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Houthis Release Rare Video Of Drone Attack On Abu Dhabi International Airport


For the first time ever, the Houthis media wing has released a video showing an aerial attack that targeted the Abu Dhabi International Airport less than a year ago.

The short video shows a suicide unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) of the Yemeni Air Force [loyal to the Houthis] directly hitting the airport’s “Terminal 1” on July 26, 2018.

According to the Houthis, the attack on Abu Dhabi International Airport was carried out with a “Samad-3” UAV. No photos or information about this type of UAVs have been presented, yet. However, experts assume that it has a range of more than 1,400km and a stealth design.

When the attack first took place, the official twitter account of the Abu Dhabi International Airport announced that an accident involving a supply vehicle occurred in “Terminal 1.” The UAE also denied any attack. The Houthis new video proves that these statement were false.

A spokesman for the pro-Houthis wing of the Yemeni military said the video didn’t only show a “military achievement,” but also revealed a “breach” in the UAE’s security.

“Most of the operations carried out deep inside enemy territory are documented,” Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari said in a press briefing on May 23, and added: “We halted our operations for a certain period as a message of peace but the enemy’s escalation did not stop,”

Brig. Gen Sari didn’t provide any new details about the operation. However, he vowed that any escalation will be met with similar attacks.

The UAE has not commented on the video, so far. The release of the video will likely lead to limited financial loses in the shipping and transportation sector, which represents a major part of the country’s income.

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  • Xoli Xoli

    Good news sheiks wont fly to Washington

    • Pave Way IV

      Bad news: they’re never going to see those five thousand dollar Gucci luggage bags nor the twenty kilos of cocaine inside them again. NOW how are they going to pay Jared? It’s not like he accepts USD clown currency for his Kushner Mafia ‘services’ and gold bullion is just too damn heavy to carry around. And he damn sure isn’t going to extend any credit to the UAE shieks – everyone knows those conniving deadbeats are completely f’king broke.

  • Concrete Mike

    A lot to unpack in that little video.

    Nice to see the UAE pigs get a little payback.

    Well done Yemeni brothers!!

    Does anyone beleive that drone has a 1400km range? I dont.

    Could it be possible , the yemeni army is deeper in the saudi desert than we think?

    • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

      we can only hope :)))

    • d’Artagnan

      The Ansarallah weaponry is now really deadly too.

      Deputy Yemeni Minister of Information, Fahmi al-Yusufi, also said the drone strikes carry a clear message to Saudis and other puppet regimes of the Persian Gulf.

      “They are within the range of our attacks, and US battleships cannot
      rescue them. The Yemeni army, which previously did not even have
      Kalashnikov rifles in inventory, can now produce drones that infiltrate
      into Saudi Arabia and the UAE, at any time” he added.


    • Xoli Xoli

      It’s about missiles capability.It like dropping a bullet in a fire.

  • Gh

    Fake , u people believe anything! houthis are known for their bullshit. Can’t believe sf actually posted it 😂

  • paul ( original )

    I guess this must have been taken by a spy on the ground. This might explain why it took so long for the video to surface. Releasing it sooner might have put the operative at risk. The main thought that occurs to me is that the destructive power of these devices is small. So there ability to destroy much at an airport is limited as they are usually large and made of concrete and steel. Oil inhalations offer more potential as secondary fires are then a distinct possibility.

    • FlorianGeyer

      A few attacks on international airports can cripple prestige and also part of the economy though. Prestige is the most important though ,I think.

      • paul ( original )

        Certainly it causes a lot of embarrassment .

        • FlorianGeyer

          Airport attacks would also collapse any tourist trade, in Israel for example, and in the Gulf states the Western ‘business’ flyers would stay at home for ‘Health and Safety Reasons’ :)

          • paul ( original )

            Drat! Then it’s Cleethorpes again for me.

          • FlorianGeyer

            I rather like the Northeast coast :)

  • occupybacon

    For anyone still wondering if it’s fake or not https://twitter.com/auh/status/1022481028470984704

  • d’Artagnan

    This is a poignant warning by the victorious Ansarallah to the snivelling puppets of the Persian Gulf, that they can hit anywhere and at any time. One major drone or missile strike at Dubai airport will set off global panic and exodus of the western plunderers who are milking the dumb Emiratis. It is also a message for the UAE puppets to pull out of Yemen and go home. The new Ansarallah drones have an operational range of 750 kms and loiter time of over 6 hours and they are being upgraded to even longer range and heavier payload of six 200 kg air to ground missiles or laser guided munitions of both HE and fragmentation variety. If the Ansarallah wanted to they can destroy every piece of infrastructure in the UAE in minutes.


