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Houthis Shoot Down US-Made MQ-1 Drone Over Sanaa (Video)


In the late hours of March 22, the Yemeni Air Defense Force, which is loyal to the Houthis, shot down an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) over the Yemeni capital of Sanaa.

“The air defense targeted an advance UAV with a suitable weapon over the area of Hamdan in Sanaa, directly hitting it and immediately shooting it down in the suburbs of the capital,” a military source told the al-Masirah TV.

The source added that the UAV was a US-made MQ-1 Predator and claimed that it was carrying out a reconnaissance sortie over the Yemeni capital. A video of the UAV’s wreckage was released by the Houthis’ media wing.

The MQ-1, which was first introduced by General Atomics in 1995, has a range of 1,200 km and an endurance of 24 hours. The domestic variants of the UAV can be armed with two AGM-114 Hellfire or up to six AGM-176 Griffin guided missiles for combat missions.

The CIA is known for operating an advanced variant of the MQ-1 over Yemen. However, the UAE military also possess and operates an unarmed variant of the UAV known as Predator XP.

While the identity of the UAV’s operator is still unclear, there is no doubt that shooting it down is a major achievement for the Houthis and their allies.

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    Woops, one less predator flying over N Yemen. :)))

  • Wraith

    Lol, the Houthis have launched literally over 1,000 surface to air SAM missiles (radar/IR guided) and have only managed to down one jet and a few UAV’s. That’s literally less than 0.03% SAM effectiveness haha

    • ruca

      Go find somewhere else to shit.

      • Wraith

        go start a hedge fund at the age of 17

        • Bob

          That response is next level lame.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

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      • Wraith

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        • Promitheas Apollonious

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          • Wraith

            yeah let’s see you start up a hedge fund

          • Concrete Mike

            Why do you look down upon us? You upset the “deplorables” are talking back to you?

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            You and similar thinkers(lack therof) are swollen with hate and greed. And the best rebuttal you got is calling me bob the builder….real mature.

          • Wraith

            just don’t start crying when tomahawks start raining down on the syrian army

          • Vas

            Tomahawk? You mean that ancient missile that no one afraids anymore and you can probably shoot it down with just a shotgun? That tomahawk you mean?

          • Wraith

            lol so ancient that Syria’s most advanced BUK-M2 SAM had a hard time intercepting last April 2018? They were shooting aimlessly into the sky, self destructing because they couldn’t lock onto the stealthy tomahawks :D All tomahawks hit their targets in both 2017 and 2018. Facts*

          • Vas

            lol Don’t get your information from CNN, the tomahawk was a big failure in both of these attacks and majority of them were shot down.
            And who told you that Buk-M2 had a hard time? No one, you just imagine it.

            Syria has few Buk-M2 systems and can cover only a small part but whenever the Buk-M2 were stationed it did an amazing job, the vast majority of tomahawks that managed to pass the defences were only on those parts that older systems like S-200 were there, which are not design to intercept cruise missiles.
            Thats a fact.

          • Wraith

            lol, there is video footage of BUK-m2 shooting aimlessly into the sky, self destructing, missing their targets. And also from IDF strikes last January, there is video of S-125 and BUK-M2 missiles losing lock shortly after launch and self destructing, in other words ELECTRONIC WARFARE BABY :)

          • Vas

            There is not such vid, dont pull BS out of your ass, show it otherwise I can claim as well whetever I want.

          • Concrete Mike

            Here is a fact.

            Your a fucking paid liar.
            All missiles hit….so you just suckle state dept tit all day?

            75 tomahawks apparently hit barzeh….yet the buildings were still somewhat standign…75 mr hedgefund.

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          • Wraith

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          • Concrete Mike

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          • Concrete Mike

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          • Wraith

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          • Concrete Mike

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          • You can call me Al
          • You can call me Al

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    • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

      Do you have any sources that back up your numbers/statement?

      • Vas

        Yeah of course he has, wait a min to pull them out of his ass.

        • Concrete Mike

          Or his nose

    • Allan Greedspoon

      Excellent maths Abdullah . .

      • Wraith

        ok, so 1-2 saudi planes shot down. Maybe 50-100 UAVs shot down since 2015. At least 1000 Houthi SAMs fired. That’s easily a 5-10% hit rate if not less than that

        • LSNS = IQ 25

          you kill people for pleasure and wonder, why nobody likes you.

        • Bob

          So basically your prior comment was completely made up – ergo, you struggle to manage competent research or basic arithmetic. Enough said.

    • You can call me Al

      Those Sams as you call them are all home made and cost about $10. Even at 0.03% effective,they are still better than the US supplied shyte.