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JUNE 2021

Houthis Storm Another Border Post Of Saudi Army (Video)

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On March 11, Houthi fighters conducted a hit and run attack against a border post of the Saudi Army in the N’ashau area in the Saudi province of Jizan bordring Yemen, according to the pro-Houthi al-Masirah TV. The TV channel said that the Houthis had killed over two Saudi Army soldiers and had injured many others. Moreover, the border post was burned down.

Meanwhile, the Houthis media wing reported that Houthi snipers had killed four other soldiers of the Saudi Army in different areas of Jizan. Houthis fighters also targeted several fortifications of the Saudi Army in the al-Khubah border post in Jizan with a B-10 recoilless rifle, according to the movement’s media.

Thw new wave of attacks in Jizan province came a day after the Houthis had managed to storm a border post of the Saudi Army in the al-Dabiea area of Najran province.

So far, the Saudi-led coalition has failed to secure the Yemeni-Saudi border in the southern part of the provinces of Jizan and Najran, although it has conducted dozens of attacks against the Houthis’ position along the border since 2015.

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Nigel Maund

Well, the KSA started this ill advised war and now they’re reaping the bitter harvest but killing and injuring tens of thousands of Yemeni’s in the process. The US and UK supply the KSA aggressors with all the kit to take part in this genocide and, therefore, have the blood of tens of thousands of ordinary Yemeni people on their grubby and morally corrupt hands. It’s an immense tragedy that was so avoidable. One can only imagine how the Yemeni’s now hate the KSA, USA and UK, let alone what they feel about Israel which is unprintable. These feelings will take centuries to be assaged if they ever will.

Shuja Pasha

Yemen will survive, it always has. But UAE and KSA alongwith US and UK will be annihilated…..tyrannical states never remain. History is my guide.

Zainab Ali

God will always bless the oppressed – yemeni houthis will be victorious

leon mc pilibin

Zionism is evil beyond a shadow of doubt,they are satanic warmongering,genocidal cowardly maniacs,who get the goyim to kill each other while they profit from the carnage.

Grëmol la Münkä

The Saudis are employing the Columbian and Sudanese militaries (‘mercenaries’). The Columbian units have extensive experience fighting and beating FARC. Moreover, if the Pakistani military gets involved on the ground, they will bring their anti-Taliban fighting experience. The Houthis will probably fail in that case.

Dont bet on the Houthis. The majority or casualties on the KSA are either Saudi or Sudanese, which comes as no surprise. But the Columbians are doing very well. And, as Ive said before, Pakistani boots on the ground will be a decisive addition to the KSA coalition. And we all know that Pakistan always w****s itself out to the arab money

alejandro casalegno

Gremol. The mercenaries come from Colombia, they are “Colombian” not “Columbian”

Grëmol la Münkä

What an insightful comment. Thank you for sharing your political knowledge with us all. The breadth and scope of your knowledge is truly immeasurable. I honestly dont think that my comment could have been properly understood without your crucial input. Thank you so very much. Thank you

alejandro casalegno

Gremol. Take easy….your commentary is good, i only show one little mistake, i am from South America……

Steve Bell

Not sure if Pakistani boots on the ground will be any better than Colombian ones, or if their tanks and warplanes will be any better than those already there. So far Pakistan has refused to get involved despite the urgings of the House of Saud.

Grëmol la Münkä

Pakistan’s most effective efforts would be in counter-insurgency or guerrilla tactics since they have loads of experience training and then fighting the taliban.

So far Pakistan has said no…kind of. Pakistani pilots are already flying saudi aircraft allegedly. But it is not certain if pakistan will put boots on the ground.

An important distinction to remember is that while nato boots on the ground means occupation, pakistani boots on the ground means counter-guerilla warfare. The same can be said of iran, hezbollah and to an extent russia (a small small small extent). That is why pakistani Iranian or hezbollah soldiers are deadly adversaries. They dont need tanks in the same way that americans or nato does

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