common thing in post-Vietnam War wars. Get’s more common with cameras getting better and more available. The people filming this aren’t taking the camera on their own initiative, they are probably military press, tasked to do what they do.


Lets ask ourselves why Arabs in general feel the need to document every time they actually fight, especially when this war burns steadily on with little progress because of an absence of unified command or coordination at any level on both sides.

Jim Prendergast

Go Houthis


Well done again brave invincible flipflops armored warriors!

Ali Ammar Rizvi

Good job yemen houthi leader Allah hufaz kr ameen

Shuja Pasha

Flip flops > Fat Saudi, sexually impotent deviant Saudi swines.


Air power useless against bare footed fighters . They burn the vehicles .

So US air power is useless in Syria

Nigel Maund

Without all the US support and expensive US and UK kit the KSA would get its backside kicked very heard in Yemen and on their own border. The KSA is in deep trouble if the Houthi’s get MANPAD’s and TOW missiles as they will be destroyed like the British and American’s in Afghanistan.


they attack in broad daylight from a flat terrain without the least of cover……..did the Saudis think they were there on vacations?did anyone inform them that there is a war going on?

Amine Mansouri

video is fake



Amine Mansouri

hahahaha the first video is fake. the captured LAV was used to make a second fake video


At least one of the LAVs Canada sold the Saudis “for police duty”, looks like it bought the biscuit in Yemen.

Another one may have escaped back to the station. Unless somebody finds a use for those garbage dumps, they’ll still be decorating Yemeni hillsides when the Prophet comes back.

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