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Houthis Start Withdrawal From Al-Hudaydah Port Under UN-Sponsored Deal (Photos)

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Houthi forces have started to redeploy from the port of al-Hudaydah in western Yemen under the UN-sponsored agreement, which was reached in Sweden earlier this month, Mohamad Abd al-Salam, head of the Houthis delegation to the Yemen peace talks, announced on December 29.

Abd al-Salam said that the strategic port was handed over to the Yemeni Coast Guards under the supervision of the U.N. advance monitoring team. The team, which is led by retired Dutch General Patrick Cammaert, arrived in Yemen last week to observe the execution of the agreement.

“The advanced steps that have been accomplished prove the political leadership’s keenness to achieve security and stability and to support the peace process,” the al-Masirah TV quoted Abd al-Salam as saying.

A U.N. source confirmed to the Reuters news agency that Houthi forces had started to redeploy. Furthermore, the agency’s camera operator saw the U.N. team led by Cammaert witnessing the fighters’ withdrawal.

However, a senior official in the Saudi-backed Yemeni government denied that the Houthis have redeployed their forces from the port of al-Hudaydah and said that the group didn’t discuss the redeployment process with them beforehand.

“The statements of the Houthi militias on the redeployment in the port of al-Hudaydah is a clear attempt to cross the content of the Stockholm agreement on al-Hudaydah, these violations, which are leading to the failure of the agreement, can’t be accepted,” the unnamed official said, according to the al-Arabiya TV.

Under the UN-sponsored agreement, both sides most ceasefire in the provinces of al-Hudaydah and Tazi. The Houthis are also required to relocate their forces. The lack of trust between both sides is apparently hindering the implementation of both terms and jeopardizing the entire Yemeni peace process.


Houthis Start Withdrawal From Al-Hudaydah Port Under UN-Sponsored Deal (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

Houthis Start Withdrawal From Al-Hudaydah Port Under UN-Sponsored Deal (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

Houthis Start Withdrawal From Al-Hudaydah Port Under UN-Sponsored Deal (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

Houthis Start Withdrawal From Al-Hudaydah Port Under UN-Sponsored Deal (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

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Bigaess Wangmane

I think the Houthis are making a huge mistake placing their trust in the UN to broker any kind of deal, especially one led by the same dutch that sold out the Syrians in the Golan many times over. The Saudis & UAE will now definitely commandeer the port and the yemeni coast guard cannot stop them.

Zionism = EVIL

Yes, I have my doubts too, but time will tell. The Saudi scum are treacherous and the Emirati pimps even worse, but the Ansarollah are not naive and perhaps the pitfalls. The agreed because the people of Yemen were being starved to death by Americunt scums blockade.

Hussein Hijazi

Don’t worry bro. The houthis can recapture alhudaydah in less than an hour.

Jens Holm

Who else will touch people like them even wearing thick gloves and airprotection.

they have been killing each other since before I was born, and I am not new. Weapons as ususal solve nothing. Good ones just make the killings faster.

Your muslim old susyems are sick.You are runned by military based on old structures. Most others are based on civile rule,where the civiles are commander of military forces.

As long as You – well supported by Your “father” religion do that, You are like feudal peasents and sheep. I see no difference having in old sheik in stead of similars. Its outdated cars for all living there as well as the rest of the world.

Some even prefare support from Iran even more ancient as comedians of Shiit Islam.


wrote about this retreat yesterday.There is only 1 possible explanation……holding onto hudaydah is to costly for them….meaning that the relentless airstrikes, and fresh mercenaries are having a toll on the houthis.
After lossing the port city, this war is over…sadly to write…the jews get what they wanted….maybe not ALL objectives right now, but sooner or later, without hudaydah, the houthi movement will get crushed in the coming weeks and months………….

as i have written so many times….dont ever ever trust them satanic evil jews.period.What u get is deceit and backstabbing.

Jens Holm

And again the usual excuse: jews are there: No, they are not. Some and too many arabic swine are there and somebody else, but no jews.

Both of You might stop amtutation of Your penises. Have You tryed that. Others dont see You are muslims unless You take Your trousers down. And with them, we dont see it at all.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Can anyone explain to me if the Houthi Forces are leaving the port of AL-HUDAYDAH or handing it over to another branch of the Houthis/pro-Houthi government?

I would not be suprised if the Saudi coalition will find a reason to reattack as soon as the port i weakened, since the port was one of the Houthi strongpoints/key positions

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