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Houthis Repel Another Saudi-led Coalition Attack In Southwestern Yemen (Video)

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On May 5, Houthi fighters repelled a new attack of the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies on their positions around the Khalid military camp in the Mawza district of the southwestern Yemeni province of Taiz, according to the Houthis media wing.

The Houthis destroyed three armored vehicles of the Saudi-led coalition with IEDs and killed several Yemeni fighters loyal to Saudi-backed Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi.

This was the second attack by the Saudi-led coalition on the Houthis positions around Khalid camp within 15 days. On April 26, the Houthis repelled a similar attack destroying more than six vehicles of the coalition.

The Saudi-led coalition has stepped up its military operations in Taiz province over the last two weeks to secure the supply line of its troops deployed near the western Yemeni coast. The coalition even opened a new front against the Houthis in the northwest part of the province on May 3.

Observers believe that the Saudi-led coalition will make another attempt to capture the Houthis’ positions around the Khalid camp in the upcoming weeks in the framework of its attempts to secure Taiz province.

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I have no doubt the report here is accurate but apparently whenever Saudi/Hadi forces raid the Houthis then “the attack was repelled” and whenever the Houthis attack the Saudi/Hadi forces “the raid was successful.” I don’t give a rip about either side but we all know that the strategic situation isn’t changing and that no one is winning or has the advantage in this pointless war, so collectively South Front is engaging in some yellow reporting.

Joe Dirt

Southtard bias? Nahhhhh


More like angry and depressed that in three years his saudi masters are still bogged down in Yemen.

Steve Bell

A sad and pointless war… for which blame rests with the Saudis and their supporters.


Including the US and UK.


It is a stalemate, they repel attacks, then they withdraw, then they retake land.


The salafist saudi smaug and his Israeli zionist boyfriend Solomon oops ie velociraptor, are just upset that for all that money and weapons poured to them. They can’t still beat the most impoverished nation in the middle east. Hey smaug instead of whining like a little keyboard warrior why don’t you go join the military campaign against the Houthis, that way we can see cry like little bitch on video in the front line before being blown up. The other bonus would be not putting up anymore with your pro saudi wahhabi post.

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