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JUNE 2021

Houthis Seize Key Areas in Yemen’s Ma’rib, Shabwah

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Houthis Seize Key Areas in Yemen's Ma’rib, Shabwah

The Houthi-Saleh alliance has seized more areas in the provinces of Ma’rib and Shabwah in Yemen, pushing the forces of the Saudi-backed government from there.

Clashes were reportedly ongoing in the cetnral Yemeni provinces for 3 days. Over 80 fighters were killed from both sides of the conflict.

According to reports, the Hadi hadi government forces have retreated bacause of a lack of the support from Saudi Arabia.

The sides of the Yemeny conflict have been engaged in the UN-backed peace talks in Kuwait since April 21. A shaky ceasefire was in place during the talks. Howver, both the Houthi-Saleh alliance and the Saudi-backed government accused each other of violating the cessation of the hostilities.  Last week, Houthis even stated that if Saudi Arabia does not stop airstrikes, they would withdraw from the negotiations.

Diplomats attending the negotiations said on May 31 that the sides had agreed on the ceasefire on the ground and the creation of a transitional government in Yemen.

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