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Houthis Repel New Saudi-led Coalition Attack In Hajjah, Destroy Two US-Made Vehicles (Video)


On April 17, the Houthis repelled a new attack of the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies on their positions in the al-Nar Mount in the northern Yemeni province of Hajjah.

A video released by the Houthis media wing shows coalition troops fleeing the battlefield. Two US-made Oshkosh light combat multi-role vehicles, which were destroyed by Houthi fighters, can be also seen in the video.

The Houthis have destroyed dozens of Oshkosh vehicles since the outbreak of the Yemeni war. Most of these vehicles, which cost more than a quarter million dollars, were destroyed with rocket-propelled grenades, improvised-explosive devices (IEDs) and some were even burned with lighters after being abandoned by coalition forces.

In the last few months, the Saudi-led coalition intensified its attacks in northern Yemen in order to secure the border line. However, it has not made any gains yet, despite enjoying an air cover and modern equipment.

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  • Sukhoi

    such insane effectiveness and progress from a geurilla militia against a large standing military with 100% modern american weapons/vehicles + countless of its arab allies and their armies. Imagine if the Houthis got shiploads of Iglas, Qassam/Fajr rockets, and Metis/Kornets. They’d be at the gates of Riyadh
    North Korea and Iran need to both get down to business and jointly together send huge shiploads of weapons to Houthis escorted by their naval forces