Houthis Repel Saudi-led Coalition Attack On Yemeni-Saudi Border (Video)

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Houthis Repel Saudi-led Coalition Attack On Yemeni-Saudi Border (Video) 5.7142857142857 out of 5 based on 7 ratings. 7 user reviews.


On April 16, the Houthis repelled a large attack by the Saudi-led coalition on their positions in the mountains of al-Dayaq in the Yemeni Albuqa desert, south of the Saudi province of Najran, according to the Houthis media wing.

The source said that Houthi fighters had killed dozens of gunmen loyal to Saudi-backed Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi and had injured many others.

The failed attack was likely a response to an attack by Houthis on a Saudi Army position south of Najran province on April 13. Back then, Houthi fighters destroyed an infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) and two armored vehicles of the Saudi Army.

Since the beginning of April, the Saudi-led coalition has intensified its attempts to secure the Yemeni-Saudi border south of Najran and Jizan provinces. However, the Houthis are still capable of conducting successful cross-border attacks against the Saudi Army in the both provinces.


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  • Drogba

    When the terrorists are cleaned out of Iraq Afghanistan Libya and Syria then Yemen will be the front line against the satanic Saudi zionists. Not forgetting the head of the snake israhell that will fall by itself anyway.

    • Carmen Farmer

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    • occupybacon

      The Houthis will be in Riad by then

  • hamster

    Look at the guy at 2:05. Sleeping in the desert.

  • Hide Behind

    Yemen is already absent from majority of world inhabitants minds, and in those minds outside Yemen it makes no difference who owns it now or in future there is a Yemen.
    HOUTHIs, who are they, but some guerrilla group wearing sandals and lidefectorsving in 14th century.
    EVERY day their numbers and territory shrink, weather it be war or diseases, dead born old age, defsectors they give ground.
    Bravery, and calls of righteousness of cause by religion is pure bullcrap, the goodguys become MARTYRS at home just as the bad guys do at their home. Both equally dead, dead, dead.
    Yemen. But especially Houthi people’s are but what here in states ghost towns with only a survivor or two left, talking and walking with ghost.
    THE survivors now to join those ghost.

    • Joe

      Well they are really brave fighting against unlimited funded countries and so many countries.

      Imagine in Syria they fight like that …

  • Joe

    Get the Houthis to train SAA how to fight ….