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Houthis Storm New Positions And Destroy Abrams Battle Tank In Southern Saudi Arabia (Video)

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On October 13, the Houthis imposed control of al-Qanbur and NBC mountains in the southern Saudi province of Jizan following heavy clashes with the Saudi military, according to the Yemeni al-Masirah TV.

A video of the clashes, released by the Houthis’ media wing, shows fighters of the Yemeni group capturing and then burning an M1A2 Abrams main battle tank of the Saudi military in the al-Qanbur mount. Furthermore, the Houthis destroyed five pickups armed with machine guns during the clashes in the NBC mount.

The Houthis launched their attack in Jizan two day ago and captured several positions of the Saudi military east of the al-Dud mount. A day Later, Houthi fighters attacked al-Ruqa’ border post and several other military positions around it.

The attack in Jizan is likely an attempt by the Houthis to distract the Saudi-led coalition, which is planning to launch a new large-scale offensive on the Yemeni coastal city of al-Hudaydah.

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northerntruthseeker .

Go Houthis!!!! Beat those Saudi scum suckers….

Icarus Tanović

I love this!

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

me too :)))

S Melanson

This is not an attack to distract the Coalition. This is the beginning of something much more important. I made the call in early June the Houthis would defeat the Coalition and soon after that I predicted the Houthis would take the war into Saudi Arabia. But still I underestimated the Houthi’s as I did not think taking Jizan was in the cards. But this seems to be the Houthi plan and they are succeeding.

Hats off to the Houthis, truly remarkable. Follow developments closely here folks as The fate of MbS hangs in the balance. The growing threat the Houthis pose to the strategically important province of Jizan is alone enough to put the Crown Prince’s hold on power in jeopardy, imagine if the province falls – MbS could not possibly survive such a catastrophe.

And for MbS, catastrophe is exactly what the Houthis have in mind.

Lazy Gamer

a regular army is being defeated on its turf by irregulars. Those high priced weapons still have to pay for themselves. I imagine this will be another point of negotiation/leverage


That’s not a regular army, they are all mercenaries


Exactly, they are Craft International and others, the best of the worst.

S Melanson

Lol, best of the worst. That is one way of putting it. I do believe the clashes in Jizan do involve Saudi regulars which seem to be not much different to the mercenaries as they wither and flee as well.

I posted some time ago that I suspect the Saudi army leaders would fight half heartedly as they dislike MbS for his arresting members of Royal family that were liked, as well as firing generals in February to only later prove he is far more incompetent. The army knows failure with Yemen weakens MbS and opens up possibility for coup so if they fight like the mercs are (as in not), well the war will continue badly for MbS. He is in quite the predicament.


Proof please.

Even if they are ‘mercenaries’ it is only because the perfumed Saudi nationals are gutless.


You answered yourself. But to be more clear, even the regulars have mercenary mentality, they will run. That’s all.

Richard M

M1A2 Abrams. Unit cost $9 Million US. A rich Wahhabi sheikh could have a hell of a weekend in Dubai with enough fresh powder to fluff the butts of a half dozen Bacha Bazi Boys for that price!

S Melanson

That does not sound very Islamic! Oh, I forgot, sodomizing infidels is ok. And of course no alcohol will be consumed in accordance with religious doctrine. So alcohol will be absorbed instead by enema. Now Is the Tanquaray 10 Gin enemas administered before or after the butts are powdered?


I once knew an ex RAF pilot who after getting out flew the rich and famous around.
He once piloted Led Zeppelin on tour, but also a lot of Arab Sheiks, and it seems blonde European girls were always in plentiful supply on the plane.

S Melanson

Lol. I am sure the blondes are there to test their faith and ability to resist temptation. I am sure they resisted for all of two seconds – as they say, resistance is futile.


Before I would think as the ‘powder’ would make more mess if mixed with a liquid. :)

Although , not being an expert on enemas myself, I would defer to the experience of ‘Occupy Bacon ).

Shiro Fukuroi

Beat Kabsa


Yeah, the fog of war, dont forget, this is an crash of two distictly different war aproatches and how to conduct them, in the overall war theater, one is designed to conquer, take citys because of its much bigger mechanical force, witch is whats been done, and like in Afganistan, they hold this forts/citys and dont have much else, and is dependent upon long lines of goods and surport.

In an sense, the Houtis have it much easier, they can by large ignore the larger citys/forts, where the invasion force is stuck, the moment they go outside they are free game.
So all in all, the Saudis started, like the equally rotten scums from Egypt, an war that is basically impossible to winn, Yemen is becoming an grave yard of evil empires, they will never ever take Yemen, even an decade into the future they will never be able to take Yemen, I cant imagine why, but as long Uncle Scam holds its presence, in the regions of where the Oil fields are, of course this was is about 2 thing manily, oil and geographic location in the region, that means as long the UssA is alive, and trumpstein is running the asylum, there will be wars.
And just observe how silent it is, where is that Portugees spit liker whom runs the corrupt UN, humanitarian club where the Saudi-barbarians have the lead, yeah, its so insanly hypocritical is unparalleled.

Saudi-barbarians are loosing, of course the UssA/ISISrael hangarounds akak ISIS will still be the main exuse, but to what extent, when they never the less will not be able to take the land.
And its always intresting to see the hypocrasy, yeah, and everybody blames Iran.

If I could, I would help them as far its physically possible, because there is only one that have the legitimazy, and thats the will of the Yemen people.
Never doubt that, to me, its the essense.
And the Trumptards, the dumbest creeps on this planet, still thinks Trumpstein is an man of honor, He is not, just another pathetic ISISraeli whore.
The Houtis have my hart and soul with them.



Well said.

The long range ATGM’s have greatly re-invigorated light infantry warfare.

Bravo to the Houthis.

John Whitehot

meanwhile in the US, an unspecified number (up to 22) F-22 fighters have been disabled at Tyndall AFB by hurricane Michael.

33 fighters were able to take off and find shelter at another base, this is a revealing fact, which would mean that the airbase is only able to keep around 60% of its F-22s operational.



Pity they couldn’t use the tank against the Saudis.

S Melanson

The Houthis were probably feeling sorry for the Coalition and so just blew it up instead. Besides, foot sandals are proving much more capable and lethal then the main battle tanks faced by Houthis. Against deadly sandals, the Abrams and LeClerc battle tanks don’t stand a chance.

this is not even panning out the way saudistan imagined it to be. this is not a contest to say the least, it’s a rout! well set up ambush and guerilla warfare at it’s finest. the destruction of the highly acclaimed Abrams tanks by the houthis is terrible PR for the americans. shame on the worthless Saudis, they are crumbling from all directions. big ups to the houthis, give ’em hell! you guys are my heroes!

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

yo dont mess with the houthis man, they will fuck ur day up!! lmao

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