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Houthis Shell Southern Saudi Airport With Artillery Rocket

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Houthis Shell Southern Saudi Airport With Artillery Rocket

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On April 18, the Yemeni Missiles Forces [loyal to the Houthis] announced that it had shelled the regional airport of the Saudi southern province of Jizan with a Badir-1 artillery rocket.

The Badir-1, which was first revealed on March 22, is a locally-made copy of the Iranian-made solid fuel artillery rocket, Fajir-3. The Yemeni Missiles Forces claim that Badir-1 is very accurate and its speed is up to 4,5 Mach.

The Saudi-led coalition has not commented on the Yemeni Missiles Forces’ attack on the Jizan province airport yet. According to observers, this could mean that the Yemeni rocket hit its target successfully.

A day earlier, the Yemeni Missiles Forces targeted a power station in the province of Najran, west of Jizan province, with a similar rocket. However, the missile was intercepted by the Royal Saudi Air Defense Forces (RSADF), according to Saudi sources.

Colonel Turki al-Maliki, a spokesman for the Saudi-led coalition, revealed during a press conference on April 17 that the Houthis had  targeted Saudi Arabia with 119 “ballistic missile” so far. This increase in rocket and missile attacks on Saudi Arabia hints that the Houthis are now receiving much larger support from Iran than in the early years of the war.

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Dr. Ronald Cutburth

Great to see news of Iran’s growing proxy war against the Jew king of Saudi Arabia.


The saudis are getting their asses kicked lmao. Can’t make this shit up.

Richard M

Saudi Barbaria whines like snot nosed brat when Houthis allegedly receive help. They sure don’t mind sponsoring, arming, funding and training Qaida, Daesh and Jayshtards in other countries though. Have a nice cool glass of camelwhiz on ice, Barbaritards!


>>This increase in rocket and missile attacks on Saudi Arabia hints that the Houthis are now receiving much larger support from Iran than in the early years of the war.<<

Quick, Western leaders, to the OUTRAGE mobile! How dare the Iranians support one side in this war! Proof of Iran's barbarian nefarious intentions. It's not like we support the other side with massive arms and munitions supplies and……, oh, wait……

I can't wait for the Western media to neglect this tiny detail as well.

Billy Brown

good work lads

US-Navy Revert Shia

Great Work lads, We will show these Talmudic AngloZionist who are Occupies Palestine Scumbags who rules the world, ‘The Islamic Republic Of Iran’ Has Nothing to do with weapons flowing into the great country of Yemen, don’t go for the western Media BS https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fd59222a11d75ff9c32be989ea9a557ef530c8e115dc2769ad8f3f5e9b314e3b.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f5fe53532ccb3b1b1a762a96bbf0f9719a11390b8574188f944b427c947273eb.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/804894d7a9d5b0259a0ba932460076c2ae6e7408072012e064fa03dc0d8cb7c0.jpg


Saudi scumbags are being whupped in Yemen and it will get worse.


Good work guys, but maybe you should be aiming for oil infrastructure.

Kell McBanned

Power stations are a good bet, cant see those soft handed Saudis doing to well without constant airconditioning, oil production stops when the power does.

Kell McBanned

Interesting the Saudis have those power stations under a tight missile guard, maybe a volly fired with cluster warheads could put Jizan into “no aircondition & oil production” mode for a month or two. I wonder how they would hold up?

achiles Greeko

Hopefully they(Houti) destroy all saudi-Barbaria oil industry. Saudis are bitches and son of Bitches.


They should launch a whole salvo, not 1 at a time, these are intercepted or miss entirely. When was the last time they inflicted deaths on the saudi mongoloids?

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