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Houthis Shot Down Second US-Made ScanEagle Drone Over Ma’rib In Less Than Week

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Houthis Shot Down Second US-Made ScanEagle Drone Over Ma’rib In Less Than Week

AL ASAD, Iraq–ScanEagle UAV sits on the catapult prior to launch. 16 April 2005, By Gunnery Sergeant Shannon Arledge of the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing.

On November 13, the Houthis shot down another US-made Boeing Insitu ScanEagle drone over the central Yemeni province of Ma’rib.

In a statement, Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari, a spokesman for the Yemeni group, said that the drone was shot down with a “suitable weapon” over the district of al-Jubah.

This was the second ScanEagle drone to be shot down by the Houthis’ air defenses over Ma’rib in less than a week, and the sixth this year.

  • On June 20, the first drone was shot down over Sirwah district;
  • On June 21, the second drone was shot down over Sirwah district;
  • On August 14, the third drone was shot down over Medghal district;
  • On September 27, the fourth drone was shot down over Medghal district;
  • On November 9, the fifth drone was shot down over al-Jubah district;

The drone was most likely of the ScanEagle 2 variant that entered service with the US military in 2014. This copy has a top speed of 148 km and an endurance of more than 16 hours. The ScanEagle 2 is mainly used for reconnaissance missions. It is equipped with a day and night capable sensor, a fully digital video system and an advanced navigation system.

The US may have been using ScanEagle drones to spy on the Houthis’ ongoing offensive against the Saudi-led coalition. Another possibility is that these drones were delivered to Saudi Arabia earlier this year as a part of an unannounced contract.

It’s worth noting that the Biden administration claimed that it ended “offensive” support for the coalition earlier this year.


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jens holm

Drones more and more are produced in stacks and very cheep. Nice done Houtis, but You can expect more and better ones.

The end

JensSchlomo, the whole world is also waiting for you to update your English to v-1.0 (in vain). The people will very likely reach Mars before that happens.

Florian Geyer

Bravo to the valiant Houthi saviours of Yemen.


american blood being spilled by ansarullah will change things soon because its blood for blood i still hope yemeni salvation government can get alot of american terrorists as prisoners

Last edited 12 days ago by farbat
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