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Houthis Repel New Attack On Their Positions Near Alb Border Crossing (Videos)

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On May 1, the Houthis repelled a new attack by the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies on their positions south of the Alb crossing on the border with the Kingdom’s southern province of Asir.

The Houthis’ media wing released a 7-minuate video showing Houthi fighters targeting several vehicles and positions of the coalition with artillery. Houthi snipers can be also seen targeting Saudi-backed fighters who were attempting to flee the battlefield.

A second video shows Houthi fighters destroying an armored personnel carrier (APC) of the Saudi-led coalition with an unidentified anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) near the Alb crossing.

In the course of the failed attack, Apache attack helicopters carried out several airstrikes on the Houthis and their allies. However, the airstrikes were not effective.

The Saudi-led coalition has been trying to secure the Alb border crossing for more than 5 years now with no success what so ever. Despite being poorly armed, the Houthis’ deep knowledge of the area’s rough terrain has given them a major advantage over coalition forces.

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Hi there I am totally against wars anywhere in the world
But still I am amazed how a army with low fire power has the capability to defeat an army ho has unlimited finances and nearly unlimited fire power???
Just mind blowing..
I believe that Saudi Arabia soon will sink in his own sheet and nobody will be able to save them,,.. please don’t tell me that America will, because they are useless,
I hope Saudi Arabia will taste the taste of war on theirs land

Jacob "Wraith" Wohl

Incompetent Saudi-led coalition needs a major boost – time to allow the IDF to come in and help them fight the iran backed houthi terrorists. I guarantee if the Saudis allow Israeli AF to goto work against houthis, they’d achieve progress in no time :)

Pave Way IV

I would speculate that Saudi Arabia and UAE both used Israeli and US pilots in previous Yemen bombing raids. The only ‘secret’ is if the aircraft are unmarked IAF/USAF jets or if they actually fly the Saudi and UAE ones.

All air campaigns are useless against the Houthis – US intelligence on them sucks because nobody will rat them out. Mostly because nobody there wants the Saudis and Emirates (or their puppets) running Yemen. The Saudis will be broke after their failed attempt to occupy Yemen. They’re almost broke now. Some Emirates are already broke – any more deserted buildings in Abu Dhabi and that place will officially be a ghost town. Their oil and financial oligarchs are fleeing like rats today.


“Incompetent Saudi-led coalition”
Sometimes the Wohl troll gets something right.
Try spotting the Houthi front line that has few vehicles and is dispersed.
Lots of luck with that idea. or LOL

Harry Smith

What a good idea! Fighting in the mountains is not shooting unarmed underaged boys in Palestine. Yemen has to be the tomb for many Jewish wannabes. To sad Tsahal generals are wise enough.


Yemen would become another graveyard for Merkavas. That would be great!

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