Houthis Repel Another Saudi-led Coalition Attack In Northern Yemen (18+ Video)

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Houthis Repel Another Saudi-led Coalition Attack In Northern Yemen (18+ Video) 5 out of 5 based on 5 ratings. 5 user reviews.

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The Houthis repelled a new attack of the Saudi-led coalition and its proxies on their positions in the al-Abrash desert in the northern Yemeni province of al-Jawf on April 6.

A video released by the Yemeni group’s media wing shows Houthi fighters burning three military vehicles of the coalition, which were damaged during the failed attack. The bodies of several Saudi-backed Yemeni fighters can be also seen in the video.

On April 5, the Houthis repelled a similar attack on their positions in the Kingdom’s southern province of Najran. The coalition lost several fighters and loads of equipment in the failed attack.

The Houthis have been holding onto their positions in the western part of al-Jawf since the beginning of the war. The Yemeni rebel group supply its forces along the border with Saudi Arabia via several routes passing through the province.

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As someone who followed the Houtis nearly since the start of the Saudi invasion, i must say they now step up their media/propaganda game.
Their videos are now more “professional”, better produced and with better video equipment.
Very important IMHO, even though the Jihadist of ISIS and Nusra had their propaganda on a much better level, thanks to western support.
But seeing how important the media and propaganda today is, good for the Houtis to step up their game in this regard.

Enver Hoxha

What vehicles exactly were destroyed?

Zionism = EVIL

Canadian supplied MRAPS, and usual Toyota gun mounted landcruisers. But now the war in being fought on Saudi annexed land and Saudi Bedouins are dying as most of the mercenaries have pulled out. There was an attack on a Saudi police post even in the eastern provinces today closer to the Persian Gulf.

Mike Novak

Keep fighting for your country Houthis, real men dont immigrate to Europe and give up there birth right land.

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