    • Saso Mange

      It seems to me that warnings are being used as PR thingy for Saudis. In the same manner Israel does it.
      They do not speak language of reason and humanity because no aggressor does. Hezbollah knows how to deal with inhumane scumbags so rest should learn from that or witness more of their people die from indiscriminate bombing runs.
      If you remember/know that while Israel was bombing Lebanon it was ”for security cases” and people in Lebanon suffered. When Lebanon attacked Israel it was ”war crime against humanity”.
      I would never ask or promote murders of civilians but since WW1 every war is civilian suffering, there is no more wars just blood thirsty aggression which should be dealt with accordingly.
      Israel did not attack Hezbollah since 2006 because Nasrallah explicitly said that if they bomb Beirut he will bomb Tel Aviv, if they bomb civilian infrastructure in Lebanon he will attack Dimona.
      Scum talks language of scum and Saudis are scum.

  • verner

    go for it houthis and when you get to jeddah, you can khashoggi mohammed bin salman and if you can get your hands on jared kshner and sheldon adelson somehow, those two also deserve to be khashoggied or at least be lampposted publicly or have their heads lopped off.

  • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

    So its ok to attack civilians now?
    Just Because they are citizens in a country you dont support or whose military is attacking you is not a carte blanche for targeting civilians.

    I dont give a flying truck what you are and what cause you are killing for, killing and targeting civilians is the lowest of the lowest.

    And so many little kids on SF is so god damn hypocritic that they praise this action, they praise the action of killing civilians just because the civilians are in the same country, but if that same country is killing civilians in the other country, oh my a load of bitching and moaning they can pour out.

    Kill and target and military target you want, but keep the civilians out of this.

    • Saso Mange

      I do not hear you crying when thousands of Yemeni children were dying from Saudi bombs and as a result of siege. Fucking hypocritical bastard, that’s who you are. Houtis targeted parked vehicles as a warning they could easily hit residential building if they wanted to. Take your shit logic back to stone age where it belongs because this is your maximum but for your information Yemeni people have been bombed for over 4 years now and where were you? I guess you support your government support for Wahabi scumbags go send them more precision guided bombs asshole!

      • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

        Read what i write:


        I pointed it out so damn clear, but once again, as so often happens on SF, so many does not reads what is written.

        Why did you choose not to read that?
        I support the Houthies in there fredoom fight against the trash saudis and every nation that supports the saudies.

        What i dont support is killing civilians!
        I have seen the suffering of civilians getting bombed with my very own eyes, contrary to 99% of the users on SF, they are just couch commanders that can solve every problem in the world by ignoring the crimes against humanity that their side performs.

        Have you ever seen the suffering on civilians caused by bombing done in the name of “the one and only true cause”?

        Let me cut it out to you and others with similar oppinion; i dont support the killing civilians no matter whos does the killing or for what ever cause they do it!

        You dont know shit about me, i will never ever support my trash government anymore, i did that once and it brought me nothing but pain and suffering.

        • verner

          in the geneva conventions it’s stated that if an military operation threatens the life of civilians, then the operation should be discontinued. however, the morons during the obama failed regime increased the number of drone attacks in afghanistan from a few to hundreds despite that there was no way to safeguard civilian lives, so in real life, the geneva conventions are disregarded by the neo-nazis in washington dc and since no other party dares to object, they do so with impunity. and note that drones are now used more than ever and civilians are killed but the msm and the various countries avoid the subject since they, for the most part, can’t, afford to end up on the neo-nazis’ shit-list!

          just look at the iran situation, two nuclear armed countries, moronistan and so called israel, illegal settlement, are braying for war against another country, iran, which is non-nuclear, and not one single word of dissent is uttered, by any individual country or by the european union for example. that is shameful.

        • Saso Mange

          It’s not about what you say it’s about what you imply by avoiding to say in full.

        • Saso Mange

          Anyhow if i misunderstood you i do apologize but it sounded a bit hasbara like to me, sorry for that.

    • verner

      might it be so that the uae:s jets attacking and bombing yemen actually takes off from the very same airport and alsolands there after mission accomplished, in which case it’s quite another cup of tea.

      otherwise, if the houthis can get all the way the uae they should be able to get in a fair wack on riyadh where I s’pose the fair prince mohammed bin salman resides, famed for the khashoggi spectacle, and surprise his nightly slumber.

      best of all would be if the houthis could get a slam bang dunk on the israeli advisers jared kushner has enrolled for and on behalf of the fair prince (and if I was an Iranian filthy rich business man I would offer a 10 million bucks reward on kushner’s head, open ended)

  • Kell McBanned

    Note to self – dont fly Emirates anymore.