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Houthis Release Another Video Showing Burning Saudi Military Equipment


Yemen’s Houthis continue releasing videos of burning military equipment that they had captured from Saudi-led forces during the recent clashes in the Yemeni-Saudi border area.




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  • Kell McBanned

    Lol @ old mate cranking up the M113 Vulcan with a mouth full of Khat :D

    • NightTrain

      No doubt to be employed in the anti-personal role in the future. Hate to be the Saudis and their hires they got from homeless shelters, what it looks like in this video at least, from around the ME.

  • Nigel Maund

    What a total shambkes for the Saudi’s! No more than they deserve for invading a poor country and bombing thousands of its citizens for no sustainable reason! The KSA deserves to be comprehensively defeated and this seems to be what is happening. Eventually the KSA will collapse through internal insurrection.

    • Ashok Varma

      It is an indictment of billion of wasted dollars western training and weapons to the Saudis too.

  • Ashok Varma

    We should import some magical khat for the Indian army as it makes instant warriors.

  • Sima Gongsun Qin Jin sgqj

    Saudi Arabia Needs To Have A Large-Scale Armed Revolution. All Activists Within Saudi Arabia Must Capture TV And Radio Stations And Convince The Saudi People.

  • Bob

    MRAP military vehicles – ‘Mine Resistant Ambush Protected’ – however, just like any other vehicle all the polymer based internal fittings – vinyl, plastics, foam – are all highly flammable.

    • Cook

      All of those are a rip-off.