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MARCH 2021

Houthis Reveal Saudi-led Forces In Yemen Have Links To Al-Qaeda


On September 28th, the Ansar Allah movement (Yemen’s Houthis) revealed that over the last several months they had carried out the Nasr Min Allah military operation in the south of Saudi Arabia.

During the operation, Houthi forces found evidence that members of the al-Fatah brigade, backed by Saudi Arabia, had documents and other items linking it to Al-Qaeda.

Houthis Reveal Saudi-led Forces In Yemen Have Links To Al-Qaeda

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Spokesman for the Houthis Brigadier General Yahya Saree termed the operation as the biggest ever since Saudi Arabia and the UAE began their intervention in Yemen more than 4 years ago.

“More than 200 were killed in dozens of (missile and drone) strikes while trying to escape or surrender,” Saree said, adding that over 2,000 Saudi-backed mercenaries were also taken prisoner.

The spokesman for the Houthis further said that “three Saudi brigades were destroyed during Operation Nasr Min Allah in the Najran region in the south of Saudi Arabia.”

He stressed that “this operation is continuing for several months and during this time our enemies have suffered a lot of casualties.” Saree explained that “during the Nasr Min Allah operation, thousands of them, most of them traitors, were captured, including hundreds of Saudi commanders, soldiers and officers.”

“In this unique operation, hundreds of kilometers have been liberated in Najran region and a number of Saudi soldiers have been taken captive,” Saree said.

Iranian Mehr News spoke to Abdullah Salam al-Hakimi, a senior diplomat at Yemeni foreign ministry and former Yemeni minister of national dialogue, who is allied to the Houthis.

He said that the Nasr Min Allah operation was a massive operation, which had great success and was proof of the growing military capabilities of Yemen in the fight against the Kingdom. Al-Hakimi said that the September 14 attacks on Saudi Arabian oil infrastructure were part of the operation.

He underlined that the success would “have great military, political and security consequences for the enemy so that it can make changes to the Saudi ruling establishment in the coming days.”

In response to a question regarding the recent missile and drone attack on Aramaco’s oil facilities, al-Hakimi said that Saudi aggression didn’t end, tsince “the Americans are the ones who are controlling the aggression behind the scenes and Saudis are a puppet in their hands.”

“Even if the Saudis reach to the conclusion that the continuation of the aggression will lead to their own destruction, they will not be able to end their aggression. Because whoever relies on the United States and its allies to protect himself and his regime has no independence in decision making,” he went on to note.




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