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Houthis Showcase New Missiles, Drones & Other Weapons At Military Exhibition (Videos)

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Houthis Showcase New Missiles, Drones & Other Weapons At Military Exhibition (Videos)

Click to see full-size image. Source: the Houthis media wing

You can read this article in German. LINK

On March 11, the Houthis (Ansar Allah) showcased locally-made weapon systems, including missiles and drones, in a military exhibition attended by senior Yemeni officials.

Mahdi al-Mashat, President of the Supreme Political Council, inaugurated the exhibition, which was named the “Martyr Leader” after Hussein Badreddin al-Houthi, the elderly brother of current Ansar Allah leader Abdul-Malik. Hussein was killed by Yemeni security forces in 2004.

In the exhibition, the Houthis showcased some of their older weapons and a number of new systems which were not seen before.

“These achievements, on a strategic level, are considered a striking hand to deter the ongoing aggression against the Yemeni people,” al-Mashat said while touring the exhibition.

The exhibition was divided to the following wings:

  • The Missile Force Wing in which the Houthis showcased some of their largest ballistic missiles, like the Burkan-H2 and Zulfiqar, as well as the precision-guided Badir-1F artillery rocket. Two new precision-guided missiles, “Saeer” and “Qasim-2,” were also presented for the first time along with the “Quds-2” cruise missile.

  • The Drone Force Wing which included a number of never-seen-before unmanned systems, like the “Wa’id” suicide drone, the “Samad-4” and “Rujum” armed drone, the “Shehab” and “Khatif” loitering munitions and the “Mirsad” reconnaissance drone.

  • The Naval Mines Wing in which the Houthis showcased, for the first time, a series of new anti-ship mines dubbed “Karrar-1,” “Karrar-2,” “Karrar-3,” “Asif-2,” “Asif-3,” “Asif-4,” “Shawaz,” “Thaqib,” “Awais,” “Mujahid,” and “Nazat”.

  • The Snipers Wing which included a series of locally-made sniper rifles, some of which can fire high-caliber anti-material rounds.

  • The Anti-Armor Wing in which locally-made RPG-7 anti-armor rocket-propelled grenades were presented.

  • The Artillery Wing which included three mortar cannons of different calibers which were made locally in Yemen along with their rounds.

Furthermore, the Houthis released test footage of the Samad-3 drone, which was used in many recent attacks on Saudi Arabia and the new Rujum armed drone.

The new weapon systems displayed at the Martyr Leader Military Exhibition are a testimony of the Houthis’ growing offensive capabilities.


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johnny rotten

In isisrahell the Maalox has become nowhere to be found, sold out.

Assad must stay

the what?

johnny rotten

One of the most widely used anti-acid drugs in the world, it is used to treat stomach pain that is almost always caused by anxiety and depression.

Assad must stay

oh right, i take tums lol

Supreme Blyat

Phew.. I thought there is an anti acid-drug. God forbid!


I hope I can go there after the war and visit exhibitions like this, apart from the many yemeni wonders


Would love to make an ‘Axis of Resistance’ tour, also ‘Cradle of Civilization’ from Lebanon to Iran, maybe adding Jordan aswell. Oh man does it sound pretty :)

Supreme Blyat

How about you go now and give them some help


but first the jews in palestine must be on their way to their next diaspora.


I believe the bigger menace for this trip to happen is the BS Covid pantomime

Rodney Loder

Gadaffi, Assad and Houthi, 3 names that changed the history of humanity, I think their success was dictated by the Paradigm Prophecies made at the beginning of each and every successive Universal Creation, Allah (swt) reveals stuff in stages (Sura Bees).

Allah (swt) reveals stuff when He (swt) finds out about it, otherwise He’d (swt) get bored to death.

Amazing discovery by Houthis.



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