Houthis Released New Video Of Their Successful Operations On Saudi Border (Videos 18+)

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Houthis Released New Video Of Their Successful Operations On Saudi Border (Videos 18+) 5 out of 5 based on 7 ratings. 7 user reviews.

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The Houthis are actively conducting defensive and offensive operations against Saudi-backed forces along the border with Saudi Arabia’s southern region.

On July 7, the Yemeni group’s fighters foiled an infiltration attempt by Saudi-backed fighters in Qays Mount on the border with the Kingdom’s southern province of Jizan. The infiltrators were caught in an ambush set by Houthi snipers. At least two were killed and several others were injured in the failed infiltration attempt.

A day later, the Houthis raided positions of Saudi-backed forces in Murab’a al-Hamad near the province of Najran, east of Jizan. The Yemeni group’s fighters targeted the positions with recoilless guns and sniper rifles before storming them. During the raid, the Houthis destroyed an ammo depot of Saudi-backed forces.

The Houthis have been controlling a large strip of the border line with Saudi Arabia since the out break of the war in 2015. The Yemen group even succeeds to capture very small pockets within the Kingdom’s territory from time to time.

The Saudi-led coalition and its Yemen proxies failed to push the Houthis away from the border, despite their superior fire power. The Houthis’ better understanding of the border’s terrain and their excellent training is giving them a serious advantage.


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Lone Ranger

No sniper or helo or drone support.
Saudisis trolls are sure dumb.


Lol.Hopefully both have enuf weapons to k$££ each other :D

Ashok Varma

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Icarus Tanović

Go Yemenis friends of the free world. Teach Wahhabis a lesson.


And the shameless and hypocrite west, especially UK and US are selling the Saudis more weapons to lose and continue the carnage against civilians of Yemen.

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