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Houthis Release More Combat Footage From Yemen. Saudi Proxies Are On Retreat

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The Houthis (Ansar Allah) media wing released fresh combat footag eshowing operations against Saudi proxies in Yemen. Currently, the main clashes between Yemeni fighters and Saudi proxies are ongoing in the provinces of Al-Bayda and Marib.


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Houthis should annex some Saudi real estate; will go a long way towards reparations.

Assad must stay

Houthis always look like they are on top of the world after a successful firefight/battle/raid, capturing all sorts of weapons and ammo and loot, they also must feel very happy by the way they talk lol

Zionism = EVIL

They captured over $3 billion in Saudi morons western supplied weapons and destroyed $8 billion according to SIPRI and other reports. The Saudi cowardly sons of whores have lost 70% of their armor and that is why they can not mount even a brigade sized offensive. I can tell you one thing, that a very major strike on Saudis is coming soon.

Assad must stay

very nice i appreciate your posts sir


Undeveloped Yemani baboons learned how to walk on two feet and shout, next step is for them to join the human kind but that might take them another few centuries. Evolution you know..not everyone is fit to be part of it.

Dinko Zorić

Where did you learn to be racist? I thought people being on the receiving end of racism would be against it.


From you Europeans, you are the best teachers.

Fog of War

comment image?1592939351

Decatur Guy

From their stupid, made-up, bullsh!t sham of a “religion”. The talmud is nothing more that
idiotic ramblings from drug induced Bedouins inspired by the demons that haunt the minds of mad men. It is not okay to have sex with a child 3 years + 1 day old. Ever! You see, the Euro-Asiatic-Khazarian squatters in occupied Palestine are but tares (a darnel ryegrass). Tares look identical to wheat until the tares mature and the planter realizes a worthless weed has seeded itself among his good plants. At which time the farmer gathers the tares into a heap and burns them. Understand the teaching/parables of the Wheat and Tares. Besides, so-called “jews” are not a “race”. They are cultists on the same level as mormons, scientologists, catholics, Jim Jones Jonestown, christ scientists, ad nauseam. The receiving end of so-called racism? Laughable! BTW – so-called “jews” don’t call people like you “cattle” because they like theatrics, they honestly believe it.


Fog of War

comment image?1594151181


The Lying Zion has returned. I see his buddies are around again as well. Something must be up. I wonder what FF they are planning now…

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