Houthis Release New Combat Video From Operation Solid Structure (18+)

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Houthis Release New Combat Video From Operation Solid Structure (18+) 5 out of 5 based on 13 ratings. 13 user reviews.


On February 11, the Houthis’ media wing released a video showing one of the successful attacks carried out by the Yemeni group’s fighters in the framework of Operation Solid Structure, that was announced last month.

The attack targeted the area of al-Aqaba in the northern province of al-Jawf. The Yemeni group managed to secure the entire area, capturing several positions of Saudi-backed forces in the course of the attack.

The video shows Houthi fighters targeting Saudi-backed forces’ vehicles and positions with anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM) and machine guns. The fighters can be also seen storming several positions and seizing loads of weapons and equipment.

Saudi-backed forces, which retreated without showing any serious resistance, left behind many of their injured fighters who were treated by the Houthis. The dead bodies of many Saudi-backed fighters were also left in positions captured by the Yemeni group.

The Houthis captured 2,500 square kilometers between Sanaa and Ma’rib in the course of Operation Solid Structure. The Yemeni group also claimed that thousands of Saudi-backed fighters were neutralized.

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  • Xoli Xoli

    Very good keep on destroying infiltrators.

  • Zionism = EVIL

    The Ansarallah are in a league of their own as the ultimate warriors.

  • Superfly

    Larga vida a los hutíes.

  • ButtonPlay

    these saudi hill outposts are just like a bunch of ducks put together to make a convenient target for a fearless opponent that surrounds them from all sides, really the saudis could better adopt houthi tactics themselves, more spread out, more snipers, more camo, more boobytraps, if they dont want to run off like a bunch of stray doggs….not that i am complaining

  • Cook

    My heart goes out to any and all who stand up to salafist scum!

  • Islamic Power