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Houthis Repel Another Saudi Offensive In Dali’, Launch Counter-Attack (Video)

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The Houthis repelled on July 26 an offensive by the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies on their positions in the central Yemeni province of Dali’.

Saudi-backed forces attempted to capture several positions of the Houthis in the in district of Qa’tabah, in the heart of Dali’. However, the Yemeni group’s fighters were able to fend off the attackers following hours of heavy clashes.

After repelling the offensive, the Houthis launched a counter-attack on Saudi positions near Qa’tabah. Houthi fighters killed and injured several Saudi-backed fighters and captured some weapons in the course of the counter-attack.

Last week, Saudi-backed forces carried out a similar attack on the Houthis’ positions in Qa’tabah. However, the attack turned out to be a complete failure.

The Houthis’ ability to carry out offensive and defensive operations simultaneously has allowed them to solidify their presence in central Yemen, despite the repeated attacks by the Saudi-led coalition.

Houthis Repel Another Saudi Offensive In Dali', Launch Counter-Attack (Video)

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Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

Next headline: houthis take over the world lol

Toronto Tonto

Next headline : ragheads are no more .


Well done Yemen. Before 2015 no body had known that Yemen is also a country but then Yemen fought against ten powerful aggressors including America and GB.

The resources with Yemen were limited and everybody was worried that Yemen will either fall or will be wiped out completely but by grace of God Yemen still there. Scientests and techinicians done wonderful job to develop all those weapons that needed for the national security.

The Yemen army also has done wonderful job and repelling enemies and terrorists attackes. Now Yemen emerging a new global force. Thanks God.


I am of a generation that recalls the Yemen as a nation and the colonial rule by Britain that was ousted in the late 60’s.

A long deceased friend of mine was an officer of the (British) Commonwealth Police in Yemen during the rebellion. The constables under his command were recruited from Pakistan.



Before 2017 everybody claimed that they were Jews or their ancestors were Jews and went to Jerusalem, to touch the West wall to show respect and solidarity with Israel but when they found that these Israeli morons are bogus Jews and are mostly atheists and have no relation with any religion so then they start thinking that these Israelis are completely fraudulent. So now they have stopped proclaiming that they have links with any Jewish ancestors and have completely ignored Israel.

So now complete trend changed. Now everybody show solidarity and respect to Muslims and claim that they are Muslims or their ancestors were Muslims and show ancestry’s links with Muslim ancestors.

Toronto Tonto

Red square maiden coming soon to a TV set near you . Party time .


Nice joke,now go to a bathroom to puke your words there.

Toronto Tonto

Karl the dikchick is an idiot .


are you tonto or inbred? I think both.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

can u believe it the houthis are probably the best fighting force on the planet right now


And Hezbollah

Toronto Tonto

Not bad for a bunch of goatfukers .

cechas vodobenikov

SA and anglo militaries r the most incompetent and least effective on the planet….in recent war games, Estonian recruits obliterated elite Canadian, US and UK forces…..US forces r so incompetent that more than half of their “military” actors r now paid mercenaries (contract employees of blackwater etc) SA is the least competent—the vast majority of their combatants r Sudanese and Colombian mercenaries, unmotivated except by $$$……by evidence the best militaries r Russian, Israeli, Syrian, Hizbollah, Serbs….of course the Houthis demonstrate their resolve…there is plenty of evidence that French elite forces r also formidable, and to a lesser extent the Turks…the Iranians r largely untested—although they did obliterate Iraqi forces in the 1980’s



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