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Houthis Repel Another Saudi-led Collation Attack In Northwestern Yemen

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Houthis Repel Another Saudi-led Collation Attack In Northwestern Yemen

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On April 5, Houthi fighters repelled a large-scale attack by the Saudi-led coalition on their positions in the Midi district of the northwestern Hajjah province, according to the Houthis media wing. The source said that forces of the Sudanese Army had spearheaded the attack.

According to the Yemeni al-Masirah TV, the Houthis killed and injured dozens of Sudanese Army soldiers, while rappelling the attack. Anti-tank squads of the Houthis also destroyed four armored vehicles and a mine clearing vehicle of the Saudi-led collation.

Saudi-led coalition warplanes reportedly conducted more than 15 airstrikes in support of the failed attack. However, al-Masirah said that the airstrikes had been effectless.

This was the second large attack by the Saudi-led coalition on the Midid district this week. On April 1, the Houthis repelled a similar attack killing several Saudi soldiers and destroying many armored vehicles.

The repeated attacks on the Midi district indicates that the Saudi-led coalition is determined to capture it. The coalition’s goal is to push the Houthis out of the Yemeni-Saudi border, south of the Saudi province of Jizan, which witnessed several cross border attacks by the Houthis during last March.

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It’s useless no matter how much money the army has if it can’t think beyond simple numerical advantages. Replace those diaper boys of KSA in command position and you’ll see some difference.


It’s a general failing across the board. The Saudi army consists of chimps in command all the way down to chimps holding the rifles and driving the tanks. They might as well outsource every aspect of this war to foreign mercs, like the Sudanese. And even then it will remain problematic as it will be Saudi leaders who will determine overall strategy and end goals. And they are chimps as well.

It must be good to have all that money, because otherwise the Houthis would have been in Riyad by now.


You have got to be joking, most of the commanders are American and British. The problem is the British American and Sudanese are fighting for money, and money is no good to you if your dead. The Houthis are fighting to protect their wives and children, and have no where else to go. The same in Vietnam, the Vietnamese thrashed the Americans, because they were trying to protect their families from the Americans. Motivation is everything.


You’re right too.. but it’s all due to chimps from tip to toe handling it.. regardless whichever scums they’re from..! chimps can never beat humans even in sandles..!


The CO still those of the KSA military. They’ve given up somewhere since all of the KSA officers are incapable of any retraining.

You can call me Al

Shush, don’t tell them.

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