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Houthis Release Video Of New Air-Defense System Downing Saudi Apache Helicopter

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On November 30, the Houthis released a video of their fighters shooting down a Saudi AH-64 Apache attack helicopter with a new unidentified air-defense system.

In the video, the seemingly large air-defense system and its missile were blurred by the Houthis’ media wing. The size of the system and the missile contradicts the assessment of some observers, who claimed that a man-portable air-defense system (MANPADs) was used.

The Saudi Apache was shot down in the morning of November 29 over the Kingdom’s border with Yemen, mainly south of the Saudi province of Asir.

The helicopters pilot Capt. Abdul Majeed Mohammed Omari and gunner 1st Lit. Saud Saad al-Shehri were both killed in the incident.

Houthis Release Video Of New Air-Defense System Downing Saudi Apache Helicopter

Alleged image of Capt. Omari [left] and 1st Lit. al-Shehri [right].

Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari, a spokesman for the Yemeni group, had revealed that the helicopter was downed with an anti-aircraft missile “equipped with a new tech,” promising that the system will be revealed soon.

Earlier this year, the Houthis revealed two “locally-developed” air-defense systems. None of them appear to be the one used to down the Saudi Apache.

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Tudor Miron

Some reports that I saw indicate that Soviet made Osa (Wasp) system was used in this case.

Rhodium 10

Strela-10 ( SA13) modified to be launch from a pick up truck

Hasbara Hunter

Hehehe….more Damage to Wahhabistan….Go Houthis…Mo’ Snipers…Mo’ ATGMs…Mo’ VBIEDS…Mo’ Rockets & Missiles to exterminate Wahhabis…put an end to the AngloZioNazi-Wahhabi Mercenaries


Think you might have missed this HH. Earlier this year Houthis revealed “locally developed flip-flops”, specially designed for their special ops teams operating behind enemy lines. It has been rumoured that Nike and Addidas are in a bidding war to secure production rights……

Hasbara Hunter

I personally wouldn’t trust Nike & Adidas for the production…they are part of the same Elite that them Houthis are fightin’


This is a big deal! This weapon is a game changer for houthi’s vs saudi! Ground support will be greatly affected!

Arch Bungle

This has to be an Iranian system.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

why u say that?

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

hahahah that was epic!!!! bravo houthis!!!!

Nemesiss Gemina

that was a very powerful missle that hit that, the first engine completely exploded into scrap, destroyed the rear rotor, partially cracked the fusalage and several seconds into it even the fuel tanks explodes and i think it knocked the pilots out… when most helicopters and planes are hit i notice they tend to accelerate the pilots always step on the pedal to get out its like an instinct, for planes this usually saves them if the engines can do it but for helicopters with broken rotors it tends to make them spiral even more out of contro …. that didnt happen here when the rotor was messed up it had a relatively peaceful decent

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