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Houthis Repel New Saudi-led Coalition Attack South Of Al-Hudaydah (Videos)


On November 30, heavy clashes broke out south of the city of al-Hudaydah on the western Yemeni coast when units of the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies attempted to advance in the area of Kilo 16.

The Houthis media wing released two videos showing Houthi fighters destroying several armored vehicles of the Saudi-led coalition with anti tank guided missiles (ATGMs) during the clashes. After repelling the attack, the fighters captured several light weapons and ammunition, which had been left behind by coalition troops.

Prior to the Saudi-led coalition attack, the Yemeni Artillery Force and the Air Force [both allies of the Houthis] struck several positions and gatherings of the coalition on the western Yemen coast. The joint attack was reportedly carried out to deter the coalition.

The Saudi-led coalition announced a “humanitarian ceasefire” in  al-Hudaydah on November 14. While the attack on the city was indeed halted, coalition troops continued its attacks on key positions in al-Hudaydah outskirts, like Kilo 16. This forced the Houthis to step up their military operation on the western Yemeni coast once again.

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  • Concrete Mike

    Love the conviction in their chants

    Al.Nasr houthis

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Lanat al Yahood, mout al AmeriKKKa, curse the wretched Jews and Death to AmeriKKKa :) It is a popular slogan in the region now. Victory to the Righteous.

  • S Melanson

    The Coalition performed another resupply mission for the Houthis. Mission report – success

    • Zionism = EVIL

      The Ansarollah are now assembling Kornets and TOWS near Sanaa. They have also captured vast amounts of Saudi scums and Emirati losers artillery and missiles. Al-Masirah has a lot of videos on the extent of Saudi losses in Asir, Saada and Najran where the Yemenis have taken the war into Saudi territory which historically belonged to Yemen anyway, until the devious Brits rearranged the undefined borders in 1930’s to reward the Jew as-Saud parasites. As you can see the Ansarollah can now afford to fire Kornets quite liberally. On the Hodeidah – Aden axis road the Saudis and their Sudanese mercenaries have lost of 2500 dead and over 200 tanks, APC and Toyota pick ups decimated.

      • potcracker2588

        “extent of Saudi losses in Asir, Saada and Najran where the Yemenis have
        taken the war into Saudi territory which historically belonged to Yemen
        anyway, until the devious Brits rearranged the undefined borders in
        1930’s to reward the Jew as-Saud parasites”

        so spot on…but few people know that

      • S Melanson

        good information, thanks.

        there may be a big surprize coming in Najran province in KSA

        • Zionism = EVIL

          The Saudi scumbags also have big problems in Asir with a large Shia population.

          Shia Islam in Saudi Arabia. The al-Saud family run kingdom is supported by the Wahhabi establishment created by the British and has run brutal pograms against the Shia and other non-Wahhabis.
          Most sources estimated the percentage of Shia in Saudi Arabia from 15%% to 20% of approximately 20 million natives of Saudi Arabia. Most of the Shia are in oil rich eastern provinces and suffer extreme brutality at the hands of Saudi occupation forces. The British intentionally annexed parts of Yemen and gave them to the al-Saud pimps to change the demographics of Yemen and also to stop a strong Shia majority in Yemen.

  • Pave Way IV

    The Houthis have repeatedly shown the ability to kick the UAE Yemeni merc army’s ass in Hodeidah, specifically the ‘best’ southern Yemenis the UAE could muster for the effort: ex-al Qaeda now fighting under the Southern Yemeni al Amaliqa / Amalika (Giants’) Brigades. CENTCOM was either in on the recruitment effort, or is willfully choosing to ignore it (just like in Syria) because the rebranded head-choppers are killing someone the U.S. wants dead: anti-Hadi Yemenis, especially the Houthis.

    Last cargo ship arrived in Hodeidah Nov.13th and left a couple of days later. None since then aside from a couple of small oil tankers. This despite 1) Saudis controlling all permits for ships to dock at Hodeidah and 2) Saudi ‘coalition’ declaring Hodeidah ceasefire on the 14th. So either commercial bulk cargo shippers didn’t believe in Saudi Arabia’s BS ceasefire declaration, or Saudi Arabia is secretly blockading the port again (engineered famine) by denying permission for ships to enter and unload.

    • S Melanson

      out of frustration, and desperation, the blockade is now sealing off the port and of course blame it on the Houthis

    • Pave Way IV

      Update 03Dec – port still empty. Nothing since the two oil tankers last week. AIS tracker says a small cargo ship (gross tonnage 18K) was due in yesterday, but is not showing it in port or at anchorage. So, blockade on.

  • potcracker2588

    that was very very important.but it aint over yet…the saudi/british slaves have gone on a wide attack again this week…….western Jemen since yesterday dont look good anymore for the houthis…
    at the Taiz-Kadhah front the fucking pricks managed to overrun houthi defenses and have ,sadly to write, scored a major breakthrough by capturing Rahnaj Mountain which is at the eastern axis of the Kadhah front, thus beiing very very close to encircle the remaining houthis….the pricks used their overwhelming airpower to score this adavance 50+ airstrikes…..

  • potcracker2588

    the fucking skull and bones prick g.w.bush is dead……bad news very bad news for the truth of the JFK assasination…everybody who cares to know, knows with proof(fotos and FBI memos) that G.W.bush was CIA since 1961 and on the day of assasination he was photographed outside of the TSB building 3 minutes after the shots were fired…he was the “control” man for the shooters(2) on the 6th floor of TSB


    • Carne João Pasta

      Heard them speaking about him earlier on emphasizing how he was a one term president. He had serious influence over the CIA (they failed to note he was director for some time.)

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      look again

    • Snowglobe

      The news cycle was hijacked for eight days while they dragged around McCain’s body before they buried him earlier this year.

      With G.W they ought to be dragging him around in the spotlight for at least two weeks being that he was a president and all.

      Imagine all of the things that will not be covered in the news during that time. ;-)

  • potcracker2588

    Rise up!

    like lions after slumber In
    unvanquishable number

    Shake your chains to earth like dew

    Which in your sleep had fallen on you

    Ye are many – and they are few!!