Houthis Release New Photos Of Recent Large-Scale Operation (18+)

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On February 14, the Houthis media wing released new photos showing the group’s recent large-scale operation in central Yemen.

The Houthis revealed the operation, dubbed Solid Structure, last month. In the course of the operation, the group foiled a large attack by the Saudi-led coalition and captured 2,500 square kilometers between the capital, Sanaa, and Ma’rib.

The new photos show loads of weapons, including battle tanks, armored vehicles and infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs), which were captured by the Houthis during the operation.

Other photos show dozens of Saudi-backed fighters who were captured, injured or killed by the Yemeni group during the operation.

The Houthis claim that 1,500 Saudi-backed fighters were killed and 1,830 others were injured in Operation Solid Structure. The recently released videos and photos make these numbers very plausible.

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  • FlorianGeyer

    The Houthis are truly magnificent.

    Their historic ancestry are the origins of the tremendous courage and skill that are defeating the wealthiest arseholes in the world.

    • BMWA1


  • Damien C

    These little guys with sandals funny voices and brilliant slogans have made the world sit up at take notice and the Saudi scumbags quake in their boots

  • ypovalkanios_katimas

    Saudis are using worthless mercenaries and their army’s commanders in all ranks are appointed by Monarch and not meritocratic

  • vergv

    Brig. Gen. Sahri just released a statement on twitter that the Houthis have shot down a Saudi Tornado.

    • BMWA1

      It is likely that the pilot will be Brit.

  • Toni Liu

    Why Saudi now using old russian tank and bmp, are they going broke or what?


    A full shipment of Igla-S and radar guided AA missiles to the Houthis, and they’d be half way to Riyadh.

    The saudis are the most imcompetent soldiers in history. cowards, morons, wimps. Nothing else. The only time they’ve advanced against Houthis was with overwhelming manpower. Even then, they get surrounded and captured by a smaller force of Houthis. It’s hilarious.

  • Zionism = EVIL

    Saudi dumbfucks should have bought a history book on Yemen and shoved it up headchopper coward MBS morons dumbass before they invaded Yemen.