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Houthis Release Interviews With Saudi Service Members Captured During Recent Operation


On October 2, the Houthis’ media wing released interviews with six Saudi soldiers and officers who were captured during the recent Operation Victory from God.

The captives identified themselves as:

  • Lance corporal Ibrahim Rashid Ali al-Marri;
  • Corporal Dhafer Obaid Al Qahtani;
  • Soldier Hussein Ali Mohammed Issa al-Baidi;
  • Corporal Sultan Amer Ali Amer al-Nashir Bishi;
  • Soldier Saleh Rashid Mohammed Al-Zahrani;
  • Sergeant Abdo Mohammed Mohammed Al Shamhan;

In the interviews, the captives described how they were captured by Houthi fighters and reassured their families and commanders that they are being treated well by the Yemeni group. Some of them appeared to be lightly injured.

“A message to our governors, to King Salman bin Abdul Aziz, the guardian of Mohammed bin Salman; We did not see from our Yemeni brothers, but all the best,” Ibrahim Rashid Ali al-Marri said in the end of his interview.

More than 2,000 personnel of the Saudi-led coalition, including dozens of Saudi soldiers, were reportedly captured in the large-scale operation. The Houthis captured large areas in the southern Saudi province of Najran in the course of the operation, which took place between August and September.

The Houthis said that they will not identify all the Saudi personnel captured in the course of the operation in order to gain leverage in future prisoners exchange deals. Some of the missing Saudi service members are in fact dead and their bodies are being held by the Yemeni group.

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