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Houthis Release 30-Minute-Long Video Showing Clashes At Saudi-led Coalition Supply Lines South Of Al-Hudaydah

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The Houthis’ media wing released a 30-minute-long video showing clashes at supply lines of forces of the Saudi-UAE-led coalition south of the Yemeni port city of al-Hudaydah.

According to pro-Houthi sources, the Houthis and their local allies had killed 180 coalition-backed fighters and destroyed 21 military vehicles in western Yemen during the last two days. While these numbers look exaggerated, the released video allows to confirm that the coalition in-fact suffered significant casualties and lost some miltiary equipment.

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Brother Thomas

Sobering to see the humble level of the opposition that has held Saudi Arabia and the UAE, with the full-blooded backing of the US and UK, to a stalemate in Yemen for over 2 years.


Been 4 years now.


I can’t understand a lot of what they say because of the accent, but the ambulance in minute 25 with Sudanese soldiers (not mercs) and the one which is playing dead, they say it’s the punishment for the ones who kidnap children or something like that (if anybody understands please let us know).
They won’t burn the ambulance, it’s a war spoil.

Aside from flip-flops and khat, the amount of PET bottles wherever they show is interesting. They must’ve been there for a while.


As you saw in the ambush of the white Toyota pickups the Sudanese fled even before putting up a fight. A Saudi M-60 tank appeared and was knocked out very soon by an Ansarollah LAWS rocket, most likely captured from the Saudis or Sudanese mercenaries. The poor hapless young captured Sudanese mercenary in his Nile accented Arabic explains that all the dead near the wrecked shot up ambulance are Sudanese and most have fled. Feel sorry for the untrained dirt poor mercenaries, the poorest of Sudan, sent to die for Saudis for mere $300 a month. The poor guys had bought gift clothing for women in one burning tent.


So in the part (past 25′) where the Yemeni open the ambulance driver’s door, shows bullet holes and says this is punishment (or reward) for child soldiers? That’s the part which was important to me because of the ambulance.


I was keeping aware of the fact that this operation was launched soon after the US called for a ceasefire in 30 days. The two are linked. I would propose the US SoD ( in detail ) knew this was going kick off and everybody figured ( they are always figuring ) that after they take the port city, the KSA and gang could dictate the terms of ceasefire.

Well now, not going according to Hoyle eh?

Tommy Jensen

US Military Forces backed by UK, Israel and Saudi mercenary armies in a successful military victory again again again, over rice workers in Vietnam, over mountain farmers in Afghanistan, and over desert beduins in sandals in Yemen.

What a great country America is, and what a great people American cowards are.

Hell Sing

They all fought well.


The Houthis had to….the Americans, the British, the ZioNazis & their Talmudic Wahhabi Goatfuckers were Invading their Country…Killing, Starving & Carpetbombing their Families, Friends & Relatives…


The Ansarollah are operating inside Saudi and mercenary lines and by the looks of it, the Sudanese mercenaries seem to have taken the brunt of the attack and don’t have the stomach for fight. There are wrecked Saudi APC and pickups everywhere, even the Apache helo did not make contact and flew away after a burst of Ansarollah ground fire. At this rate of cowardice the Saudis have less than snowballs chance in hell of ever “winning” anything in Yemen.

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