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JUNE 2023

Houthis Reveal New Version Of Their Badr Missile With Range Of 160km (Video)

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On April 16, Yemen’s Houthis have unveiled a new version of their  ‘domestically designed and manufactured’ Badr ballistic missile. A new version is entitled Badr-F.

According to a spokesman for Yemeni Armed Forces (loyal to the Houthis), Brigadier General Yahya Saree, said that the missile has a range of 160km. He said that the missile would explode 20 meters above the center of the designated target and would scatter some 14,000 pieces of shrapnel in a circular area with a radius of 350 meters.

The range of 160km is a 30km increase in the comparison with the Badr-1P, the missile, which the Houthis actively employ against Saudi targets currently.


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Promitheas Apollonious

looks good I wish them the next evolution on their missile to be able reach every where within SA and teach them a lesson they never forget starting by eliminating all isis within their own home land.


Saudis have been mercilessly bombing Yemen for over 3 years and achieved nothing. It is time the Houthis and allied Yemeni military target Saudi economic and oil installations.

Promitheas Apollonious

if they do that they may turn a bigger power they can handle against them as they will effect the oil flow. Maybe this is the reason they are not doing it.

Real Anti-Racist Action

I thought the Saudi goal was to depopulate the people of Yemen. Every 10 years or so Saudi likes to fight a war against them and steal another 10% of their land and depopulate them further. The Saudi goal is to have taken Yemen piece by piece over the next 120 years.


Nice, but these missiles need IA and Glonass system to adjust both altitude and direction to avoid defenses and fly low enough to avoid most stupid Patriot interceptors, and bye bye kid Salman


And cup holders.

Zionism = EVIL

They need to take out the oil infrastructure which is too widespread and exposed and all the world’s “Patriots” can not protect it if they fire multiple missiles at multiple targets simultaneously. Even Hamas with primitive 122 mm grads occasionally beats the Zionist much hyped Iron Dud system.


Patriots have a very poor interception record and had zero success against primitive Iraqi SCUDs in 1991. A US GAO Congressional report was scathing about the cost/benefit of failed patriot systems.

Varuna Almizan

you dont need any gps guidance for hitting stationary targets if you know the ballestic profile of your weapon.. in fact installing active guidance like GPS/glonass make it more susceptable to being caught by missle interceptors and being jammed / thrown off course….. dumb missles can be alot more devistating than ‘smart’ missles, i would not even bother adding any sort of guidance on these things to keep their RF signature as low as possable and keep prices down… just make a whole bunch of unguided long range missles, understand the ballastic arc trajectory point north into saudi territory and let several go at once

Zionism = EVIL

99.9% of Saudi Bedouin cowards deadbeat economy is based on OIL revenues that go back to foreign masters in form of buying inflated priced junk weaponry that has done squat for them. It is time for the Ansarollah to target Saudi oil infrastructure, ports and airports. The Saudis are illiterate morons who have nothing to fall back on if their main source of war funding is destroyed.


Not bad! so its looks like this is more to kill troops than it is to destroy infrastructure!

Concrete Mike

Fire at troop gatherings…to use their own word.

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