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Houthis Release Footage Showing Training Of Their Special Forces

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Houthis Release Footage Showing Training Of Their Special Forces

Screen grab from the Houthis’ official footage.

On March 1, the Training and Qualification Directorate of the Houthis (Ansar Allah) released a video showing the training of one of the group’s special forces units.

The 3-minute video shows dozens of Houthi fighters training on assault and sniper rifles as well as on hand on hand combat and tactical movements. The video is apparently meant to reflect the high discipline and professionalism of the fighters.

The Houthi’s dramatic video was clearly inspired by footage released very recently by Hezbollah. The footage shows a unit of the Lebanese group’s special forces training in snow.

According to the Saudi-led coalition, which has been fighting the Houthis in Yemen for nearly seven years now, advisors from Hezbollah and the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) have been training and even commanding the group’s fighters.

The Saudi-backed Yemeni government announced the death of several alleged Lebanese and Iranian advisors over the last few years. Last August, an IRGC advisor called Heydar Sirjan and a Hezbollah expert called Akram al-Sayed were allegedly killed in the central Yemeni province of Ma’rib by Saudi-led coalition airstrikes.

Overall, Houthi fighters are well-trained, equipped and more motivated than the proxies of the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen. Their discipline in the battlefield is one of the main reasons that allowed them to survive until now in the face of the coalition’s immense fire power.


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Give me a dozen of these guys and I clean up Ukraine from all the Nazis, Isis, EU and Anglo-Americans scumbag

IDF War Criminals

Nice shooting at David Star/Satanic symbol


Ukraine must surrender to Russia, further resistance is pointless

Gay and rather Lonely Ranger

This is about Yemen not Ukraine. Moreover Russia voted at the UN to expand the embargo on the Houthis yesterday. Fuck Russia and Fuck Ukraine, two Zionist turds in a dick-waving contest.

Gay and rather Lonely Ranger

Good news for Russian dick-riders. Duplicitous and shameless Russia voted in favour of extending the arms embargo on the entirety of the Houthi movement at the UN, hand in hand with the US and UK:


“Russia, which is close to Iran, on Monday voted in favour of the UNSC resolution, which states that the Houthi rebels in their entirety will now be subject to an arms embargo first declared in 2015 on some of their leaders.

Diplomats, speaking to the AFP news agency on condition of anonymity, said Russia’s position suggests a deal was cut between Moscow and Abu Dhabi for the latter to abstain in upcoming UN votes on the Russian invasion of Ukraine.”


Abu Dhabi did vote against Russia today… What are you talking about?

Gay and rather Lonely Ranger

You must be a grade A moron. Do take your head out of Putin’s ass and read other news for a change. Russia voted YES in favour of the UNSC resolution that stated Houthi rebels in their entirety will now be subject to an arms embargo. UAE and Saudi then went and Voted against moronic Russia. How pitiful is that and how pitiful are you?

Chris Gr

Yes because the Houthis are radicals like the Ukrainians.


Due to the exhausted credibility of western media and insane censorship, I am forced to watch only their media. Every single person I know doesn’t trust western media not a dine, and since the only information we get are theirs, we believe the opposite of their reports, posts, and articles. And remember one thing people of Russia, Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Serbia, Bosnia, Afghanistan and every other country that tasted USA democracy, PEOPLE OF US DON’T BELIEVE IN THIS CRAP OUR MSM ARE THROWING ON US. Please don’t ever forget that. At least you have a chance to defend from the US government and the deep state. We, ordinary people of the US, are in this hell also, and we don’t even have a chance defending our free speech, or our family values. We cant even defend our family values versus this degenerate pedophile, transgender, sex fluid sickoos. I just hope all of your brave people will win in your fight for freedom and dignity.

Last edited 5 months ago by Jason

I love their shooting at that satanic israhelli star, God Bless Houthis

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