Houthis Repelled Large Attack By Saudi Forces Near Najran (Video 18+)

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Houthis Repelled Large Attack By Saudi Forces Near Najran (Video 18+) 5 out of 5 based on 8 ratings. 8 user reviews.

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On July 2, the Houthis repelled an attack by Saudi-backed Yemeni fighters on their positions in the area of Rshaha al-Sharqiyah on the border with the Kingdom’s southern province of Najran.

The Yemeni group’s media wing released a 4-minute video documenting the failed attack. The video shows Houthi fighters targeting the attackers with artillery, heavy machine guns and improvised rocket-assisted munitions, IRAMs. The fighters can be also seen fighting with the attackers at a short range.

Saudi-led coalition warplanes supported the attack by carrying out a series of airstrikes on Houthi positions in Rshaha al-Sharqiyah. Nevertheless, the coalition’s airstrikes were not that effective.

The attackers eventually retreated from Rshaha al-Sharqiyah under the cover of intense Saudi airstrikes. The bodies of several Saudi-backed fighters who were killed during the clashes were left behind.

The attack on Rshaha al-Sharqiyah was another futile attempt by the Saudi-led coalition to push the Houthis away from the Saudi-Yemen border. The Yemeni group has been dominating a large strip of the border line since 2015. From there, Houthi fighters launch cross-border attacks and raids on a regular basis.


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I start to wonder how BSM is still in power, he’s in top of history of military humiliations.

Liberal guy

Me too


Bibulus of Late Roman Rep. reincarnate.

good american

Because of Western influence, shit rises to the top in the Middle East now, too.


But usually when you lose and lose friends forget you. Even your wife some times.

good american

He may have lost a lot of money for Saudi Arabia, but he still has enough to help his looks for women and have friends, besides, he’s the kind that will cut your head off if he doesn’t like you so better laugh at his stupid jokes. I imagine he’s doing the right things for certain interests and paranoid and brutal enough to keep himself alive from his people, at least for now. Isn’t the US is making bank off of him, so would they care if he runs his country into the ground? Perhaps the more danger there is to him the more he’ll need the US to protect him, which has it’s price, of course.
He’s the desperate gambler that throws more and more money into the pile hoping to turn his losing streak around while the House smiles because they’re playing with a stacked deck. He is such a cruel idiot.

Liberal guy

U mean to say a tyrant

good american

You could add that, too, but he is a bigger idiot than he is a tyrant!


Money! The KSA govt maybe losing money for obvious reasons but they are not out of money. Think of the KSA as having a large gaping bloody wound, kept alive only through blood transfusions.

Liberal guy

A top disgrace to military the wahhabis are

Lone Ranger

Good job.

cechas vodobenikov

the Houthis are remarkable—fewer in number and poor equipped they have been embarrassing the SA/ USA mercenaries for several years

Liberal guy

Size of an army doesn’t often guarantee victory and if that army is of the cowards wahhabis ggc fat sheiks then no matter how much the entire world supports along the money these insane cowards will still lose

Liberal guy

Ofcourse the houthis have shown many heroics in battles in these years but they are not Hollywood rambos. The thing is they are facing the most coward’s ever the wahhabis

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