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JUNE 2021

Houthis Repel Pro-Saudi Forces Attack In Yemeni Province Of Al-Jawf

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The Yemeni Defense Ministry in Sanaa announced that the Yemeni Army and Houthi forces repelled a new attack by pro-Saudi forces in the Ham mountain range on July 12.

Houthis Repel Pro-Saudi Forces Attack In Yemeni Province Of Al-Jawf

© AP Photo/ Hani Mohammed

According to the report, the goal of forces loyal to the Mansur Hadi government was to recapture the Anbara and Al-Tabab mountains. However, Houthis managed to kill 17 fighters of Hadi forces, including two commanders, and damaged an armored vehicle. Saudi-led alliance warplanes carried out 6 air strikes to support the failed offensive.

Separately, Yemeni artillery units shelled Hadi forces positions in Al-Makhdara in Marib Province. From its side, Saudi Alliance warplanes carried out three air strikes on Sorouh in Marib, one of which targeted a civilian house. Saudi warplanes also carried out two air strikes on Faj Harad in Hajjah Province.

The UN envoy to Yemen, Ismael Ould Sheikh Ahmed, appealed to the Saudi-led alliance and both sides to support the proposal to resume civilian flights to Yemen, specifically to the capital Sanaa. Ould Sheikh Ahmed al called for more humanitarian aid to Yemen. Yemen has been suffering from economic and health crises basically due to the intervention of the Saudi-led alliance.

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The genocide of Yemen has to stop!


hahahah i love it, keep it up houthis, grind the saudis into dust :)))))


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someone someday somewhere is going to attack these KSA savages.
in their own country. myself, i don’t call KSA a country.
i hope i live to see the day.


KSA is a U.S puppet. Nothing else.

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