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Houthis Repel New Attacks Of Saudi-led Coalition In Western Yemen And Destroy Several Vehicles (Videos)

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On September 29, the Houthis repelled a limited attack of the Saudi-led coalition and its Yemen proxies on their positions in the vicinity of the area of “Kilo-16” and west of the district center of al-Tuhayat, on the western Yemeni coast, after hours of heavy clashes, according to the al-Masirah TV.

The Yemeni TV channel said that Saudi-led coalition warplanes supported the attack and carried out several airstrikes on the Houthis’ positions. However, the airstrikes were ineffective and Houthi fighters manged to repel the attack after killing many Saudi-backed Yemeni fighters and destroying three vehicles of the coalition.

A day earlier, the Houthis attacked key positions of the Saudi-led coalition south of the al-Hudaydah airport and Kilo-16. The coalition limited operations on September 29 were likely a response to these attacks.

The Saudi-led coalition is currently massing its troops on the western coast of Yemen and preparing to launch another large-scale offensive on al-Hudaydah. Earlier this year, the coalition launched several attacks on the key coastal city, but the Houthis managed to defend their positions.

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Dear South Front: You keep saying “repelled the attack” when it should be clear that these are raids, and you seem to be relying on Houthi sources.

Hisham Saber

Whatever you want to call them, ‘ raids’ , ‘ attacks ‘ , or whatever, the Houthis, whom are threadbare, wearing bedsheets and beach sandals , armed with AK-47’s and RPG’s, and a few ballistic missiles are kicking major ass.
The Saudi’s and UAE have the full backing of the U.S., U.K., France and still bogged down.
The best part is when the Houthis chant :

Death to America !!
Death to Israel !!
Curse on the Jews !!
Victory to Islam !!

Although i’m an American, I love my country, its the government I fear and distrust.


This site is full of people who are really terrible at lying but you, my friend, are the worse…

Gregory Louis

What is a ”raid” to you, this isn’t a raid they’re using medium equipment to push the front lines and take ground that the clearly can’t they even use artillery and airpower and it still doesn’t work. I also said “his site is full of people who are really terrible at lying”, when you point your finger three always point back at my friend.


jew zionist walking talking prick

Harvey Swinestein

I’ve seen this guy’s posts in a few other threads. He’s definitely a ZioNazi apologist.


And by that you mean that I refuse to hurl insults or use jargon….



Instead of just stating he is lying, it would be better if you describe what part of his comment are lies and why. Or are you just happy to see your words in print, whatever they are?


Have written whole essay debunking, there used to be a fake veteran I busted around here, but I know he woukd simply ignore it.


You don’t need to write essays, they don’t get read. Besides, not everyone, incl. me, has read them, so if you just make a statement that someone is lying it does not sound very convincing, to say the least, if you don’t back that up with some factual data. And that evidence does not have to amount to a whole essay.

If you don’t feel like going through a “debunk” again, then what’s the point in calling someone a liar. I for one will ignore that as a comment by someone who cannot express himself/herself.

Lilian Turin

What other sources do you have?
western media Do NOT report on Yemen, due to massive profits for arm sales to Saudis, and do you think the “Saudi coalition” have made any progress in 3 years of war?

This is a tragedy covered by the hypocrisy of the Western world.

Lilian Turin

Nytimes…. LOL… That’s an unbiased source.

Let it go Sir and lets hope this war ends.

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