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Houthis Release Videos Of Badir-1P Guided Artillery Rocket Tests

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On October 28, the media wing of the Houthis released a video showing one of the tests conducted on the locally-made Badir-1P guided artillery rocket, which was revealed by the Yemeni Missiles Force a day earlier. During the test, the guided rocket supposedly managed to hit an empty building with high accuracy.

A second video released by the Houthis media wing shows the Yemeni Missiles Forces launching a Badir-1P at a camp of the Sudanese military on the western coast of Yemen. In the video, which was taken by a mini drone, the guided artillery rocket hit the center of the targeted camp.

According to experts, the Badir-1P is an upgraded copy of the older Badir-1 artillery rocket, which was revealed on March 22. The new copy is likely guided with internal navigation system (INS) and a civilian-grade satellite navigation system such as GPS or GLONASS.

The videos revealed that the Badir-1 rocket family shares many similarities with the Iranian Fajr-5 rocket. Previously it was thought that the Badir-1 rocket is a copy of the Fajir-3. However, the first up-close photos of the Yemeni rocket show that it is much bigger.

Houthis Release Videos Of Badir-1P Guided Artillery Rocket Tests

Fajr-5c (above) and Badir-1P

The Saudi-led coalition believes that the Houthis are developing and manufacturing their rockets and missiles with direct help from Iran. This is among the main sources of tension between the two countries.

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Promitheas Apollonious

who gives a sh*t what the Sarabs are thinking? It be nice to see the missiles not tested but actually hitting the saudis airports and army installations.


Shows increasing technological capability and sophistication of the Ansarollah. The idiotic Saudis have made eternal enemies of the toughest fighters in the world. Once a country gets hold of technology than rapid incremental advances are made. Iran is a case in point. The Sudanese mercenaries who base was devastated get about $300 a month and are already very demoralized as they have suffered the highest losses of all mercenaries. The Senegalese pulled out after suffering a couple of thousand casualties. These African mercenaries are fighting as cannon fodder on totally unfamiliar terrain against determined defenders protecting their lands and people.

John Mason

A resurrected Three Musketeer posting……now that defies logic. Good post though.

alejandro casalegno

Today Yemen………………..next time Israel…………………..

Zionism = EVIL

The Saudi scumbags are getting more than they bargained for..hahahaha

me again

Excellent. Those Houthies are magnificent. Really love them and their achievements.

Hamed Azamy

The Saudis are stuck in shit, waist deep. I can see the collapse and total annihilation of the kingdom in not too distant future.

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