Houthis Repel Saudi-led Attack On Strategic Broder Crossing (18+ Video)

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Houthis Repel Saudi-led Attack On Strategic Broder Crossing (18+ Video) 5 out of 5 based on 7 ratings. 7 user reviews.


The Houthis repelled on September 14 a large-scale attack by the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies on their positons in the strategic al-Tuwal border crossing in the northern part of the Yemeni province of Hajjah.

According to the Yemeni group’s media wing, Saudi-backed forces attacked the crossing from three directions. However, Houthi fighters were able to repel the attack after  several hours of heavy clashes.

Several Saudi-backed fighters were killed or injured in the failed attack. The bodies of at least two Saudi-backed fighters that were abandoned by their comrades, can be seen in a video released by the Houthis.

In the last few months, Saudi-led coalition and its proxies suffered from heavy losses as a result of the continues battles on the border with Yemen. Saudi media sources revealed that eight Saudi service members were killed in the region in the last 48 hours only.

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  • FlorianGeyer

    The Houthis exploits and bravery will be talked about for generations.

    Bravo to them all.

    • jm74

      So true. Imagine what the Syrians could have achieved if they put their tribal factions to one side and united to fight against the common enemy the US and coalition. No Yemen citizen leaving and asking for asylum in a foreign country.

      • goingbrokes

        Syrians have liberated most of their lands and their war is in its final stages, Houthis are nowhere near that goal. So to talk about “what the Syrians could have achieved” is a bit off. Syria has taken the brunt of the globalist klepto-capitalists’, masquerading as islamists, attack because they are a rich country with huge potential. Yemen is an afterthought, and is saved from a more massive attack because no one can think how they could make money out of it.
        They are both brave peoples against the globalist entity in different forms. Respect is due to both.

        • jm74

          Syria has Russian, Iranian, Chinese, Hezbollah and a few local tribes. Name those helping the Houthis directly? Where is the mass of refugees leaving Yemen? How many have deserted Syria for the EU?
          Does look like the Houthis fight against insurgents from Saudi and African states deserves more recognition and their weapons do not compare with Syrian, Russian or Iranians.

          • goingbrokes

            Don’t get me wrong, I totally respect the Houthi spirit. They are fighting a sort of insurgency in their own country, and I have no doubt they will take their lands back in the end. I’m just saying that a comparison to Syria is not so good. In terms of war goals they are still much further back than the Syrians are. That doesn’t make them worse or anything, but the operations they are engaged in are quite different, guerilla style operations, rather than breaking down entrenched enclaves.

          • jm74

            I understand your train of logic but what amazes me is that the Houthis stay and fight and make do with the basics where the Syrians pack up and desert to the EU; I am referring to fighting age individuals.

          • goingbrokes

            Part of the pre-planned scenarios for Syria was to inflict extreme violence on the civilian population by heavily armed gangs, and kill, or chase out of the country, as many fighting age young men as possible. Later, in Turkish camps they tried to convert as many as possible against their own government. Remarkably few converted. When it became clear that many would not Erdogan got fed up and released the “refugee” flow to Europe, partly to get rid of them in Turkey, and partly to get them as far from Syria as possible. That’s why Merkel invited them to Germany, to aid in this effort. (Erdogan also blackmailed Europe to pay several billion Euros so there wouldn’t be more flows like that.)
            This hasn’t happened in Yemen partly because it wasn’t in the plan, and partly because most Yemenis carry guns, and they can use them very effectively, so it was much more difficult to bully them and create huge refugee flows. Later on the starvation sanctions aimed for the same, but again not with much effect. Yemenis also have their backs against the sea, flight to Africa is not an attractive prospect.

      • maxii priestt

        couldn’t agree more chief…

  • d’Artagnan

    The Saudis are beyond basic human intelligence, they are stuck in a losing war for over 4 years now, the Yemenis have refused to bow and are now targeting Saudi Arabia itself, any rational nation would have called it quits by now. There is no way on earth that the Saudis can achieve anything in Yemen, but get their own country destroyed in the process as the successful Ansarallah drone strike amply demonstrated.

  • Zionism = EVIL

    The Ansarallh are about to get Yakhont SSM as Hezbollah just released images of their newest toy. Nothing will pass in the Red Sea without Ansarallah permission. The Saudis are truly fucked.